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Double Joker

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Double Joker

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Double Joker Game Review

Welcome to this comprehensive review of the bustling video poker game known as Double Joker, delivered by Rival, one of the leading developers in the world of online casino games. This game can be enjoyed at the popular BoVegas Casino and other leading platforms providing Rival games.

Gameplay explanation and features

The Double Joker poker game brings a twist to conventional poker gameplay by introducing two jokers to the 52-card deck. What makes these jokers so compelling is that they can stand in for any other card to complete a winning hand. This factor makes the gameplay more exciting, as it opens the potential for more winning combinations.

The game offers stakes ranging from $0.05 to $5.00, with the option to bet one to five coins per game. The potential winnings are impressive, with a maximum payment of up to 4000 coins! All these features make Double Joker a versatile and rewarding game that appeals to poker enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Design of Double Joker

Double Joker from Rival boasts a classic casino aesthetic that manages to be both clean and intuitive. Presented primarily in green, it enhances a realistic poker table vibe to the digital platform, making players feel like they are right in the middle of a bustling casino.

The card display is crisp and clear, with the suite and value easily identifiable, delivering a superior gaming experience to users. Moreover, the jokers are flamboyantly designed to stand out amongst other cards, adding a fun element to the game's overall aesthetics.

How to Play Double Joker Game

To get started with Double Joker, you initially need to select your coin size, an option provided at the bottom left of the screen. You then decide the number of coins you want to bet, up to a maximum of five. After setting your wager, click "Deal" to get your five-card hand. You then choose which cards to hold by clicking "Hold" under each card. Unwanted cards are discarded and replaced with new ones. If you have a winning hand, your payout is determined by the paytable and the bet size.

Advantages & Disadvantages


Overall, Rival's Double Joker game is an excellent choice for players looking for a video poker game that offers a mix of traditional poker and innovative gameplay. The game's design is ideal for those seeking an intuitive and engaging gaming experience, while the addition of two joker cards significantly enhances the chances of scoring a winning hand.

While the absence of a progressive jackpot could be a drawback for some, the generous maximum payout and flexible betting options largely make up for this. So, we can safely conclude that Double Joker, available at BoVegas Casino and other venues hosting Rival games, will keep you entertained and potentially rewarded with every hand you play.