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Unsolved Casino Mysteries: Dark Tales

When it comes to picking the next travel destination, casinos are always at the top of the list! However, given that these gambling venues are all housing millions of dollars, something mysterious could still be hiding beyond the glitz and glamour. Over the years, thousands of fascinating stories about disappearances, heists, and murders have been […]

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Gambling & Ghosts: Most Haunted Casinos in the World

Ghosts and other paranormal activities have been sighted many times throughout the world: mostly in old houses, castles, graveyards, and strangely enough, casinos as well! And to make things even more exciting, some gambling venues have started to provide tours of their haunted casino floors. Are you already frightened to death? Well who knows, maybe […]

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Online Slot Volatility

People usually choose slots in casinos based on different criteria. In this review, we are going to shed light on one important criterion: volatility, or variance. If you know the variance, you may be aware of the risk rate of the game. But beginners often confuse the volatility with the Return to Player rate (RTP). […]

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Knucklebones Game

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the ancient game that is itself the origin of many modern games like the children’s game Jacks and casino Craps. Knucklebones is thought to be the first form of dice, although it’s still used for fortune telling and some primitive kinds of gambling. Being originally a […]

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Casino Tips and Tricks

Never Do It Like Molly Bloom

Leonardo DiCaprio bluffing against a Russian mobster. Looks like a movie scene? Wrong. It’s a common situation in Molly’s game room. Unfortunately, it no longer exists but what a life it was! Why do Hollywood movies happen IRL, why did a perfect plan fall apart and, most importantly, why should you never do things like […]

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“Banning” Yourself from a Casino: How Does This Work

Every year, thousands of people are becoming gambling addicts, while thousands of addicts are already undergoing treatment to get rid of this problem. And even these numbers may be only the tip of the iceberg! If you understand that something went wrong, and you spend more and more time in a gambling venue, you can […]

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Best Money Management Tips & Advice for Online Blackjack

If you want to learn how to become a better player in blackjack and you’ve just started searching the web, you may be surprised to see that there are tons of learning materials and resources out there – perhaps many more than you first expected. But the sheer multitude of sources of all kinds out […]

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How to Play Some Tricky Hands in Blackjack

In terms of odds and chances, blackjack is known for being a popular “player-friendly” casino card game. Indeed, if you play it properly, you might even get a small edge against the house! This is a mathematically proven fact that has been known for many decades, ever since the release of the fundamental research found […]

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