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Political Betting: Is It Good for Business?

Political betting within the US is a very specific market, just like it is in any other country. Political betting is a variation of prop or novelty bet. A “prop bet” or “novelty bet” is a type of bet that permits betting on the outcome of a non-sporting event. Such events can be political events […]

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Native American Casinos: How Do They Work

It’s widely known that Native Americans from the US have exclusive rights for opening their gambling venues on the territories belonging to their tribes. However, there are also many popular misconceptions about Indian casinos and the way they work. Many people tend to think that every adult Native American can just open a private casino […]

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Global Gaming Awards

The Global Gaming Awards are among the most prestigious and reputable gaming bounty in the world. They were first established in 2014, in order to provide recognition for the most innovative individuals and companies in the world of gaming. With two ceremonies being held every year, in both Las Vegas and London, the Awards relate […]

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What should the gambling industry expect in the near future?

Over the past decades, modern technology has come into our lives and seems to be firmly established in every aspect of it. We just can’t imagine our lives without robots, computers and artificial intelligence. And little by little, everything we used to do offline now goes online. We can learn and work remotely, travel around […]

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Dealing with Your Emotions While Playing Online

Online gambling is a very relaxing form of entertainment; but at the same time, it’s extremely exciting as well! The sheer excitement you feel when taking risks and betting is really exhilarating, and it really can’t be compared with any other feeling. And when the screen finally goes bright and shiny, proudly announcing that you’ve […]

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How to Control Your Emotions While Playing Card Games

By its very nature, gaming is a social phenomenon. For many of us, gaming is a great way to fight boredom and get in touch with other people; this is because of the strong emotions plus the very specific kind of tension we experience, which all makes us feel really good. Of course, different kinds […]

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History of Boat Gambling from A to Z

The history of humankind is tightly bound up with the history of gambling. The earliest human civilizations, like the ones that originated in the Mesopotamian region and the ancient Chinese civilization, had already invented several ways to gamble thousands of years ago; so all that serves as the best possible proof of this statement! However, […]

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16 Personality Types: How Do They Gamble

Have you ever heard or taken the ‘16 personalities’ test, which indicates your psychological perception of the world? This test is the most fascinating and accurate questionnaire out of all those aiming to help you quickly learn about what you’re good at and whether or not you can succeed in certain roles. What’s more exciting […]

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