High Rollers VS Low Rollers

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BoVegas-High-and-Low-Rollers Chips on the Table

To be or not to be? This question is bothering thousands of players out there, who are all busy contemplating their playing strategies. “Should I bet more?” Or, “is it all about luck?” These are just some of the many questions that have been bothering people who are keen on casino games; and quite honestly, there is just no straight answer to that question. After all, every playing style can be both beneficial and risky, in its own way.

So if you’re wondering whether you should reconsider your gaming strategy and become a high roller, then you definitely need to read this article! We are going to discuss the main differences between high rollers and low rollers, risks, perks, strategies, and suitable types of games for both categories.

But first things first: let’s find out who high rollers are first, and why everybody needs to know about them!

High rollers, also known as “whales,” are the kind of people who can spend an average person’s salary in one night playing casino games. These people are not scared to go all in, and they’re always ready to indulge themselves with a pile of casino chips they have no qualms about spending in one session!

So whenever you hear about a famous gambler who is always welcome to all the casinos across the States, there’s a 99,9% chance he’s going to be a high roller gambler! In fact, these people are pretty influential in the casino world, and they also benefit from the unprecedented amount of attention and care they’re given by influential casino chains. But what are the main perks here? Well, let’s see:

  • A private jet that delivers players straight to the casino venue
  • Best meals in town at Michelin restaurants
  • Best suites in the hotel
  • VIP access to events
  • And, of course, some very special attention throughout their entire stay

High RollersIt all sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? So you’d be forgiven for thinking that the high rollers are most definitely going to be amazingly wealthy millionaires who never even stop to count their money. Well, it’s actually not that simple! Because in reality, you don’t actually need to be on the “world’s VIP list” to become a high roller and get this kind of special treatment. All you need to do is to save enough money to show up at a casino and throw your cash at a baccarat table or a slot machine, as if money never meant a thing to you. This kind of behavior is ultimately going to give you the status of a high roller: regardless of your look, or the brand of shoes you’re wearing, or the model of the car you’re driving.

Online Casino Whales

Now, if you think that land-based casinos are the only natural habitat of “whales,” then we’re afraid you’re wrong! And online casinos welcome high rollers with no less enthusiasm, even though the perks seem to be less impressive. However, an average online casino player will actually get super excited when they find out that high rollers receive:

  • Higher betting limits
  • Tailored bonuses
  • Special promotion packages
  • Personal VIP Host
  • Access to exclusive tournaments, and more!

When you have this kind of power, you’re going to feel no less like royalty at an online casino than at a land-based one.

However, players who bet unjustifiably significant sums of money can encounter risks of greater failure; especially if their risks are not carefully calculated beforehand. So if the whole goal of their playing is to have fun and play some money away instead of just being reckless, then this is totally understandable. But if their ultimate goal is hitting the jackpot, then it’s definitely an advantage for them to do some calculations beforehand and be cautious! And that’s where the average low rollers can actually have an advantage.

Low Rollers

Low-RollersThese are the kinds of people who usually bet small sums of money and try not to play away their whole fortune in one session. But that doesn’t mean that these people are less experienced players! On the contrary, they may well be quite experienced and know a great deal about gambling, but maybe they just enjoy the process and are trying to extend it for as long as possible. Also, there are games out there that require a lot of energy and patience to reward you with the jackpot, and it’s the low rollers that have a bigger chance of getting the highest reward!

The only thing that the low rollers are missing out on is some special treatment from the casino.

However, online casinos have set up their own betting limits for players so there isn’t any unfair distributing of the perks to those who have more money.

What to Play?

Both high rollers and low rollers have certain advantages and disadvantages when playing different casino games. For instance, online casinos usually have certain betting limits to their games, and you can only play according to these very limits they’ve put in place. But still, if you’re a fan of online casinos, you should probably look out for progressive jackpot games anyway. These are games that cumulatively increase the jackpot, with every new player adding more to the pot, little by little, over time. So if you can afford to take your time and bet some good money on it, a progressive jackpot slot is going to reward you with a much higher jackpot than the usual one!

High-Low-RollersHigh rollers can also search for high limit casino games that can offer you the chance to make a bet starting from $25 and finishing with $1000. Blackjack, roulette, poker, are usually the games that can offer you that option. Plus, being a high roller can pay off in a rather different way if you become a member of a certain casino. This casino can actually reward you with higher betting limits for your favorite games!

Low rollers can stick to usual games because most online casinos feature some pretty low betting limits that start from $0.1 per spin. This way, low rollers have a chance to savor the game, and not worry about having to spend too much money!


Being a high roller is the kind of sport that is not available to the general public. This way of playing has quite an attractive appeal and charm to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s always 100% successful. Most high rollers do it because they can already afford to spend thousands of dollars in a single session, so it’s not actually going to hurt their bank account much. But if you’re contemplating switching to this lifestyle, you should consider all the pros and cons first, and give it a little bit of thought. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say…

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