Top Payment Methods at Online Casinos 2019

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Payment Methods on the table

Many players who want to immerse themselves in the world of online gambling are afraid to deposit money into their accounts at online casinos. New players often wonder what options are available to them, whether it is safe to share their financial details with online casinos, and whether they need to be careful when making deposits.

The good news is that making a deposit at an online casino does not differ much from buying anything on any website, nor does it differ from any other online transaction. The options available to you will vary depending on what you can choose from your location. The majority of customers will always find safe and easy ways of adding funds to their online casino accounts.

Popular Credit and Debit Cards 2019

Today, credit and debit cards are probably the most popular payment options available in the world when buying something online. Of course, players often use them at online casinos, as these are generally one of the available payment methods.

1. Visa

Payment with Visa

This popular payment method is considered the most widespread option all over the world. Visa was the first card ever used for making online purchases. One of the main reasons to choose Visa is the fact that almost any online casino accepts Visa, which ensures successful transactions.

2. MastercardPayment with Mastercard

Mastercard is known as Visa’s main competitor. This payment option is available at many online casinos, so it is also a good option for online gamblers. Nearly all online gambling establishments accept Mastercard, which is a reliable and safe way to manage your funds.

3. American ExpressPayment with American Express

This payment option is preferable for American customers. Being a highly-reputable service, American Express is a great choice, though only a few online casinos accept American Express payments. This problem is partly due to the strict legislation about online gambling in the United States.

The main potential problem when making a deposit using a credit or debit card is whether or not the transaction will be accepted. Thousands of banks around the world issue Visa and MasterCard, and bank regulations vary significantly when it comes to processing gambling transactions. Consequently, a particular site might not accept one kind of card, and yet, this may not necessarily apply to another card. However, other online casinos may still accept the first card!

This problem exists all over the world, and it is especially true of the US, where acceptance rates may be low, even on regulated sites in such states as New Jersey. The point is that banks are seeking to develop an effective system for the categorization of gambling transactions. This does not mean that you cannot use a credit or debit card; but sometimes you will just have to try things out before you find the best possible working combination of cards and sites.

Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet) Options

Another way to transfer money online is using e-wallets: services where you can store your money in a specific account and spend it online as needed. This is one of the most developed payment methods for online casinos. You can also transfer this money to your bank account. These services offer a convenient way to spend money online without having to withdraw money from your bank account. That is why this method is widely used in e-commerce, as well as in the online gambling industry.

1. PayPalGambling with PayPal

PayPal is perhaps the most well-liked electronic wallet used for payment processing by sites around the world. It may come as a surprise, but PayPal is not the leader in handling gambling deposits: only licensed sites in their jurisdictions can enable PayPal services, which means that many online casinos cannot use this payment system. Nevertheless, PayPal is extremely popular among North Americans and Europeans.

2. SkrillOnline casino with Skrill

Skrill stands out as one of the most secure options, that is why gamblers also use it. As a security measure, Skrill limits the maximum transfer amount by default. Unlike many competing service systems, Skrill requires identity verification before using the service; this minimizes fraud and prevents money laundering.

3. NetellerPayment with Neteller

Nowadays, Neteller is one of the most widespread online payment systems. The company offers services to people from more than 200 countries. High-security levels, the possibility to order a plastic card, and numerous replenishing options are among Netteller’s main advantages.

4. EcopayzPayment with ecoPayz

With only one ecoAccount, you can receive, send, and spend money anywhere in the world. You can open this account free of charge in a matter of minutes, without needing to specify your bank details or check your credit history. Players can replenish their accounts in different ways, by choosing the method most suitable for them. The service immediately transfers funds to the account, and you can spend the funds with full confidence at online casinos that offer this payment method.

Banking Options

What’s more, you can use a bank transfer to play for money at preferred gambling sites. There are a number of ways to do this. You can initiate a transfer from your bank, or you can use the e-check function to make deposits to your casino account.

Another option for making a deposit is using the online banking system. These quick and convenient deposit methods use services designed to facilitate money transfers to the online casino or another merchant site by sending funds directly from your authorized bank account. These systems are often regional: for example, POLi Payments (also known as PoliPay) is one such online banking product that is used in both Australia and New Zealand.

Prepaid Options

For those who do not want to share their financial data and credit card information online, nor use their bank accounts to play casino games, prepaid cards and vouchers can be an intriguing payment solution. These products allow you to purchase cards or vouchers of a certain denomination from a local vendor, and then use this money to make deposits at an online casino.

UkashPayment with Ukash

Ukash may be the most popular voucher system. Ukash is a UK-based payment service allowing individuals to purchase vouchers from ATMs or local retailers. Each voucher is associated with a 19-digit code. You can use this code for online shopping, online gambling, and more.

Transfers via Cryptocurrency

1. BitcoinGambling with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in history, and it has proved to be extremely beneficial and well-liked among active gamblers. The anonymity and transaction speed it offers has turned Bitcoin into a truly revolutionary currency. And it doesn’t require high rates of commission either. So, it’s difficult to ignore the advantages Bitcoin brings.

Casinos usually have in-house wallets for the Bitcoin transfers. Once the players are registered, they make their bets using their stored funds. The transactions are very secure, due to the anonymity provided by blockchain technology. Some of the jackpots are as large as 500 BTC, but casinos impose cash out limits, so it will be impossible to transfer all of the Bitcoin to your own wallet at once. Be aware of the transaction fees, which are rather high when you deal with Bitcoin. Some of the casinos reimburse the sum of the fee, but they still require you to make a deposit prior to the transaction.

In addition to that, fluctuations in BTC value happen all the time. This is yet another reason to check if the chosen casino securely transfers BTC to USD or other currency to your bank.

2. EthereumPayment with Ethereum

Not so long ago, Bitcoin was the only popular cryptocurrency. However, the crypto world is constantly progressing developing, and gamblers are starting to use more and more forms of digital money. And Ethereum is one such currency! Since it is an open source platform, Ethereum greatly simplifies the implementation of blockchain technology, which explains why new startups and the largest software developers, such as Microsoft and IBM, are interested in it. There are not many Ethereum blockchain casinos around, however; if you do choose to use it in the end, you can be sure you’ve hit upon the most modern online platform out there!

These and many other options are available at online casinos around the world; everything depends on your country and the chosen site! So no matter what deposit method suits you, you can always find many trusted online casinos available in your country, where you can play your favorite online casino games.

Popular Offline Payment Methods

Despite the fact that online payments are among the most popular there are still some people who like to complete them offline. Casino payment methods of this type include the following:

1. Bank Drafts

Both drafts and bank checks are accepted by online casinos via e-mail. The shipping costs are most frequently covered by the casino; however, you can contact them first to find out which cases are covered. Also, these costs are usually added into your casino account, rather than being transferred directly to the players.

2. Wire Transfers

Read the cashier section carefully and look for details of the wire transfers. Online casinos accept all wire transfers, so there is no need to engage a third party in the transactions. Wire transfers are usually accepted in U.S. dollars. The fee is also included in the transaction. Please check the rules for wire transfers carefully. Maybe your online casino will include the reimbursed fees, or maybe not.

3. Echecks

The logic here is the same as regular checks. The only distinctive feature of these ones is that they are electronic. There should be electronic checks sections available on the majority of online casino websites.

4. Western Union

The traditional way is to visit the closest Western Union office and fill in some forms to facilitate the transfer. The other way to complete it is to make a phone call there and do the necessary steps to boost your bankroll!

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