EOS in Gambling

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Gambling with EOS

EOS cryptocurrency is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies online. So, if you were interested in whether you can gamble with it, this article will hold the answer for you.

Gambling with EOS

The world of blockchain is rapidly growing and spreading its influence over multiple industries. With each passing day, we can see new blockchain solutions popping up and solving everyday problems for companies around the world.

One of the most important things about most blockchain platforms is that they tend to gravitate towards decentralization, democracy, and an open call for all who want to participate in their projects. All of those are characteristics that you wouldn’t be able to see in any business models from the previous century. Moreover, EOS is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects you will ever see. However, before we get into the article too deeply, we should probably discuss what it is.

About EOS

The initial release of EOS happened only recently in January 2018. However, it didn’t take the new crypto long to become one of the most popular blockchain platforms online. What is more, the reason for that is not that hard to figure out. In essence, EOS.IO offers a protocol that emulates the characteristics of a physical computer, but, that is not the goal of this platform.

Ultimately, it allows the users to start developing their own applications on a decentralized operating system. Those applications can be used to support large-scale functionalities, and they allow businesses from around the world to join the blockchain race. EOS.IO is a smart contract-driven platform that enables the development of apps on an industrial scale.

The parallel processing power of this crypto coin provides incredible scalability while the core promise of the platform is that the ownership model allows users to eliminate transaction fees.

Moreover, while they are not in direct competition, those features give EOS the ability to threaten Ethereum with the possibility to take over the title of the number one altcoin. After all, it is already conducting millions of transactions each second, and that number is only going up.

EOS Casinos

EOS and CasinosNow we have spoken about some of the essential characteristics of the EOS network; we should maybe talk about the ways you can bet the tokens given to you by this platform.

As the token holder, you should be happy to find out that numerous websites allow you to wager your tokens. For starters, there is a straightforward dice game that you can enter right on the EOS network. The house edge on that game is just 1%, and it is categorically provably fair. Moreover, you can also join their never-ending game of baccarat that deals the cards every single minute and plays a very modernized version of the all-time classic.

Furthermore, as EOS has enabled developers to create casino games on the platform and use its token as the primary currency, new games are popping up almost daily.

Of course, that is far from being your only option for playing with your favorite token. Casinos from around the world are embracing EOS and its popularity and giving their players a chance to play with its coins. With just a bit of time on your favorite internet browser, you will be able to find some online casinos that accept EOS as a method of payment.


EOS.IO is a fast-growing platform. However, more importantly, it is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies out there. With that in mind, it makes sense to use this token to play games of chance online. Besides, if you love blockchain gambling with provably fair games and top-notch security, you will enjoy the games that are being developed on their platform.

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