Zcash: a New Level for Cryptocurrency Gambling

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Zcash : a New Level for Cryptocurrency Gambling

Many passionate advocates for online security and protection from government surveillance are confident in their view that privacy should be an inalienable human right. These convictions add weight to the observation that Zcash is the most interesting alternative to other cryptocurrencies, outshining both Bitcoin and Litecoin benefits.

Zcash History

Initially, Zcash was introduced to the cryptocurrency market in an attempt to further increase the privacy of transactions on the blockchain.

Zcash history started in early 2013, when a John Hopkins University professor, Matthew D. Green, proposed the Zerocoin Protocol as an extension of the Bitcoin protocol. The idea was to increase the anonymity of transactions without going through a third party, instead of destroying and minting each coin anew.

Initially, the professor and his graduate students intended to implement the protocol into the Bitcoin network. However, the proposal was rejected by the Bitcoin community. This prompted the developers to go a step further and launch the protocol as a part of a whole new cryptocurrency!

The protocol was enhanced and refined, and finally entered the market in 2016 under the name we recognize today — Zcash. Today, the management of Zcash lies with the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. Its employees developed the operating principles and created the Altcoin protocol. They are, nevertheless, common network participants with no additional control or access to the data.

Zcash Gambling

Zcash (abbreviated as ‘ZEC’) constantly takes the lead in all sorts of ratings. For instance, ZEC has been called ‘the most anonymous cryptocurrency in 2018.’ This coin has earned a reputation of a cryptocurrency that perfectly protects user data.

Online gambling platforms took note of its features and soon added it in among other customary payment options. And guess what? ZEC does a great job with its role in online betting, be it Zcash poker, slots, roulette, or blackjack!

Zcash is an excellent option if you wish to gamble online completely anonymously. Everything’s off-chain, so the blockchain will never show any record of you playing.

Also, the process of funding your gambling account at an online casino through Zcash isn’t much different than with any other Zcash alternative. You just have to make sure that the casino accepts this cryptocurrency. Once you’ve done that, it’s only a matter of transferring Zcash from you to the casino’s wallet.

The inherent advantage of Zcash over Bitcoin, for instance, is that it’s nearly impossible to track the transactions! So if you’re looking for anonymity, ZEC is the best cryptocurrency.

That said, you must understand that there is no anonymity at the casino itself. You will still need to provide them with some verification documents. However, apart from the cryptocurrency casino, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to tell how you’ve spent Zcash, or who you’ve received your Zcash from.

Advantages of Zcash Gambling

Zcash Cryptocurrency Zcash has the same advantages as other cryptocurrencies in terms of making deposits and withdrawals. It is an open, permission-less option for the most passionate cryptocurrency lovers out there! Furthermore, some of its features are unique, and they may well end up attracting even the most inveterate Bitcoin gamblers. So we’re now going to tell you the main reasons you should choose this altcoin.

  • Anonymity. The currency uses a technology called zk-SNARKs – proof with zero disclosure. Transaction validity is confirmed without disclosing details about the sender/receiver and the transfer amount. In theory, the level of data privacy is even higher than that of Monero.
  • Transparency. Zcash provides the same opportunity for transfers transparency as Bitcoin. With ZEC, it is optional; users can send money using a ‘transparent’ address that starts with the letter ‘t.’
  • Interchangeability. In this system, the cryptocurrency units have no history, so each of them has the same price.
  • Cheap and fast transactions. The cost of an average transaction varies between $0.001- $0.002 or even less. In addition, the transfer takes much less time than many other crypto assets do.

Like Bitcoin, Zcash is limited to twenty-one million units. Further, this cryptocurrency uses the ‘slow start’ strategy: the initial fee for the added blocks is 12.5 ZEC. In lay terms, this limits the coins’ supply, which greatly increases their value and price. Thus, buying this altcoin for gambling can easily become a small investment.

ZEC Faucets

To get some ZEC for free using faucets, visit zcashfaucet.info. The portal gives the cryptocurrency once every 60 minutes, and the amount of funds varies from 0.000001 to 0.0025 ZEC. The method is typical: specify the address, enter captcha, and get coins.

How to Start Playing for ZEC

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Create a Zcash-wallet or an account on a digital currency exchanger;
  2. Buy Zcash coins on the exchanger, mine it, or get it via a faucet;
  3. Send funds to your account at Zcash casino;

Zcash Future

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies that provide anonymous transactions are in great demand in the cryptosphere. The number of transactions committed on the network is a good indicator of demand. For example, the number of transactions within one day is about 15% of its total capitalization in the Zcash network. For comparison, in the Bitcoin network, this rate is 4%; in the Ethereum network, it is even less. In addition, the ZEC is very attractive for mining, because its blocks are generated 4 times faster than those of Bitcoin, and mining is available with more affordable equipment. But that’s not all! Thanks to the development team and project representatives, the Zcash cryptocurrency is one of the major newsmakers in the field, which generates even more interest. In this sphere, the interest of the community is rather important, as it influences the price greatly.

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