What Type of a Casino Player Are You, Based on ‘Friends?’

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The Friends show has been everyone’s favorite since the launch of its very first episode in 2004, and it still remains the kind of TV series you can easily find yourself binge-watching again and again, 16 years later! So if you’ve already read our article 16 Personality Types: How do They Gamble and taken the test, you already know what kind of Myers-Briggs type you are; and of course, what kinds of games are going to suit your brain best as well!

Since everyone in the world is associated with a certain personality type, the characters from Friends are no exception. So if you’re wondering what type of casino player you are, based on your favorite show, we’ll be really glad to tell you! So without further ado, let’s just check it out right now…

So as you all know already, Friends consist of six lead characters – Monica and Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, and Phoebe Buffay. And strangely enough, they all are very evenly divided up between the types – there are 2 Analysts, 2 Sentinels, 1 Diplomat, and 1 Explorer. This is a perfect mix of extraversion and introversion, which makes them a pretty well-balanced group of friends. But let’s check each of them out individually, and find out how their own personal qualities help them gamble!

Chandler Bing – The Logician


The Logician type of personality, or INTP, is well-known for its buzzing mind, its creativity, and a good sense of humor! And you can easily agree with that – because if an issue comes on your radar, you’re the one who’s going to instantly come up with a great and creative idea to fix it. So if you’re a Logician like Chandler, you’re intelligent, and in fact, the most logical Friend of all (so no wonder Chandler’s working for a multinational corporation, as a statistical analyst!)

So when it comes to casino games, Chandler would definitely pick online casinos; as social situations aren’t really your thing. Blackjack or poker are the games where your analytical mind can really help you win. And if you lose, you’d certainly be able to make a good joke out of it, anyway!

Ross Geller – The Commander

ross geller

If the Myers-Briggs test shows you that you’re an ENTJ – congratulations, you and Ross are both natural-born leaders with brilliant minds that love explaining everything to others. You’re dominant and unforgiving, which may cause you to over-emphasize the rational side of the situation. You know, something like screaming, ‘We were on a break!’… Just be careful, you know the consequences of that.

However, these qualities are actually extremely necessary and indeed highly valued in gambling! They may help you not only to enjoy the games but also to use your plans and strategies to win! So if you’re the Commander type, blackjack and video poker are out there waiting for you, so you can finally show everyone the true brilliance of your mind!

Phoebe Buffay – The Campaigner


A free spirit, optimism, and pure energy – is that about you? Great, then you’re an ENFP, just like Phoebe Buffay! These people really do enjoy every day of their lives, never letting their troubled pasts keep them down. Campaigners are creative and charismatic souls, and their personalities always need freedom in order to express themselves.

And thanks to these qualities – their creative minds and great observation skills – you and Phoebe Buffay would be great gamblers in poker!

Monica Geller – The Executive


Now if there’s anything ESTJs love the most, it’s organization and order! These two words perfectly describe Monica – her stuff must be placed in a specific order, and nobody is ever allowed to touch it; and she just adores being in charge of literally any event on this planet! So you can be sure that any ceremony with Monica Geller in charge is going to be truly breathtaking!

In addition to this, the Executive type of personality is also extremely involved in gambling (at least if they’re winning, of course!) Thanks to their impeccable strategies and logical thinking, they can easily succeed in blackjack or poker. However, they also somehow happen to be very lucky; so if you’re an ESTJ, we certainly don’t recommend passing by the slot machines!

Rachel Green – The Consul


ESFJs always have great social skills; that’s why they’re usually the popular ones in the group. And if that word doesn’t describe Rachel, then what does? She and other Consuls are always concerned about their appearance and of course, about being in the spotlight.

And that’s exactly why, at online casinos, they always pick the live dealer games for the sake of social interaction. And obviously, they also want to win!

Joey Tribbiani – The Entertainer

Joey Tribbiani

The ESFP, also called the Entertainer, is probably the most suitable label for Joey, the actor! He and the other ESFPs are the most spontaneous ones compared to the other personality types, and they really don’t mind putting themselves into situations where they may look dumb!

And if they feel enthusiastic about anything at all, like how Joey goes on about sandwiches, they just want to enjoy it to the fullest. So if this one thing of theirs is gambling, they’re sure to convert it into some kind of passionate hobby! Entertainers usually love games relying on luck, so slots or roulette would have to be the games that Joey would pick!So, have you found your personality type among the main Friends characters? If not, don’t get upset quickly; after all, people with a pure personality type don’t have to exist in real life, so you might well just be some kind of combination of Monica and Joey, say; or Phoebe and Chandler! However, no matter what kind of personality type you are, you can always enjoy the best online casino games available, courtesy of BoVegas!

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