Top 10 Movies About Lottery Winnings

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Top 5 Movies about Lottery Winnings

Hollywood is famous for its ability to convey emotions and to realize the dreams of viewers on the big screen. So, what could be better than some films about those who were lucky enough to win the lottery? We’re now giving you a chance to look at the top five movies about lotteries and their winners.

After winning a lottery, one thing is obvious; your future is going to change dramatically! All these films are about ordinary people whose lives changed drastically when they suddenly won it big.

Lottery Ticket (2010)

Winning is just the beginning…

This movie is a positive teen comedy featuring Bow Wow, Naturi Naughton, and Brandon Jackson. Even though some critics treat it as a film that is overwhelmed with cliches and tired jokes, it is still able to brighten up your evening and cheer you up. So, what’s it all about?

A temporarily unemployed American rapper from the projects, Bow Wow (played by Kevin Carson) wins $370 million in a lottery: he used the lucky numbers he found in a fortune cookie. He needs to get his fortune without delay; before the local bullies find him, along with his lucky ticket! Disappointingly, the office he needs is closed, because of the US Independence Day celebration, so he has to wait for three days. Is it possible to save the ticket?

The winning numbers: 04-32-33-42-45-21

Lottery Ticket Movie

It Could Happen to You (1994)

A policeman, a waitress, a lottery ticket…

The police officer did not have the money to tip the waitress. He promised to pay her either a double tip or give her half of his possible prize the next day. Fortune smiled upon him: he won $4 million in a draw and kept his word, giving half the win to the waitress.

This story may seem surprising, but this lottery movie is based on a true story about the police officer Robert Cunningham, who shared his biggest lottery winnings of $6 million with a waitress from a pizzeria after concluding just such an agreement!

This romantic comedy is sure to hold sway over your heart, due to the more than promising cast; not to mention the appealing soundtrack and catching plot. Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda show themselves to be more than promising talents, playing their leading parts of two strangers who eventually fall in love. Don’t miss this really inspiring masterpiece that is sure to encourage and touch the hearts of any viewer!

The winning numbers: 06-12-16-27-48-64

It Could Happen to You Lottery Movie

Finder’s Fee (2001)

Figures do not lie…

This film was written and filmed in 2001 by the director Jeff Probst, the creator of “The Revenant.” The film is based on a real event that happened to the director. A man sees a wallet while going home. He decides to return the wallet to its owner, but later, it turns out that there is a winning lottery ticket for $6 million in the purse. What happens next? The outlandish turn of events is brilliantly presented on screen by the cast featuring James Earl Jones, Erik Palladino, Ryan Reynolds, and many others. This award-winning hit is going to leave a positive impression; it will be dearly loved by a wide range of viewers.

Finder’s Fee Lottery Movie

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Life has never been sweeter…

What can be better than a movie released as a result of a Johnny Depp and Tim Burton joint effort? Not many things actually, so this work is really worth your attention! Along with superstar Depp, here you can see such actors as Freddie Highmore, Helena Bonham Carter, David Kelly, Noah Taylor, James Fox, and Missi Pyle; all peerless talents who are hard to ignore!

The movie tells the story of little Charlie, who dreams of sweet chocolate, but he is not able to try it; as his parents are too poor, and his grandparents are so weak they cannot even get up from their beds. However, he manages to find the Golden Ticket, which makes his dreams come true. This ticket was inside a chocolate bar. Thanks to winning the Golden Ticket, Charlie wins a tour of the fantastic chocolate factory of Willy Wonka.

This musical fantasy comedy has become a sort of lottery prize in itself for the Warner Brothers studio; because up to now, it has collected about $475 million around the world!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lottery Movie

If I Had A Million (1932)

You never know when a happy day will come…

On his deathbed, a wealthy financial tycoon decides to give away all his money, rather than seeing his relatives fight over the inheritance. He picks eight names from the telephone directory at random, and he gives every lucky person $1,000,000. Some of them turn out to be rather weird, including a Chinese shopkeeper, a prostitute, and a US Marine.

This movie brings an interesting idea to life: it is a kind of anthology of stories, united by a common plot. Each episode was shot by different directors. Usually, such experiments end up being a total mess; however, this movie appeared to be quite successful! Plenty of talented actors have contributed to this anthology; big names include Gary Cooper, George Raft, Charles Laughton, Jack Oakie, Charles Ruggles, Richard Bennett, Alison Skipworth, and many others.

If I Had A Million Lottery Movie

Waking Ned Devine (1998)

How far would you go to win a fortune?

This awesome comedy directed by Kirk Jones stars David Kelly, Ian Bannen, Fionnula Flanagan, James Night, and Susan Lynch who depict the unbelievable story that happened to Jackie.

Jackie O’Shea is a resident of a small Irish village who finds out that one of his neighbors – Ned Devine – has won the £7 million lottery. Unfortunately, Ned died from joy, so Jackie and his best friend Michael decided to get Ned’s wealth. After all, the living Ned would have done exactly the same anyway! However, the two friends weren’t even able to imagine how everything was going to work out. They will have to involve the whole village in their plan of convincing the representative of the lottery commission that Ned Devine is still alive.

The winning numbers: 19-40-04-07-25-29

Waking Ned Devine Lottery Movie

Lucky Numbers (2000)

When they put their heads together… it’s a no-brainer

This is another comedy which is worth your attention. The collaboration of Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta is going to astonish some viewers who haven’t been keeping an eye on the careers of both stars. This film has had several negative reviews; however, it may still seem rather interesting both for gambling fans and for those who admire both stars.

John Travolta plays the role of Russ Richards, who works for local TV in Harrisburg as a weatherman. He invested in a snowmobile business; although he has had money troubles because of an unusually warm winter, which risks affecting the image of a local meteorological celebrity. Richards and his friend Gig develop a fraudulent plan aimed at gaining money from the state lottery. Richards’ girlfriend (Lisa Kudrow), who also has an affair with Richard’s chef Dick Simmons, acts as an accomplice, as she hosts the aforementioned lottery show.

The winning numbers: 70-22-07-16-09-27

Lucky-Numbers Lottery Movie

Uptown Saturday Night (1974)

They get funny when you mess with their money!

On the first day of his vacation, a steelworker Steve Jackson meets his friend, a taxi driver, Wardell Franklin, who persuades him to bring back the good old days and go on a tear. There is also a suitable place for this called Madame Zenobia’s club, where all the locals flock to on weekends. So here they all are, expecting to have the time of their lives; but they are robbed, and they lose a wallet with a winning lottery ticket inside!

You will have a perfect evening enjoying this crime comedy by Sidney Poitier; the film stars Poitier himself, Bill Cosby, and Harry Belafonte.

Uptown Saturday Night Lottery Movie

29th Street (1991)

There’s no telling where luck will take you…

A comedy-drama by George Gallo shows us the other side of luck. Sometimes being lucky doesn’t bring you happiness; and the film’s main character, Frank Pesce Jr., has a lot to say about that one! His father is a total loser from the first glance, and when Frank junior wins six million dollars in the New-York’s first lottery, he’s not happy but actually enraged; as he knows what is going to happen next. His father has some huge gambling debts to the Mafia, and they are going to take the golden ticket away. Will Frank’s luck finally work out, so that he and his family stay alive? Or he will just break down completely, as he faces this tough dilemma?

Danny Aiello, Anthony LaPaglia, and Lainie Kazan all work hard to show you how a stroke of good luck can actually be a challenge in itself!

29th Street Lottery Movie

Lady From Louisiana (1941)

An American Western starring John Wayne is always a promising start! The film is directed by Bernard Vorhaus, and it brings us to the Gay Nineties in New Orleans. The State Lottery Company is booming,  and John Reynolds (John Wayne) appears to be stuck between a southern belle, Julie Mirbeau; her father, who owns the lottery company; and her aunt, who is trying to bring the lottery down. The only thing that stops John from ending the Lottery is that it isn’t, in fact, a traditional gambling enterprise. The lottery funds several charitable organizations, which only adds more tension to the script!

To sum up, no matter what kind of gambling you prefer, ranging from Indian lottery to keno, winning it big is so exciting that it is definitely worth shooting a film about this stroke of luck!

Lady from Louisiana Lottery Movie

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