Jon Price: Sports Betting Machine

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Sports Betting with money and bets

When it comes to sports betting, nobody can beat Jon Price! This outstanding guru has built his fortune on a flawless system that allows him to predict the outcome of any sports event. His natural talent and charisma have led him to the very pinnacle of the gambling world, catapulting him to various leading positions in the Forbes list. Nobody can beat him, but everyone wants to be a part of his tremendous success.

This is the story of an extraordinary man, whose forecasting work includes various important events, from the Superbowl to renowned golf tournaments. A true titan of sports betting, Jon Price always uses mathematical thinking and statistical analysis; unlike the rest of us, who often choose to rely on sheer luck alone!

Early Years

Jon Price Professional Gambler On September 28, 1973, this living legend was born into a middle-class family in New York. Sometimes, when he was a teenager, his father’s friends would often ask him what horse to bet on in horse-racing; and in most cases, he was correct! Nevertheless, his mother’s objections to this tendency deterred him for a while. Still, his talent for sports wagering progressed even further while he was a student at New York University. At the time, he was studying for a degree in Mathematics and pursuing his dream of becoming an employee in a top financial corporation.

It soon turned out that young Jon did have a real passion for sports betting. He became a member of one a small closed community at the university, made up solely of dedicated sports gamblers. Jon managed to pick a steady stream of winners, and before long, word spread all over the campus and beyond.

Among the events that put in him into the public spotlight was a certain closed tournament the students held among themselves. The rules were simple: all the participants would wager on weekly pools, where they would pick the set of game to bet on and predict the winner. The one with the biggest number of successful predictions would take the pot home! Usually, the pot would be $10,000 or $20,000 and Jon would win every time. It made everyone else reluctant to wager against him; and this, in turn, gave him something of a reputation as a real cash cow among sports bettors.

By the end of his studies, Jon Price had paid off all of his loans and even had quite a sum of spare money. He was also a lucrative candidate for the majority of Wall Street investment banks. However, he turned the majority of them down in order to start his own company, which offered the best sports handicapping services out there!

Sports Information Traders

After graduating from university, Jon obtained a huge group of followers and decided to charge for his services. In 2002, he founded a company and called it Sports Information Traders. Being on the East Coast is never an obstacle for him; because as soon as Las Vegas bookies open their offices, Jon is already on the line with his sources, discussing contacts, figuring out data and running optimization tests. The very moment the lines are released, his team decides on the best ones and then wagers on them. By the evening, when the games start, they can already see if the investment pays off and starts everything over during the nighttime. Sleep is a rare thing during the football or basketball season.

This company comprises several specialists and a few hundred clients who are able to bet big with confidence! All bets and predictions are made under the strict supervision of Jon, and he never recommends betting on something that he himself wouldn’t bet on. This company’s experts don’t only study and simulate games; they also focus on the line value. And according to Price, his clients are more than capable of maximizing the best lines out there!

Sports Information Traders work 24/7 to make their sports picks and support their customers worldwide. It seems like one of their core tactics is to find the gaps in Las Vegas lines and make the best possible capital out of these. According to Jon Price, Sin City makes huge profits from rookies who are eager to bet on their favorite teams instead of following the advice of the company. In addition to this, the majority of newbies believe any companies who promise them to make 90% accurate predictions, which is impossible.

According to Jon Price, the key to success lies between 60-65% winnings; and if you’re smart enough, you can actually manage this! Price’s team works on maximizing profits from these picks, especially during the college basketball or football seasons. College leagues have a bigger number of teams and opportunities to wager. No wonder the company has many good reviews everywhere from New York to Tokyo!

Jon Price’s Wins

Sports Betting Table information A frequent guest on the Huffington Post and nationally syndicated radio, Jon often promotes his services among the wider public. One of the most ruthless things he had been doing is sharing his picks on air for free! So whether its ESP or 60 Minutes, Jon can always share some of his predictions with the audience. When people ask him why he does it, he says that when people wager by following his advice and actually win, then come to him and ask for more; and so they become new clients. Indeed, there was one time he shared his picks on air for eight weeks in a row and they were all winning picks! This in itself was enough to make unbelievers follow their new prophet.

His winnings speak for themselves. One of the most remarkable of these is a million dollar wager on the Patriots-Seahawks match during Super Bowl XLIX. Of course, Jon does gloat about this huge win and says that this is not the only one million dollar bet he has ever placed. For instance, there was a time he couldn’t decide whether to bet a million on an NBA finals game, so he split his decision by wagering 2 million. And as always, the win came his way!

Another stunning thing happened when he made a future bet on Kansas City Royals to win the World Series back in 2015. The initial bet was $22,000, and actually turned into $264,000 of winnings! It’s a tough job to make such a successful prediction, but Jon often refers to himself as Napoleon. He has so many plans and opportunities to tackle that he is constantly hungry for more big wins.

The only bets he regrets are the ones he loses. Because of the expensive preparations and analysis, he has to make, he expects to cash out every time. So when luck turns against him, he still doesn’t quit. Rather, he does some more thorough checks next time. Nevertheless, as a professional gambler, Jon cannot but regret not taking in more than he has wagered. So he does regret the Floyd Mayweather fight. This event was considered to be a shoo-in, but Jon was too cautious about placing a million dollar bet; and so, he put in a little less. Still, there was nothing to cry about because, in the end, he really did win it big!

There is something magnetic about this man. He doesn’t accept the word “handicapper…” It seems too vulgar for him. He believes in numbers and his guts. They have made him the man he is today. He would never settle for going 2-1, as this contradicts his core principles.

Jon is very optimistic about online sports betting sites and their future. He is not against sports wagering going mainstream. Such platforms as Fan Duel and Draft Kings are among his favorites. He believes that it would be great if there was a service that allowed fans to pick their games on the board against the spread with the ultimate number of points scored each week. The one who picked the highest amount of winners would get the money. This sounds like the kind of pool tournament Jon has been participating in.

But sport is not the only thing Jon is interested in. Gambling is, of course, something he practices from time to time. And again, because of his ability to count and predict the actions of the house, he is not allowed in several Las Vegas casinos. However, Jon couldn’t be more flattered by this compliment! Or as he puts it, he wants to become the Nike of sports betting. Well, it seems like he has already come pretty close enough towards his goal in recent years.

If you’re ever in doubt, whether or not to wager big, just follow the example of this New York guru, who has already had so many winning lines up in his sleeves. Jon Price knows how to deal with Lady Luck, as he never bets unless he’s got her helping him!

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