So, Are You a Bitcoin Gambler?

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So, Are You a Bitcoin Gambler?

The discovery of Bitcoin has paved the way for the advancement of revolutionary technologies in the financial sector. This cryptocurrency caused a mighty furore in 2008 when it was invented, and it has remained ones of the most popular and widely used digital currencies in the industry. The exceptional convenience and safety this currency ensures have helped it compete against traditional payment methods, signaling the gradual transition of financial services to the digital platform.

The first and most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, is progressively growing in popularity across a number of industries. Today you can buy nearly any goods and services “virtually,” without the need for authorization from financial institutions.

Whether you’re an online gambling veteran or a novice, you’ve probably already asked yourself about the possibility of playing at online casinos with cryptocurrency.

Online gambling is currently trending as one of the most lucrative enterprises in the world, and it often includes Bitcoin technology as an alternative payment method. And the benefits the gambling industry gains from using this cryptocurrency are far more vivid and impressive than those resulting from the traditional payment mechanism.

As long as you have Bitcoins and you are willing to use them, crypto gambling is sure to free you from many of the hassles associated with banking. And if you think about online poker, Bitcoin is already widely used as a payment method in this industry. So it’s worth spending a little time to learn the details!

First of all, online gambling for Bitcoin is a more than promising prospect, and we are all involved in writing the history of this new approach. In this article, we will break down the basics of including BTC in your gambling routine, while simultaneously outlining the pros and cons of becoming a Bitcoin gambler.

How Much Do You Need to Know About Bitcoin?

People are infamously stubborn, and many do not want to dig into the Bitcoin concept. Considering all the math and terminology involved, it’s natural for players to feel intimidated. The good news is that unless you plan to make some serious investments in Bitcoin, it’s not necessary to become an expert. Just stay tuned, learn the fundamentals, and you will be fine. You should know the following:

  • Crypto gambling Bitcoin Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by someone hiding behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto. This cryptocurrency has become a game-changer because of its innovative and unprecedented features. The most important aspect of this currency is that it’s decentralized and not regulated by any government. Furthermore, it’s a global, unrestricted, peer-to-peer network, similar to file-sharing networks like BitTorrent. Users who generate Bitcoins remain anonymous, and they can manage their money via special unique addresses and signatures.
  • All Bitcoin transactions are logged in a public ledger called blockchain. This system ensures the transparency of all operations. Every time you attempt to initiate a BTC transaction, you will need to wait for verification, which may take around 10 minutes.
  • The word ‘mining’ in Bitcoin terminology means decoding complicated computational problems as part of the process of adding new logs to the blockchain. Whoever first solves the puzzle earns a reward in Bitcoins. The number of Bitcoins is limited, and Bitcoins will go out of stock once all the puzzles end.
  • The value of Bitcoins is volatile and is changing very fast. Anyone who bought Bitcoins for $100 in the past would have millions now if they had kept them. While many see this cryptocurrency as an investment, others simply view it as а more convenient means for buying stuff and paying the bills.

Apart from these basic insights about the BTC cryptocurrency, it’s also vital to know the fundamental specifications of Bitcoin.

  • Anonymity

The technology employed by BTC doesn’t require any personal data from users. Your crypto wallet doesn’t have to be linked to your identification information – you don’t need to provide your passport details, full name, e-mail, and home address. Contrary to the loose and liberal policy adopted by cryptotechnologies, the traditional online banking system can’t do without the personal data users are forced to entrust it with.

  • Transparency

The blockchain technology implemented by Bitcoin makes each payment visible to any participant of the blockchain. The participants can also trace how much cryptomoney has been spent by any particular user, and how much is left in their wallet, which is especially beneficial in Bitcoin gambling. Thus, there’s no chance anyone can steal money from the system, or increase their ledger – each transaction is tracked and verified by blockchain participants.

  • Decentralization

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency doesn’t have any central server or network. It’s not regulated by any governing authority nor is dependent on the legislative mechanism. Moreover, no special approval is needed for someone to access the network and make a transaction.

  • Total Safety

It’s only the users who can manage their transactions. As it was stressed above, no personal information is needed to conduct a transaction. All the information in the blockchain is encrypted and backed up.

  • Provable Fairness

In the context of online gambling, you must’ve ever heard of such thing as provable fairness. A provably fair gambling system uses an algorithm verified as such on the part of the service operator. The technology employed by Bitcoin guarantees that the software implementing the cryptocurrency is provably fair. In provably fair gaming, players place bets on the games offered by the service operator. After they make their wagers, the operator displays the methods for verifying each of the transactions made in the game; by using open source algorithms to ensure random number generation. As soon as the game is finished, the player uses an algorithm, in order to test the results of the game randomness and unpredictability.

The main characteristic of provably fair systems is that they exclude third-party verification; this makes online gambling with Bitcoin completely secure.

How to Start Playing at a Bitcoin Casino

Players often ask: “Is Bitcoin gambling legal?” Yes, but the legislative mechanism that regulates crypto gaming is very immature. Nevertheless, no restrictive regulations as to Bitcoin gambling have been issued so far, and at the moment, it’s generally considered to be a perfect legal gambling phenomenon.

As a rule, you need to have some Bitcoins first, in order to be able to deposit them into your gambling account. There are three ways to get Bitcoins: you can buy them, obtain them by mining, or receive them as payment. But no matter how you obtain them, you will need to open a digital wallet. You can have more than one wallet, and there are different types of wallets. The priority here, however, is to stay secure.

The most common way to get Bitcoins is to exchange them. Many popular exchangers offer incorporated wallets on their platforms. It’s easy to stock your cryptocurrency there, but there’s a higher chance to get hacked. An alternative is using offline hardware wallets.

You can also download a software wallet, which is called lightweight. This option lets you control your keys, but this requires a higher level of maintenance. Other types of wallets include mobile apps and paper wallets. Its question of which type of storage fits your needs is, of course, entirely at your discretion.

Now, your next task is to thoroughly research online gambling websites. If you are an experienced gambler, you’ll already have your own preference. However, Bit gambling has really changed the broader picture here.

In general, you can choose to stick to more established and proven hosts that accept real money, and then start to use Bitcoin as well. Or, you can pick Bitcoin only platforms. Either way, it’s always nice to know that you can rely on traditional payment methods.

How Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals Are Made

It hasn’t been long since Bitcoin first entered the online gambling market, but it has already inspired developers to create numerous online casino software solutions compatible with BTC payments. Bitcoin gambling works as follows:

  • You load your player account with Bitcoins by filling in the address of your BTC wallet. Your deposit is then instantly available to you.
  • When it’s time to make a withdrawal, you simply enter your Bitcoin wallet address again. In just a few moments, you can get the amount of cash as you first requested. No bank is involved, so you don’t pay fees, and you don’t wait for the approval.

Such unrestricted transactions give an enormous, but not the only advantage for Bitcoin online gambling. Opening a Bitcoin account gives you the privilege of complete anonymity. But if that is not enough, there is also a concept known as Provably Fair. This is an algorithm that uses blockchain technology to confirm that the services provided by the Bitcoin casinos are not corrupted. This is now offered by many providers.

All these factors prove that Bitcoin is a reliable and simplified payment method for online gambling. On the other hand, it’s extremely variable, and it will definitely benefit you if you re-evaluate Bitcoin value on a regular basis. The oldest cryptocurrency is only ten years old, and there is much more to come. Bitcoin has surged in a short period of time. Chances are that it still has a long way to go.

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