Around Half of UK Students Rely on Gambling in Order to Survive: Study

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The gambling industry in the UK has attracted a lot of students, with around 50% betting just in order to survive, a new study has suggested.

According to a National Union of Students (NUS) survey, around three in five (59%) students have gambled over the last year, with approximately 48% seeking additional income from betting. It is said that educational loans do not cover the expenses of students, rent prices in particular.

The results were obtained with the help of NUS and the Gaming Commission — the UK gambling regulator — after surveying 1618 students and learners in higher education.

Casino news Britain moneyBirmingham University student Jason Heffron, who was inclined to bet when he was low on money, stated that the government support is not enough to pay for living, and said the rent prices are “crazy” for most major cities, The Independent reports.

The inability of the government to strike a balance between the cost of living and student financial support has ultimately resulted in more than 8% of students resorting to gambling their educational loans.

“Students have said the only way that they can pay rent is to gamble. That is really worrying,” NUS vice president for welfare Eva Crossan Jory said. Compared to previous years when gambling was a form of entertainment, the current situation compels people who study in educational institutions to bet money in order to live.

In addition to the concerns here, Crossan Jory also announced the NUS` partnership with a company that develops gambling blocking software, in order to make it free of charge to all students. “We’re clear that institutions also have a responsibility to do more — to make students aware of the dangers associated with unsafe gambling,” she added.

The Universities UK (UKK), represented by assistant director of policy John de Pury, reacted on the survey, calling upon the government to lend some assistance to the most disadvantaged students, to cover their living and tuition costs.

At the end of 2018, the Gambling Commission revealed some data about underage online and land-based betting in the country. According to these findings, 39% of 11-16 year-olds have spent their own money on gambling over the course of the past 12 months, and 6% have bet online using their parent or guardian’s account. 1.7% of the children who fall into the age category are deemed to be “problem” gamblers, and 2.2% are “at risk.”

Earlier this month, the Gambling Commission launched a survey on the proposed measures to reduce gambling harm.

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