British Regulator Proposes a Range of Gambling Innovations

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) offers all stakeholders to voice their opinion on the proposed steps to secure gambling harm reduction and help settle arguments between customers and operators, according to a statement made by the organization.

The UK gambling regulator has announced the implementation of Customer Interaction, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Gambling Blocking Software — the measures aimed at making gambling in Britain the fairest and safest in the world. All interested parties can now complete surveys on the Gambling Commission website on whether the changes should be applied.

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As stated on the site, Customer Interaction is a measure that enables gambling establishments to identify and interact with customers who are vulnerable to or suffer from gambling. Alternative Dispute Resolution obliges gambling businesses to provide an alternative means of conflict settlement only by providers that met the UKGC standards (ADR providers). And the Gambling Blocking Software — the program that blocks players from participating in gambling activities —  should be free of charge according to the proposal of regulatory authorities. All concerned can now vote on whether these changes should come into force.

Earlier, the Gambling Commission took precautionary steps to prevent juvenile gambling by banning all sorts of gambling ads on websites and in video games that are popular among children.

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