What should the gambling industry expect in the near future?

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Over the past decades, modern technology has come into our lives and seems to be firmly established in every aspect of it. We just can’t imagine our lives without robots, computers and artificial intelligence. And little by little, everything we used to do offline now goes online.

We can learn and work remotely, travel around the world and find any entertainment in just one simple click. And so today, it’s time to consider a separate sphere, namely the gambling business, to understand how technology has already influenced and will continue to affect this sphere. Are there risks for business, and what’s going to await it in a few decades?

Online Gambling and Tourism

We can have a long talk on whether the gambling business will help tourism to bring tons of visitors and make a profit to the state budget: but we can claim that there are many quality online casinos at the moment working without interruption, and provide high-quality gaming experience, no matter what country of the world you may happen to live in.

In addition, it really is no secret that every adult person has access to gambling online. And to save time, players prefer to log in at any site with good reviews and top-notch graphics and play hundreds of their favorite games online. Because thanks to the software providers in this field, it’s possible to choose any game you want among a myriad of trusted online gambling venues with a trustworthy gambling license, and then try everything you like.

Of course, it will not affect such giants of gambling business like casinos of Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau, as people go there to explore the vibrant atmosphere and rich history of these places. But it’s still possible that medium and small businesses will have to look for new ways to stay afloat, as over time they’re going to be replaced by their online opponents.

New Types and Features Online Casinos Apply


Mobile Versions and Downloadable Clients

Today’s audience is a generation that can no longer live without a smartphone, which means that this is exactly where they’re going to download any online version of the casino, as well as play online, provided they have a high-speed connection. So all gambling software designers and similar web developers are aimed at designing perfect mobile versions of any casino, so they can attract some more visitors. So it’s every bit as convenient to log in to any application on the way to work or home, or while traveling to play for a couple of hours.


One of the most popular technological advances of today is virtual reality. With the help of some simple devices, you can teleport yourself to any place on the planet in a second; as well as to any reality, including the online casino world! Although developers are more focused on developing online games, this is soon going to spread to online user-friendly gambling venues as well.

So just imagine how by sitting at home, you can surround yourself with that very exciting casino atmosphere: and with all possible slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and live dealer games. Back at the beginning of the century we couldn’t have imagined the kind of world where technology was going to lead us to. But now, in a single click, the walls of your kitchen or living room are disappearing, and the bright lights of the casino in Monaco are about to appear before your very eyes. So perhaps soon enough, a perfectly real hologram of the dealer is going to sit in front of you in order to play blackjack. Well, isn’t that wonderful?

BTC and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin in cooperation with the casino is an ideal mutual benefit which helps to ensure anonymity, as well as makes cryptocurrency a more popular and prevalent option. With Blockchain technology, the player’s data is securely protected, so that any user can deposit or withdraw money without having to worry about the safety of their funds.

The policy of most online casinos is that they offer zero transaction fees and a no-limit amount of transactions per day. This is highly beneficial for high-roller players who deposit huge amounts of money.

Moreover, if there’s an option of depositing/withdrawal with BTC, this means that the casino really cares about the anonymity of its players and wants to protect their winnings.

Regulations to Be Imposed

How about regulation then? Well to start with, there are countries which prohibit any gambling activity whatsoever on their territories. These countries are China, Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and so on, so you even don’t have a chance to play bingo or poker while visiting these places. Also, there is another category of countries that partly allow gambling activities. For instance, Greece bans some online gambling options. The Czech Republic doesn’t allow the most part of online gambling or France where everything is vice versa – online gambling is illegal, but land-based gambling is pretty widespread.

There are also some countries that are considered to be gambling meccas of the world, like the USA (we all know about Las Vegas or Atlantic City, right?), Monaco, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, where players can try any gambling activity they want. As for an example, we can say that since 2005, a year when the government of Singapore legalized gambling both in person and online, the country has reached a new level of progress, with millions of tourists and huge income to the state budget. All this is thanks to the laws the country imposed upon the Common Gaming Houses Act to regulate this area of entertainment much better.

All in all, as soon as gambling fully goes online, there should be strict regulations to coordinate the operation of all online casinos and that will also protect the rights of the players and the casinos as well. Being a rather new business, online gambling should obtain all relevant permits and licenses to become a legitimate business and then go digital. Only in this way, will it become possible for online gambling to flourish, along with all the opportunities it has been given thanks to modern technology.

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