Stellar Lumens (XLM) in Gambling

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Gambling with Stellar

Find out all about Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency and see how you can use it in online gambling to win big awards.

Stellar Lumens in Gambling

The new year is just around the corner, and it looks like 2019 is going to mark a pivotal era for cryptocurrencies since there are high expectations for growth, a rise in popularity, and positive results. The most popular cryptos are all racing to take over the crypto market and are rapidly starting to gain traction while many others are on the brink of failure. In the world of online gambling, players have experienced an enormous turnover because many online casinos have started to accept cryptos and a lot of crypto-only casinos were founded to deal only in various digital currencies.

One such digital currency that could be of massive interest to pro players and novice gamblers in 2019 is Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Developed on the Stellar platform, XLM was created to offer secure transfers and fast payments while keeping costs very low, as well as provide some better advantages over other cryptos. If you are looking to gamble online with cryptocurrencies, you should keep XLM in your sights and try to get on board as soon as possible since lumens have quite a high chance of becoming the next huge trend.

All About Stellar (XLM)

According to the company, Stellar was developed as a platform to connect people, banks, and transaction systems. The platform’s internal coin is lumen (XLM), and it’s crypto similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since Stellar’s development in 2014, the company has entered into partnerships with some of the biggest tech companies like IBM, which adds to their growing reputation, reliability, and investment potential.

XLM blockchain has a little fee while offering lightning-fast transactions via a peer-to-peer network, which is why many experts are claiming that lumens will become one of the most sought-after cryptos quite soon. Stellar Development Foundation is responsible for the creation of XLM, and what separates it from other favored crypto companies is the fact it operates as a nonprofit organization. Furthermore, the Stellar network is open sourced.On top of that, XLM has been among the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies for quite some time now.

The market cap for XLM is $2.57B at the time of writing, and the XLM price per token is $0.13, while the base fee per transaction is only 0.0001 XLM.

This crypto bears some similarities with Ripple’s XRP because Stellar grew out of Ripple back when it was founded, and today, the two currencies are in direct competition.

Why Lumens?

For those unfamiliar with using cryptocurrencies for gambling instead of fiat currencies, cryptos allow you to stay anonymous on the web; they protect your privacy and personal data while ensuring that there will be no legal repercussions. Bitcoin casinos offer very little human interaction, and they reveal their algorithms to players, providing that their software is entirely fair.

cryptocurrencies for gamblingPayments with cryptos such as XLM are close to instantaneous, and players get a guarantee that their games are not rigged in any way. Blockchain records allow transparency and quick transaction confirmation. Also, most crypto casinos offer a slight house edge, which benefits the player.

Regarding Stellar Lumens in gambling, it seems like XLM is just emerging on the scene, and there are some places online where you can use the currency to play casino games.

For the majority of online games that offer XLM transactions, the house edge is around 1% which is a huge plus because the house doesn’t have higher chances of winning like in traditional casinos where the player can lose quite a lot of money. Also, bets are quite low, and for some games, they start at 0.00001 XLM.

Stellar XLM is fully verifiable and most online games that allow it are probably fair. Regarding games, bear in mind that XLM is just getting started in the world of online casinos, but there are some places where you can use XLM tokens to play dice, roulette, and even games like cells. Moreover, based on reviews and testimonies all over the web, the reactions of the real players are incredibly positive.

Transactions with Lumens

As stated, one lumen is $0.13 and can be moved worldwide. An exchange lasts approximately 2-5 seconds, which is insanely fast compared to traditional transactions that can take a few days or even a whole week. Regarding casino games, this fast transaction speed is incredibly useful because you can manage your money better and know that your winnings are secured almost immediately.

If you want to get XLM, you need to get a crypto wallet — Stellar Desktop Client is the official wallet, but of course, you can choose other options. According to Stellar, 400,000 transactions can be made with approximately $1 due to XLM’s low transaction costs. Combine that with the previously mentioned low bet rate for online gambling with XLM, and you could have the chance to spend very little money while winning big payouts almost in real time.


Regarding advantages over other coins, XLM has quite a stellar price while being quite a stable coin. The altcoin is in the top 10 for the best cryptos all over the world and its low cost yet promising value could make it the optimal currency for your next gambling adventure. Overall, the altcoin is on its way to a great, long-term future, and you should consider Stellar cryptocurrency if you want to gamble online.

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