Best and Weirdest Places for Shopping in Las Vegas

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Store in Las Vegas Open

What could possibly make your Las Vegas trip more fun, you might ask? Only a good old shopping trip to help you relax! Most hotels at the Las Vegas Strip have shopping venues of their own, but the price is high, and the selection is poor. Anyone who’s interested in bringing something unique from their trip to Sin City can probably use time-honored wisdom only Las Vegas experts can give you. Well, we’re here to give you a hand!

Zombie Apocalypse Store

Zombie Apocalypse StoreWant to dive into the atmosphere of your favorite zombie movie? Or maybe you’re someone who genuinely believes that the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner? Well, in both cases, we advise you to drop by the Zombie Apocalypse Store, where you’ll be able to purchase all the preps and must-have stuff for either a staged or real apocalypse! Stun guns, freeze-dried food, swords, flashlight, military uniform… All this is available for anyone who wants to feel every bit as heroic and tough as Brad Pitt’s or Will Smith’s character in World War Z and I, Legend.

Anyways, if you want to be prepared for whatever is coming upon us, just visit this shop and purchase anything that you think might suit the occasion. Because we know you’ve all dreamed of becoming the only survivor at least once in your life, haven’t you?

Pits ‘n’ and Wieners

The name might be slightly too suggestive, even though the actual stuff this store sells is completely innocent. This store is among the weirdest Las Vegas stores, and it surely deserves our attention.

Well, if you’re struggling to come up with a legit gift for your friend or family member that screams “Las Vegas” without actually mentioning it at all, then you’ve stumbled upon a rare pearl of wisdom from us – and a real gem of a shop as well! Visit conceptual store Pits ‘n’ Wieners and get a chance to buy a T-shirt, rosary, digital block print, with a selection of two possible print options – a pit bull (pit) and a dachshund (wiener).

The owner of this place is paying tribute to two creatures that have changed her life for good, by making art that features her beloved pets.

White Cross Drugstore

This place is a drugstore and a museum all in one! Cool, isn’t it? This place saw the light of day 84 years ago and is still functioning; it’s managed to survive by selling morning-after and hangover pills to tourists. However, this place is an awesome example of what drugstores used to look like in the previous century: with their lunch counters and the whole display of outdated pantyhose. You won’t find anything “natural” or “organic” on this drugstore’s shelves! Instead, there are tons of cheap products that might be useful or fun for you to buy.

Gambler’s General Store


Now this is a real heaven for those who are looking for cheap souvenirs from Sin City, and who don’t want to wreak their brains trying to figure out what to buy for their friends or loved ones. Here, you’ll be able to find a mini-roulette, fancy card deck, or even a whole slot machine! Everything is quite cheap and accessible. All this and more is just a quick drive away from the Strip.

Alternate Reality Comics

Alternate Reality Comics

Let’s face it: comic books are unlikely to go out of fashion in the coming years. And even though most of the time, comics portray the lives and achievements of superheroes, this store can show you that those are not the only stories that can fascinate and inspire the average common reader. This comic book store sells alternative stories about people who live simple lives but do significant things. For instance, you can buy here a comic book by Scott Chantler called Two Generals, which is about the Highland Light Infantry at the time of the Second World War in Canada. Another example is a book about a victim of the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11, written by Alissa Torres. These comics show us that heroes can still be among the rest of us mere mortals in real-life situations.

The Art-O-Mat

Art-O-Mat Store

Art is priceless, but this doesn’t mean that you can buy a piece for yourself! Especially when it only costs five bucks. Yeah, you read it right: only $5 for a piece of art made by some real up and coming talents. So what you have to do is go to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, take the escalator to the second or third floor and then put your $5 into the cigarette machine. What’s waiting for you there is a little piece of art, such as a photograph, a bracelet, a wristband, or a simple but tasteful drawing. Nothing major, but it may warm your heart anyway. Because for just a few bucks, you become an owner of the art piece, which can be even more pleasant if the artist who drew your picture becomes famous.


Bonanza Gift Shop Las Vegas

Bonanza is probably the world’s biggest gift shop, even though it boasts neither good quality services nor high-quality products. However, all your wildest fantasies about the weirdest Las Vegas souvenir can still come true when you finally find out what this store sells. Because the craziest ideas are always born with the help of a little imagination, creativity, and even a pinch of insanity. But beware, once you enter this place, it will be extremely hard to find a way out as it’s truly one of the world’s largest gift shops!

Rainbow Feather Dyeing Company

You might ask why this company even exists inside Las Vegas, and why can’t it be just a feather dyeing factory or something? Well, it turns out that’s a pretty profitable business that supplies a lot of Las Vegas shows with props. Rainbow Feather Dyeing Company first appeared in Burbank back in 1964, but by 1993 the demand for colored feathers appeared to be more significant in Las Vegas, so the company moved there. Nowadays, it’s known for the fact that the Cirque du Soleil gets all its feather supplies here. The owner says that there’s nothing strange about a straight guy owning a feather dyeing company. The world demands — he creates!

Toy Shack

Toy Shack

Despite the fact that Sin City is not quite a child-friendly place, there still exists a perfect place to take your inner child. This store sells all kinds of toys, figurines, dolls, miniature replicas of famous sports cars, etc. So if you’re looking for another piece for your Hot Wheels collection, this place has to be on your bucket list! Let the child in you feel the thrill of discovery, and treat yourself to a new fancy toy.

Wrapping It All Up

Las Vegas is certainly a weird place to visit. Actually, it’s both weird and genius. Owning a business in such a competitive place must be something only tough people can do; and when they succeed in attracting enough clients to keep their business sustainable, there’s nothing we can do except admire them!

Some more info you might want to get on the topic:

  • Where do celebrities stay in Las Vegas?

Usually, they prefer luxurious places like Caesars Palace, Palm Casino Resort, The Palazzo at The Venetian, The Mirage Hotel. It all depends on the reason for their visit.

  • What place owns the nicest pool in Sin City?

If you are a fan of aquatic sports, you can find the biggest and nicest pools in MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, The Palazzo, Aliante Casino + Hotel, Palms Casino & Resorts, etc.

  • Where do locals gamble in Las Vegas?

Usually, locals prefer looking for a place more off the beaten track. What they choose is a place out of the Las Vegas Strip, or one that is not really popular with tourists like Red Rock Resort, Tropicana Las Vegas, South Point, etc.

  • Where to go in Las Vegas being on a budget?

Some places in Las Vegas don’t require you to spend a fortune! So you can go and see some pretty cool stuff for free like Fountains of Bellagio, Stratosphere Tower, with its great Las Vegas City view, Downtown Container Park, Neon Boneyard, Pinball Hall of Fame, etc.

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