Top Online Slot Myths

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Practically every other slot player (at least among those who play the game with any prospect of a real win) is superstitious. Deep inside, those gamblers believe that there is a way to get an advantage over the slot games, even if their common sense may contradict whatever they’re feeling inside. Such players choose their games according to some beliefs that are not necessarily true. So even if you have picked your top 10 online casino slots according to some specific features they have or feedback you have heard, we suggest you have a look through this article anyway. Let us show you the most widespread online slot myths, so you can once again make sure these myths are nothing but the creation of the vivid imagination of gamblers!

There Are “Loose” and “Tight” Slots

Some slot players hold to the opinion that tight slots give out winnings left and right; while loose slots are non-lucrative in the long run; since winnings from these ones are said to be rare, as well as less than generous! But “loose slots” and “tight slots” are no more than slang words, coined a while ago by somebody who was fortunate enough to experience winning streaks on one slot machine, but also and unfortunate enough to come up with a myth after losing money on another one!

Yet now, with the help of the RNG, all such slot machine myths have simply become irrelevant. This is because, when you’ve got random number generation, it doesn’t matter how many coins you feed to the machine. You can practice “scouting” and drain your budget on the mysterious “loose” or “tight” slots; but this is not going to put you even one single dime closer to the jackpot! Indeed, the only things you have to pay attention to are the payout rate and hit frequency, to understand the percentages; so you can finally get luck in the game of your choice. However, you should be aware that high percentages of both of them never come together.

Conclusion: Not true.

Three Reel Slots Are Less Advantageous Than Other Machines

There is a ridiculous but common belief that online three reel slot machines pay less than their more drum-stuffed brothers. Indeed, if you had to decide between two slot machines with a different number of reels, you might subconsciously pick one that has more, as it seems you have more potential winning options! But in reality, the number of reels has nothing to do with your chances of beating the slots.

Online casino Three and five slot machines

Whatever the slot is — be it three, five, or seven reels — the frequency and amount of the payouts are completely dependent on the RTP (payback percentage) and Volatility.

Conclusion: Not true.

If I Press the “Max Bet” Button, I Have a Higher Chance of Winning

You are more likely to run out of money than to win a big prize if you opt to play with the maximum bet. The “Max Bet” button was created to make your gaming experience more convenient and to spare you from manually clicking on the “Bet Size” button a countless number of times. So, bet wisely! And do keep in mind that the outcome of each spin is absolutely random, regardless of the bet amount (thanks to the Random Number Generator, RNG).

However, there are some online slots that offer a higher RTP (Return To Player) for bets that exceed a predetermined amount. In this case, players have a chance (or rather a dim glimmer of hope!) to get more winnings. Some of the slots give you an opportunity to get higher jackpot if the wager is bigger.

Conclusion: True only when it’s mentioned in the slot settings.

Can I Get More Winnings If I Play Slots at Nights?

A long time ago, when the implementation of online gambling looked like a walk on the soil of Mars (absolutely impossible!), land-based gamblers were crazy about the idea that it’s easier to get a win at night or in the early morning than in the daytime. This belief was so popular that it was later borrowed by numerous online players, and some of them still believe that it works. But it doesn’t! All winnings are paid out evenly, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

Conclusion: Not true.

If a Slot Has Just Paid Out Big, It’s Better to Change the Game

Gamblers tend to believe that if a slot machine has just given a huge win (or a big jackpot), the next one will take some time. This is a superstition or rather a play of intuition which has no rational grounds. The result of every slot spin is completely random, which means that you can hit the jackpots one by one (if you’re personally acquainted with Lady Luck, of course).

Conclusion: Not true.

Jackpots Are Won Only by Those Who Have Close Ties with the Software Developers

Gamblers Tools coming thru laptopAmong all the myths about slot machines, this one is the most puzzling and controversial, as there is no concrete evidence that would prove or disprove the involvement of software providers in issuing of jackpots with fictitious names. However, while we’re on the topic of trustworthiness and credibility, software developers would gain very little from just pressing a button and giving out jackpots to fake individuals. Their desire to gain global recognition for their brand should be more than enough to prevent decent game suppliers from spoiling their reputations!

Conclusion: No proof, no denials.

Online Casinos Can Adjust Slots to Make Them Less Profitable for Players

With such an abundance of online casinos around, it’s not surprising to learn there is a huge number of unlicensed ones too. Such online gambling venues have a free hand in doing whatever they want: i.e., they are able to offer fake games, delay payments, or refuse to pay out your winnings!

Nevertheless, the lion’s share of online casinos are indeed licensed, which is a good sign, and there are still plenty of fair and genuine games out there.

Conclusion: Partly true.

If a Slot Hasn’t Been Paying for a While, It’ll Soon Give You a Huge Win

In their hunt for a big win, some players believe that a slot which has been “loose” for a long time, will certainly be able to give you a huge win in the short term! But unfortunately for those holding to such a belief, this is no more than a myth, which is based purely on the player’s own desires and expectations. As mentioned above, the outcome of each spin of the reels is entirely random.

Conclusion: Not true.

The Temperature of the Coin Influences the Win

This is one of the silliest slot machine myths that has ever existed! Some of those superstitious swindlers out there seem to think that the temperature of the coin will influence the system and help somehow to meddle with the numbers coming out. This is not really the case here. The RNG microchip is not influenced by the temperature of the coin, so the chances to win by either a frozen or a hot coin are pretty slim.

Conclusion: Not true.

Using a Club Card May Reduce Your Payout

Some rumors have it that club cards may diminish the payout. In fact, there is no connection between the card reader and the process random number generation. Oh, and by the way: if you don’t use the card, you will lose an opportunity to get any comps from the venue or cash backs.

Conclusion: Not true.

Casinos Can Change the Payout Rate

Online Gambling slot

The RNG chip and payout rate are factors predetermined by the factory. This is why changing the rate is a complicated process, which requires a lot paperwork. So before any microchip is reinstalled, the casino administration has to contact the Casino Control Commission to get a permit to do so. And what’s more, more, purchasing a chip is really too expensive. So, when you think that the payout rate can be changed by the casino with the turn of a switch, you are totally wrong!

Conclusion: Not true.

You Can Predict the Odds of Winning

Remember, there is no such thing as predicting the odds in the slot machines. No matter whether you’re dealing with classic or online slots to win real money, the RNG system generates winning combinations randomly. Using “special systems,” connecting the speed of the reel with winning combinations – none of this really matters! Creating millions of combinations per second makes the slots invulnerable to any side factor influence.

Conclusion: Not true.

Higher Payout Machines Are Hidden

Yet another superstition concerns the location of slot machines in the venue. Actually, all of the machines have more or less the same payout rates, and the location doesn’t influence your chances of winning at all. The casino management have no motivation to hide the most popular slots somewhere from the public, so there is no truth behind this myth. When it comes to playing online slots to win real money, there are no problems with your location; nor indeed the slot game position on the website either!

Conclusion: Not true.

When Nobody Hits the Jackpot, It’s Better to Change the Venue

When nobody ends up actually hitting a jackpot in a brick and mortar casino, that doesn’t mean anything. The same is true of online slots. Nobody can predict when and where some lucky punter is going to hit the jackpot and get their massive payout. So if nobody seems to have got any big hits up to now, this doesn’t mean the place is unlucky or the slot is useless. So just try your luck and make that spin! Maybe you’re the next player to hit the jackpot!

Conclusion: Not true.

Cryptocurrencies Are Not Safe

Now this one is totally untrue! When using cryptocurrencies to play online slots, the whole procedure is similar to when you’re playing with traditional currencies. Better still, blockchain technology is considered to be one of the safest tools you could ever wish to use, when it comes to online transactions. So once you want to finally start wagering your cryptocurrencies, a special e-wallet will be created in your virtual casino, so you can arrange the payments.

However, when you wager cryptocurrencies, the only issue that might emerge is the exchange rate; as when you cash out your win, the value of it may be lower than in the original wager.

Conclusion: Not true.

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