Common VIP Casino Programs

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Casino VIP man in suit

Casinos have always been known that personal communication is an important matter, because they realize that the key to hearts of their customers is appreciation! And by developing special loyalty programs and granting privileges to their more active members, casinos have been building a strong connection between their users and the brand. As the competition on the market only becomes greater, more venues and online gaming platforms are concerned about the idea of creating unique offers to motivate customers and attract new ones.

Status Levels

Any casino divides VIP club members into categories, usually, from three to six ones. Sometimes the system includes players that have just entered the casino: every new participant holds the lowest position. But in other cases, VIP membership doesn’t start from the very beginning: in order to acquire it, regular players have to take some specific action.

Unified Tiers for Casino Rewards Members

There are some loyalty programs developed not by a particular casino but by a separate organization catering to the needs of numerous gambling platforms. And Casino Rewards is the biggest among them. Established in 2000, it now covers 29 casinos and has a coherent system that includes six status levels, Time Of Your Life Sweepstakes, VIP Lucky Jackpots, and other promotions.

As for the six tiers, the principle is simple: the more players bet, the higher they get! There are status points users collect: every new level requires unlocking a certain amount of them. Points are awarded for different actions, namely for making a deposit, wagering, or participating in a tournament.

The kinds of casino bonuses these tiers offer are quite similar: the trick is how generous these offers are! With each new level, the benefits increase: moving up, you get more exclusive games, more chances for hitting multiple jackpots, higher priority in terms of support and assistance, etc. Casino Rewards send weekly newsletters to all participants of the program, informing them about how close they are to reaching a new status. The player can also check the details in the casino lobby at any time.

Original Programs

There seem to be some thematic VIP programs which actually blend harmoniously into the atmosphere of a casino. Statuses and privileges can be named after famous characters, cocktails, or anything else. The BoVegas system consists of four levels: Play Knight, Royal Elite, Imperial Pro, and Vegas Legend. Each status increases the player’s birthday bonus, cash out limits, weekly cashback (up to 20%) and monthly insurance on losses (up to 10%). There are more privileges here: such as a personal host, access to slot tournaments, higher comp points per bet, and other unique offers.

Gambling Ace

Types of Rewards

Here is what a VIP player can get both in offline and online casinos (these offers increase in accordance with moving up through levels):

  • Cashback
  • Higher match bonuses
  • Free spins for slots and free chips for table games
  • Freerolls and tickets to exclusive events accessible by invitations only
  • Faster payouts
  • Free or discounted banking
  • Higher table limits
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Birthday gifts
  • Personal management and enhanced customer service

There are types of VIP rewards you can get in a land-based casino only:

  • Free or discounted rooms
  • Free or discounted meals
  • Free or discounted parking
  • Free or discounted shows
  • Luxury trips or gifts

Offers for High Rollers

Most loyalty programs are designed to provide privileges formerly accessible only to high rollers to regular players. However, customers who tend to place high stakes are still a big catch for casinos; and operators do want to win these players over, giving them flexible rules. When it comes to significant deposits, casinos are likely to negotiate and even to revise their systems in favor of the user. High limits contain many advantages for high rollers, with a lower house edge among them. Basically, all the highest VIP statuses in any loyalty system are reserved for high rollers, as regular players cannot afford to wager so much.

Choosing a Casino by Its VIP Program

Whenever you’re choosing a perfect casino to enjoy your favorite games, pay attention to its loyalty systems. Some platforms don’t have any, so it is better to avoid them. Stick to trustworthy operators that know how to show their appreciation to gamblers of any level! Check out which actions are most generously rewarded, and take a decision based on that. Also, do be sure to consider carefully the conversion rate of the status points!

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