Top 15 Land-Based Casinos in Australia

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Gamblers Australia Sydney opera house

Australians have been keen on gambling for centuries. Horse races, lotteries, and most importantly of all, pokies have attracted a lot of interest. Even though the first legal clubs offering pokies for real money appeared in 1956, casinos were not legalized until 1973. The first facility was launched in February 1973, and it is still one of the most exciting places for both locals and tourists. Over the past decades, new casinos have been established, bringing in millions of dollars of profits, while also helping Australia to put itself on the map as an exciting gambling destination!

The Industry Pioneer: Wrest Point Casino

Gambling Wrest Point Casino

Wrest Point Casino has the longest history of operation. It is located in Tasmania, on the Derwent River, and covers an area of about 20 000 square feet. Constructed a long time ago, the building doesn’t look outdated. The casino is situated in the immediate vicinity of the riverside entertainment area and is surrounded by gorgeous nature.

Wrest Point offers regular cultural events, accommodation for business conferences, lots of bars, and luxurious hotel rooms. In order to maintain its classical atmosphere, Wrest Point applies a dress-code: you won’t be welcomed if you wear track pants or slippers!

The center regularly hosts industry events, such as the Tasmanian Tourism Awards and Australian Dealer Championships.

There are more than 700 pokies and several table games. Blackjack and poker tournaments that took place at Wrest Point Casino are the most popular in Tasmania. There are rewards for active players and fun nights for newcomers to explore new games.

A Splendor of Country Club Casino

This is another big facility, situated in Tasmania, which opened its doors to visitors in 1982. Two areas (electronic gambling and tables) meet the needs of each gambler, with special offerings prepared for VIP clients.

Country Club has a secluded location with magnificent views. There is a golf course, a hotel and villas, dining places, and an area for live gigs. Schedule of performances is quite busy, with lots of famous DJs and bands coming to the Club to entertain the guests.

The Largest One: Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Landed casinos the crown casinoThis resort opened in 1994 and moved to a new location in 1997. The area of the complex in Melbourne takes up more than 500,000 square feet of space, which makes it pretty competitive within the global market. Crown Casino was in many ways inspired by examples of the Las Vegas paradigm.

There are three hotels, 25 restaurants (two of which are run by a legendary chef Gordon Ramsay) and 11 bars. Numerous live shows, theater performances, parties, and nightclubs help visitors to diversify their leisure. There are also impressive shopping areas and spa centers. Other offerings even include themed wedding packages!

The casino attracts up to 10.9 million visitors annually (more than the Sydney Opera House!) and collects $800 million of revenue from international gamblers only (it’s around the third part of overall revenue). Since VIP clients are an essential part of this casino, an array of perks and promotions are designed for them.

Another Riverside Casino: Crown Perth

Crown Perth Casino is located in Western Australia, on the banks of the Swan River and offers a huge gambling area, a poker room (with 15 tables), two hotels, two concert halls, 30 restaurants and bars, as well as many spas. A range of 2,500 Australian pokies for real money is already a decent attraction for gamblers. Together with large gaming areas that include slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and many other live entertainments, there is an option to choose a secluded place (Pearl, Riviera, or Meridian Room).

It was rebranded in 2011 by one of the most notable figures in Australian gambling, Kerry Packer. But it was first launched back in 1985 under the name of Burswood Island Casino.

Promising Future of Crown Sydney Casino

This installment is another part of Crown Resorts operated by the Packers family. The casino is yet to open and promises to become one of the most attractive gambling destinations in the world, while also stimulating local economic growth and creating new employment opportunities in Sydney. The capital of Australia has only one big casino and several small clubs with pokies for real money; this means the new resort will be a great attraction.

The Most Tech-Savvy One: Star Casino

Landed casinos Star CasinoThis is the second largest casino in Australia, opened since 1995. There are two gaming floors: a regular one and VIP tables for all the high rollers! Its luxurious halls have been captured in various local TV programs and series.

The Star attracts 9 million visitors a year, offering them state-of-art entertainments, award-winning restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and many more amusements. With more than 100,000 square feet of space, 1490 slot machines, 34 poker tables, and 140 other games, the casino is more than capable of delivering an unforgettable experience for gambling fans!

One More Star: Jupiters Hotel and Casino

This resort is a part of the Star brand. It is situated on Broadbeach Island on the Gold Coast. It first opened in 1985, and it has been renovated three times in the past decade. The casino is continuously expanding, adding new gambling rooms and non-gambling attractions.

Hundreds of pokies and 28 tables collected there attract 10.6 million visitors per year. Apart from casino games, Star Gold Coast (this name replaced Jupiters Hotel and Casino) is famous for its theater that presents many musical shows.

High Expectations: Star Brisbane

The third resort operated by the Star Entertainment Group is intended to be launched by 2022. It will feature 2,500 slot machines; along with a poker room, hotels, lounges, and nightclubs. The view from the 25th floor will be just stunning, while other attractions like a glassed observation deck, botanical gardens, a pool, and a Lyric Theatre are going to make this new gambling venue truly exceptional!

Landed casino treasury

Historical Heritage: Treasury Casino & Hotel

The city of Brisbane already has a large casino, but soon it will be included in the Star resort. Treasury does look pretty different from most Australian venues: it is housed in the historic building, and this does give it a really atmospheric vibe! There are 1600 poker machines, along with a variety of table games.

An Array of Entertainments at Lasseters Hotel and Casino

This is the only casino located in Alice Springs. It has hundreds of pokies, 20 table games, and the Sports Lounge on offer. The loyalty program is divided into levels, with Diamond being the highest one. With access to Diamond Lounge, VIP gamblers can enjoy an exclusive experience of high-stakes entertainments and complimentary food and drinks.

Besides gambling, the place is known as a gold attraction. There are also many venues, restaurants, spas, and fitness centers.

A Perfect Place To Stay: The Reef

The Reef Hotel Casino, situated in Cairns, started its operation in April 1995. It can be easily recognized by a verdured building and a beautiful dome on top of it. It features 450 real-money pokies and an impressive selection of table games, that includes not only classics but less popular ones like paradise pontoon and reef routine.

The Reef is very concerned about their image on social media and offers branded applications for mobile devices. The website is filled with extensive information on how to play and what to do while not gambling.

The casino has established the Community Benefit Fund and gives money to non-profit organizations. The Reef takes its reputation seriously and always tries to increase the number of available entertainments.

Out of the Ordinary: Desert Cave Hotel and Casino

This is one of the most unusual gambling destinations that you can find in Coober Pedy. Everything is built underground in the calm area of the Australian Outback desert. This is probably the most distant from city life casino location (Coober Pedy is 528 miles away from the city of Adelaide).

Although this casino is maybe not able to brag about having the biggest selection of games out there, the whole point of this hotel and casino is its unique placement and atmosphere! It also has one really remarkable feature: a shopping arcade, where you can finally get the chance to buy locally-mined opals!

Rich History of Adelaide Casino

History Adelaide Railway Station Adelaide

The eponymous Adelaide casino is one of the oldest ones in Australia. Its gaming space of 129,00 square feet is divided into several levels and includes a thousand electronic machines, a hundred tables, and a poker room. Adelaide Poker Championships are among the most popular industry events held here.

With its numerous entertainments, Adelaide Casino will make a trip to the city unforgettable. And with its Premier Rewards program, the facility provides an opportunity to earn points, so you can acquire discounts, birthday gifts, free parking, and other exclusive deals!

Not the Pokies Alone: Casino Canberra

Paradoxically, Casino Canberra, opened in 1994, don’t provide the number one gambling game among Australians: pokies, of course! In fact, they only started arrangements to add slots to their gaming area in 2016.

It is mostly visited for poker games and sports betting. There are other card games like blackjack, casino war, and pontoon, as well as other amusements like pai gow, money wheel, and roulette.

Relaxed Atmosphere at Sky City Darwin

Gamblers Sky city Darwin

Like so many other resorts out there, Sky City Casino combines hotel rooms, dining places, and gambling attractions under one roof. Operating since 1983, the casino has been increasing the number of games on offer. Now there are more than 600 pokies and 30 tables.

The non-gaming space of the complex includes pools, luxury guest rooms, spas, and a large conference hall. Gamblers can try games anytime they want and enjoy an ocean view in one of the bars at Sky City Darwin while taking a break from playing.

Australian Casinos Are on the Rise

Australia has legalized casinos relatively late in history. By contrast, the first gaming resort in Las Vegas opened in 1941, and the history of gambling facilities in Monte Carlo dates back to the 19th century. However, Australian casinos are rapidly evolving and attracting more and more tourists. It is hardly surprising, as the country has exotic nature to add to the thrill, and the gambling venues themselves are stylish and equipped at the state-of-the-art level. Online casinos are also on the rise, but they can’t offer all types of excitements that are present in luxury resorts.

A situation in other gambling centers helps Australian land-based casinos become a desirable destination. Corruption scandals in Macau, for instance, forced many Chinese gamblers, particularly high rollers, to switch to Australia. The new wealthy middle class from Asian countries now provide a substantial proportion of the profits made in Australia.

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