Best Casino Destinations to Welcome the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is not everybody’s favorite holiday, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t become one! This New Year can be truly amazing if you deliberately plan it beforehand. The choice of location can be decisive when it comes to talking about our overall impression, in terms of the atmosphere and general holiday spirit.

New Year’s Eve is one of those days of the year when you have a perfect excuse for a wild party, so why not make use of this opportunity to the fullest? Change your usual holiday routine and set off on the journey of a lifetime to one of the casino destinations we’ve listed in this guide!

Say Hi to the New Year at Skycity, Auckland, New Zealand


This city is among the first ones to welcome and celebrate the New Year, and you can enjoy your celebration in Skycity, one of the fanciest New Zealand casinos that offers you an exquisite New Year’s Eve program. If you’ve never been to New Zealand before — this is your perfect opportunity because the weather here is mild and warm during summer, and not as hot as in neighboring Australia.

Just go and roam the streets of beautiful Auckland to listen to live music and join the free entertainment. As a great plus, you’ll get the chance to watch the first fireworks show of 2020 at midnight!

Make New Year’s Resolutions at Star Casino, Gold Coast, Australia

If you want to escape the winter cold of the northern hemisphere and enjoy the sunny and hot weather somewhere far-far away, you might want to consider going to Australia — a land of laidback and friendly people who definitely know how to party! One of the best destinations is the Star Casino, where you can choose the restaurant package for your New Year’s Eve: this includes an exquisite menu, drinks, and access to entertainment at The Lawn. Local DJs will keep the party going; and as a really special perk, you’ll get the best view on the fireworks over the Lawn!

Feel the Crazy Atmosphere of the Hippodrome, London, the UK


London is another great place to spend an absolutely incredible New Year’s Eve. The Hippodrome will offer you great services, themed party menu at the Heliot Steak House. So if you’re looking for a perfect tea ceremony, visit the Boozy Tea Room; but be prepared that instead of tea, the place serves cocktails and snacks!

Some late-night dancing action is available even in the theater, where you can enjoy Magic Mike Live performance. Every single New Year’s Eve, The Hippodrome throws unforgettable parties with midnight balloon dropping and champagne sloshing out at every corner. We really think this is exactly the way everybody should welcome in the new year!

Go Ringing in the New Year at Empire Casino, London, the UK

As a serious rival of the previous casino, The Empire Casino can boast some really elaborate events they organize for big occasions. Can you imagine spending this holiday in a place that is better than a casino? The atmosphere there is just breathtaking, with people just having the time of their lives, and you can even make some new acquaintances at the circle bar with strangers, who will then be able to make this holiday even more exciting for you!

Icon Balcony Bar will offer you an excellent celebration program with famous DJs and great views of the city and the spectacular fireworks of NYE!

Meet Your Favourite Celebrity at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut, USA


Well, this event is really something out of the ordinary. Not only does it offer a great party at the casino, but you’re also be able to witness the great show of a famous star. Last year it was Ke$ha; and the celebration took place all evening long on Monday, December 31. The DJ Crooked & DJ Neva entertained the public, and the servers always kept the customer’s glasses full of champagne. What the casino’s administration is planning on doing this year is still shrouded in mystery; but still, they promise you this is going to be the best party of the year!

Forget All Your Worries at WinStar Casino, Oklahoma, USA

It doesn’t matter what your main goal for your New Year’s celebration is; everything you could only dream of and more is waiting for you at WinStar, Oklahoma. This legendary venue is the largest tribal casino in the United States. So you won’t be surprised when you hear that WinStar throws the largest New Year’s Eve parties to celebrate the occasion! So whether you’re looking for the place to meet a perfect stranger, or simply dance away all your sorrows, this place is ready to give you the chance to do it in a fancy way!

Head Straight to the Stars at Anthem, Atlantic City, USA


Another perfect destination to celebrate the start of a new beginning is Atlantic City: a vibrant city and a perfect casino destination! What we recommend you here is the club Anthem inside The Tropicana Casino. It’s gonna rock your world, we promise! Over there, you’re going to find the best entertainment like showgirls covered in glitter and multicolored feathers dancing and cheering you up all night: the best DJs, noisemakers, and all the party people out there who know where all the best parties are at!

Wear your best sparkling outfit to match the overall atmosphere of the event, and party like it’s your very last party on earth!

Enjoy your Best NYE Getaway at the Palms, Las Vegas, USA

And last but not least in the list we’re giving you here is Las Vegas Casino and Resort The Palm. This is a perfect destination for people who want to mix playing their favorite casino games and being part of the biggest and craziest event of the year!

New Year’s Eve might not be your favorite holiday, but after attending this particular event, you will definitely change your mind! The Palms Fantasy Tower is the hottest club in the whole of Las Vegas and is situated on the 53d floor right in the penthouse. That’s the perfect place to watch the New Years’ Eve fireworks display and dive into the classy and luxurious atmosphere of a classy and luxurious life!

You may also want to know…

  • Where is the last place you can celebrate the New Year?

Well, the places to celebrate New Year last are the uninhabited territories of the US, such as Howland Island and Baker Island. The countries that welcome New Year’s first are Samoa, Tonga, and Kiribati.

  • Where can I go to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is probably at home, with your nearest and dearest. However, if you want to choose somewhere more off the beaten track, you should try one of the best casino destinations out there: like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macao, etc.

  • What can I do for New Year’s Eve?

You can join some parties in your town, or even go somewhere abroad to experience the thrill of the unknown. The best activities for New Year’s Eve would have to be dancing, karaoke, and maybe some casino games too.

  • Where is the biggest celebration of NYE?

The New Year’s Eve celebration of them all is in Rio de Janeiro with fireworks displays, themed parties, and crazy costumes!

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