Jackpot Slots vs Regular Slots: The Surprising Truth Revealed

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Gambling Guy standing with pool prize from slot machine

There is little doubt that among the variety of gambling activities, the most prominent one is playing slots. Online one-armed bandits beckon millions of punters to casino websites every year, creating a real stir among players around the globe. The high degree of popularity the online slots enjoy is primarily due to the game’s structure, which allows gamblers to win big and fast without having to put too much effort into the game or study casino bonus tips, while other casino games, like poker and blackjack, require a great deal of skill to get the desired win.

However, when speaking about big wins, software developers often throw in a dilemma for you to solve: should I play progressive online jackpot games for real money or regular slots? As far as novice gamblers are concerned, it’s highly likely that they would opt for the former, while experienced players would think twice before picking among slots that offer big jackpots and those that, at first glance, aren’t lucrative enough. Let’s reveal the truth about jackpot slots, and find out whether they are, indeed, what they claim to be.

The Difference Between Jackpot and Regular Slots

Slots Difference between Regular and jackpot slotsRegular (aka non-progressive) slots have a fixed number of coins you can win in one spin, and you can’t exceed this amount, regardless of how huge your bet is, or how profitable the bonus round looks. The only way to increase your chance of winning is to place a bigger bet, either by adding additional paylines to the game or by maximizing the value of coins. Be aware that the maximum payout still remains the same. For instance, the game claims to pay 300x of your wager. No matter how much you really bet per payline, the end payout will still be the same.

While playing jackpot (aka progressive) slots, your winnings don’t depend solely on the number of coins the slot can pay. You always have a chance to try your fortune and win the jackpot, which is usually a feature that is separate from the main game. However, the top prizes you can win in the base game mode in progressive slot machines significantly differs from the ones regular online one-handed bandits usually offer. So, keep that in mind when selecting a game to play.

Interesting to know: Every single bet made in a progressive jackpot slots game contributes a certain percentage to the total winning pool. The jackpot resets to a fixed amount of money once it’s won.

How Slot Machine Games Work

When hunting for big wins, many gambling newbies often trip over the stumbling stone known as RTP. It’s still an open secret for some slot players that the majority of progressive jackpot slots have a substantially low Return to Player, which theoretically decreases any gambler’s chances of winning during the base game mode. This being so, these punters may find themselves puzzled over the results of their gaming sessions.

On the other hand, there are some lucky gamblers who manage to hit the jackpots, thereby proving that slot games are still worth the time and effort put into them! It’s a matter of personal preferences and wishes: if you’re willing to sacrifice some winnings in favor of a jackpot, then you can still have a free hand in playing progressive slots. But remember that jackpots aren’t given out left and right, and your next big win may be a long time coming (if at all)!

How and Where People Win

Gamblers Sweet granny won prize on slotsDespite the fact that gambling is pretty much recognized worldwide as an activity that can help you get rich, there are still people who think that it’s impossible to win cash while playing games of chance. Such people usually hold to some quite conservative viewpoints, while their “guesses” are no more than mere superstitions. So, can you win money playing online slots? Definitely. How much can you win? It depends on the game you choose!

Among the top jackpots ever won at online casinos, there are those that literally defy belief! In late 2017, a life-changing sum of money was won by an anonymous punter in the Jackpot Pinatas slot. The happy man managed to bring home over $1.5 million, which is one of the biggest jackpots from a slot game ever won online.

Another astonishing example pertains to Megasaur, the slot powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG). Over the past four years, the game has twice paid out a total amount of over $2.1 million, with each win occurring every two years. According to the tendency, the next big win is just around the corner.

When it comes to progressive jackpot slots, there are some details of which you need to be aware. Some games unlock bigger jackpots with the maximum bets. So, the next time you decide to hunt for a higher payout, check the rules when you need to increase the amount of the wager. It should also work if you bet all paylines.

Jackpot Withdrawal

Winning a jackpot slots game is a thrilling experience for any gambler. When it mounts up to millions, there might be an issue with money withdrawal. Usually, casinos don’t deal with big payouts and leave it for the game developers. In some cases, brick and mortar casinos offer a choice between receiving all the winnings at once or receiving annual checks in a 10- or 20-year span. This happens due to the fact that most of the gambling institutions have monthly or weekly cash out limits. All in all, it may take from months to years to withdraw the winnings from the gaming operator because of the strict cash out policies.

What Game Should I Play?

Summing up all we have said above, software developers have managed to provide slot players with a real headache. Since regular slots and their jackpot analogs radically differ among each other in terms of their winnings, you may find yourself puzzled over what type to choose. If you want to win a jackpot based on the original wager, then choose regular slots. On the other hand, if you want to bag a significant amount of money, then go with a progressive online jackpot game for real money. Of course, the latter option is more expensive and you should have a big bankroll to own the game.

Pick the slot that fits your needs and that will not drain your bankroll in the blink of an eye.  Therefore, please consider carefully all the aspects we listed here and make your choices wisely!

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