Before Jumping into Slot Games, You Need to Read This

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Before Jumping Into a Slots Game, You Need to Read This

Essential Info About Slot Games

So you’ve decided to finally start playing slot games. This is a sensible decision: well done! Why? Well, just think about all the benefits that slots (and online slots, in particular) are going to bring you. You’ll get a decent adrenaline boost, have some fun, you won’t have to get jet-lagged because of a flight to Nevada or New Jersey, and how about all that money that you can win? Okay, we won’t go any further with these arguments; because apparently, you’ve already decided that slots are your only love and you just need a little guide to sort things out.

Is it difficult to play slots? No, not really! Also, almost nothing depends on you in this game. If you’ve been a lucky kinda guy for your whole life, then you can put this superpower of yours to the test! Or, if you think that you’re not one of fortune’s favorites, online slots will be a perfect opportunity to help you figure out whether this tricky lady has changed her mind or not.

Of course, just like any game of luck, slots have a certain set of guidelines. These are actually well worth following, because they are capable of bringing you ever closer to success. Please note, however, that these principles aren’t necessarily going to propel you towards your first big win! And this is because, yet again, it’s all about chance, fortune, luck! However, beating the slots isn’t an achievable option.

They’re Never Gonna Teach You This in History Class

We bet your school teachers never told you the fascinating story about how the slots first gained their popularity across the globe! They should have, though; because these little shiny machines have had a massive impact on the economy worldwide. We won’t dive into too much detail (because we obviously don’t want you to feel like you’re at a lecture!), so let’s skip the part about the origin of the mechanical slots and jump straight to the part when video slots were born. But if you think that everybody was eager to jump into action with the slots right from the get-go… Well, this isn’t actually the case!

The very first video slot was presented in 1976. It was manufactured in Kearny Mesa, California. The machine presentation was held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. The interface of the game was presented on the 19-inch Sony TV.  And quite honestly, it was a flop. People didn’t trust it much, and so they were reluctant to play it. But it was only in the late ’90s that gamblers started to appreciate video slots! This happened because of the introduction of a new kind of television screen. So every time the player hit the bonus round, the totally new screen would appear. This motivated people to play slot games for real money, and ultimately forced many providers to improve their machine interfaces.

Gamble slots game with huge wins

However, players still had some fears. The problem lay in the computerization of the entire process. So even when people didn’t have computers at homes, they were amazed by these monster machines! And they were convinced that casino owners had more options for cheating than with old-school mechanical machines, because a program such as a random number generator was all very new to the gamblers of that time. But we hope this system is no longer a mystery to you and you don’t feel intimidated by it; so, read on to find out a little more about this incredible mathematical miracle!

Is There Anything Truly Random in This World?

Some people believe that absolutely everything in this world is closely connected. Indeed, some believe in karma (aka a certain “cause-and-effect” approach); and if you look closely, it really is not difficult to spot all kinds of relationships in the various processes surrounding you, including any including social interactions you’re engaged in! So it can be really hard to get to grips with the idea of total and complete randomness, because it seems that we don’t come across it very often in life. Or at all! However, we’ll do our best to explain it to you.

The very first myth that comes to mind is about ‘feeding’ a slot machine and then taking your well-deserved win after it becomes ‘full.’ Some people are practically spying on other gamblers in land-based casinos, waiting for them to put lots of money into a machine, and then they occupy that slot and get a jackpot. You must have heard of these tactics already! But that’s not what people actually do in real life. The machine isn’t waiting for your money: and more importantly, it doesn’t have a sense of justice, where it can somehow decide whether you blow all your earnings playing or you can win it big the moment you sit down to play. It happens because a random number generator doesn’t remember the previous lines and combinations. Its memory is a blank space!

An online casino can obtain a license only after its random number generator has first gone through a series of tests to prove its validity and credibility. And no, online casino managers can’t turn an RNG to their favor; because this is fraud, which is punishable by law! So is it possible for you to mess with a random number generator so it can help you really rake it in? Nope! There has only been one such case in the history of casinos, and that guy ended up being sentenced to seven years in prison. So it clearly wasn’t worth the couple of thousand bucks he somehow managed to win illegally.

It’s important for you to understand that RNG works on the basis of a microchip which constantly generates numbers, even when the machine is not operating. There are several billion combinations underway every second. So, there is no way anyone could possibly ever predict the winning combination! However, here are several things you do have to pay attention to when you play slot games for real money: the hit frequency and the payback rate.

‘Hit frequency’ means the number of times the machine gives out winning combinations. Those with a higher hit frequency are more profitable. The payback rate shows the payout rate percentage. Usually, the percentage grows with the amount of money fed to the machine. But yet another important detail to remember here is the same machine can’t simultaneously have a high payback rate and a high hit frequency. After all, this would completely change the nature of the slots, both for casinos and players.

It’s Just Complicated

People generally think online slot games is a pretty simple activity which doesn’t require you to come up with a proper game strategy; no need for a well-thought-out plan, unlike certain table games. All your winnings are going to be calculated instantly and immediately, so you’re going to see them all displayed on the screen. You may have noticed that not all the slots are the same; and after you explore your gaming options, you’ll finally be able to make a decent choice. However, there’s yet another myth out there, which is that some kinds of slots are going to provide you with a better chance of winning. In most cases, this misconception relates to progressive slots.Best slots game with many people

Well, it’s understandable how these myths came up in the first place anyway! Because when you’re engaged in such an enjoyable activity as playing slot games for real money online, you can’t rely on anything but good luck. And that’s why so many ridiculous superstitions appear… Because whenever people can’t control certain processes or situations, they’re always looking for all kinds of possible explanations; whether or not they actually seem to be logical ones.

So, what are the main types of slots? Firstly, there is a traditional one, which is a 3-reel slot. It doesn’t have many possible combinations: but if you want to dive into that raw, vintage Las Vegas atmosphere, then this will be the perfect choice for you. There are also some more advanced and even adventurous 5- and 6-reel slots which have the same pattern, but more pay lines. But if you`re looking for something super modern, then you should try 3D slots. These are the ones which are able to give you a brand-new experience of awesome graphics and a cool interface.

But if you’re captivated by the thought of your next gambling miracle, then i-slots or progressive jackpots are definitely gonna help you scratch that itch of yours! Because quite apart from their aesthetically pleasing design, progressive jackpots give you an incredibly appealing opportunity to win a huge sum of money at once! Sometimes the exciting figures dancing before your eyes can actually swing up to millions and millions of bucks! Oh, and there are also some feature slots you can try.

The difference between standard and progressive jackpot slots is that in the former, you can’t change the payout. No matter how much you wager, the payout rate is always going to be the same! For instance, if it’s 300 X the initial bet, then in the end, you’re going to be paid this rate. On the other hand, progressive jackpots have more to offer in terms of the payout, but they are more expensive.

Now if you’re hesitating whether to play slot games online for real money or go with some more traditional ones from brick-and-mortar casinos – in both cases, there are several pros and cons! The online version is better for those who don’t want to spend extra money on flying to Atlantic City or Las Vegas and actually prefer staying at home. And what’s more, there are no problems with playing your favorite games without having to stand in line at all.

Moreover, there are extra rounds and welcome bonuses available at online casinos, which is a rare thing in live ones. And what’s more, depending on your deposit and the time spent playing online, you can get additional spins, bonuses, and even cash without even leaving your home! So for the newbies of online gambling, there is always an opportunity to play free games for virtual money first. Any punters who want to stay anonymous can opt to use cryptocurrencies to make their bets and transactions; fortunately, these are protected and secured by blockchain technology. This way of playing has actually become very popular recently.

Another thing you’ve got to remember is that you don’t need any kind of training in order to master the art (no, we’re not exaggerating!) of playing online slots. In fact, it’s probably the simplest online casino game out there! So now you can go ahead and fill your life with some fun activities: because the best way to nail those slot games is by actually playing them. And take it from us: you’re going to figure out plenty of new stuff out along the way as well!

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