How to Beat Slot Machines

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How to Beat Slots

Every curious and thinking-outside-the-box gambler who has ever touched a slot button, either online through a computer keyboard button or at a land-based casino, has pondered the possibility of outsmarting the slot machines. Beating them has long been the topic of many rumors, and many people have mulled over the prospect of gaming the machines. However, there have been very few efforts to study how to beat online slots.

In theory, it is impossible to beat them. However, if we assume that there is no power on earth we are incapable of harnessing, and if we consider some well-documented cases of gambling geeks cracking the machine, we can easily see that they can, indeed, be beaten. So, how to beat slots at the casino? First and foremost, prepare carefully and devise some killer tactics!

Here is our list of the most powerful methods and techniques for creative cheats, to help you beat the slot machine!

Dig Deeper Into Payouts

Gambling Slots with 25 cent to playSo, how to beat the slots at the casino? Are there any secrets concerning payouts? The Internet provides a wide range of websites disclosing the payouts of the machines; even casinos like to keep these figures a secret. All you need is a directory of the right websites, although searching through these can be a labyrinthine experience, as these sites are not always easy to find.

However, some of the more cunning hackers out there do manage to break through the firewall of highly protected websites and download the payout information they need. So, you’ll need to get some kind of IT fraudster to track down one of these “tell-all” websites and retrieve the payout numbers to figure out how to beat slot machines. Alternatively, you might be able to learn the basics of hacking; i.e., just enough to pull off a virtual scam!

Stick to Smaller Jackpots

Smart gamers do understand that high jackpots are not as favorable as they seem, as it is ridiculously difficult to win big. The huge jackpot amount is mostly set to entice the more naive players out there. So, spinning, it’s particularly important to pay close attention to the maximum jackpot offered. Another tip is to check the reviews and look at the frequency of wins in the game of your choice. This is another tip to use if you wonder how to beat slot machines.

Don’t Fall for the “Max Bet” Trick

There is a certain dangerous fallacy for gamblers: the view that players will get the most of a slot game simply by placing the maximum bet on the slots; and it is surely unnecessary to elaborate in detail about what motivates casinos to continue spreading this misconception. No matter what you bet, minimum or maximum, the odds of winning are nearly identical. Period!

However, it is still possible to win big after making a high bet, because the decision to bet high or low depends on the volatility of a game. Slots with a high degree of volatility put you at high risk and hardly ever pay out; however, such games always compensate for the rarity of their payouts by making any one individual payout really huge.

So, betting on a high volatility slot can still be a reasonable choice. On the other hand, low volatility slot machines have a correspondingly lower risk. Because of this, their payouts are more frequent, if also rather less impressive.

Playing Progressive Slots: Make Your Bet Jackpot-Eligible

Each bet you place on progressive slots is added to the jackpot. Slot machines of this type have a single jackpot; this means you are supposed to choose the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the jackpot linked to this particular slot. For instance, if you wager three or two coins on a four-coin slot machine, you will undoubtedly end up losing the game.

Cut the Game When It’s Time

Setting a loss limit can help avert some of the terrible consequences you may face over the course of the game. Whether you’re using a tablet on your lap or a slot machine at a casino, you risk being caught up in the alluring images popping up on the screen and losing track of the money spent, diving head first into the game only to see yourself getting ripped off at the end. It’s better to be reasonable and responsible when you’re playing a slot machine game.

One of the basic slot machine tricks is to have a bankroll that can cover 250 bets. This will guarantee a 90% possibility that you will play for at least three hours. For example, with a $200 bankroll, you will be able to make $1 wagers per payline, but you won’t last long. This will be the quickest money drop you have seen in your life, and it’s not the way how to beat slot machines.

Joining Slot Clubs

Slots club sign in front of casino Joining a slot club can help you gain a considerable advantage over other players. Slot clubs have many additional money offerings, all of which are based on the maximum amount of coins in play. However, not all the offerings that clubs make are favorable to players, either. So, if you want to track down the club that suits you best, do a little research. Compare the benefits offered by several different casino clubs and then find the ultimate club you think best suits your needs.

If slots aren’t the only thing you enjoy, you can always sign up for a player’s card in the casino of your choice. This is one way to trick a slot machine with the help of extra bonuses and comps from the venue. If you play long enough, the management of the venue may give you extra presents to cover any expenses.

Tackle the Games That Reflect Your Style

Nowadays, one can find a wide range of slot machines from which to choose, with a wide array of games to suit the needs and tastes of every player. Among the hundreds of different slot machines out there, it’s best to pick the one that best suits your preferences. Some players choose faster-paced casino games because they suit their temper. On the other hand, there are some more circumspect and prudent gamblers who prefer slower-paced games, and they generally try winning at lower risk slots.

Sometimes, the layout of the game may influence your perception of the whole process. Too glaring, bright colored lights may make your head dizzy. Graphics may also be an issue. If the slot gives you a headache, there is a huge possibility that it would not be the best game for you to play. Check out the interface of the slot and its design. Of course, it’s not the crucial part of gambling, but still, you should take this into account.

End of the Rows?

One of the oldest gambling rumors is that machines at the end of a row payout more than those in the middle. This tends to be one of the most simple slot machine tricks, which has no practical backup. Of course, maybe in past times, this could be a scenario when casinos tried to show how big the winnings are to entice more of players. However, nowadays, with the Random Number Generators and online slots, location doesn’t play any role in your success.


Landed casinos with slots inside them

People, who wonder how to trick a slot machine try scouting from time to time. This one of the oldest methods in the brick and mortar casinos. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, there is a possibility that you could bump into lookouts, strolling around the floor with coins in their paper cups. These people are called “scouts.” Misled by the concept that machines can go hot or cold, they try to catch their lucky moment. Scouts look for players on a losing streak, and once they leave the slot, scouts take their place to hit the win.

This looks similar to card counting in blackjack, except for one detail – there is no such thing as a hot or cold slot machine. So, once you decide to go scouting in one of the nearby casinos, remember that you might lose everything because of the silly superstition.

The Smartass Who Thrashed the Slots

Finally, we’re going to introduce an unbelievably smart guy who succeeded in beating slots from the safe distance of his bedroom computer. A Russian developer (Alex) was working on a freelance basis for a Petersburg IT company when a local casino hired him to hack the code of some online slot machines. While attempting this challenge, Alex made himself familiar with the PRNG – Pseudo-Random Number Generators. When he found out that the PRNG algorithm slot machines used was insecure, Alex decided to go rogue and started tampering with the online slots system. Shortly after, the geek made a fortune of a few “rocks,” after bringing down the seemingly unbeatable slot machine mechanism.

So, what has the geek done to the worldwide slot system? Firstly, Alex managed to back-engineer some of the top slot games of the time. Later, he created an algorithm that revealed the PRNG parameters and even predicted the spin outcomes. But the most striking contribution of all from Alex is the iPhone app he developed. This app takes account of the predicted outcomes and then informs the player when it’s time to press the button.

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