Slots Tips: Dos and Dont’s You Must Know

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Slot machines have always been pretty popular, but their audience has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Nowadays, slot games represent the biggest segment of the world’s gaming industry in terms of their turnover, number of players, number of games offered and even in terms of casino revenue per square foot. But if online casinos were able to calculate their revenue in terms of square feet, online slots would no doubt have been unbeatable in that regard as well!

Millions of people enjoy playing the slots, and many of them do it online. Playing slots is easy, thrilling and (sometimes!) even rewarding. But gamers should definitely know more about the games, the odds, the dos and the don’ts. So here they are:

Don’t Believe You Can Change the Odds

Slots oddsYou can’t! Well, not legally, anyway! I.e., anything you could try to technically tilt the game is unlawful. This is purely because the mathematics of probability is an important foundation underlying the rules of these games. There have been many stories about people who spent a lot of time trying to develop different devices to get payouts they never earned from slot machines in land-based casinos. Of course, these lucky gamblers only ended up ‘hitting the jackpot’ by bagging a huge jail sentence!

Neither is there a way to cheat while playing the slots online. Indeed, the safety of online games, in terms of their being inaccessible to any devices designed for cheating, is actually one of the real advantages of online gambling. You can find ‘’recommendations’ and even ‘guideline books’ on how to beat online slot machines, and some people do buy these books. They would be better off, however, if they didn’t; because the randomness of the slot games is technically unbeatable!

Do Believe You Can Play Wisely

Even though it’s not possible for you to change the randomness of the slot games to gain an advantage, you can still play wisely; because this means you can try and get the most out of your limited odds. Here is what you can do:

Mind Your Bankroll

Thousands of words have been said about a need to manage your bankroll properly. For your next gaming session, only set aside the money you can afford to lose – and not a cent more, of course! And make sure you know when enough is enough, and always stop once you have reached the point where you do have to stop betting, etc. Nevertheless, the magical allure of slots and spinning reels is really a powerful thing; especially for those who have problems with self-discipline, controlling their emotions, and money management.

Many gamers still get carried away with the game and get in all kinds of trouble; so instead of this, why not take the chance to enjoy the thrill of trying your luck in a more affordable way, by playing some slot games?

This is why need to re-iterate that once you have decided to embark on your slot gaming venture, your bankroll management becomes an issue of key importance. In practice, this means that you should not exceed a certain limit of money that you have already decided you can risk before you enter any land-based or online casino floor to spin the reels. You need to lower your bets when you approach this limit, or else stop playing when you have already reached it!

Do Correlate Your Bet Size with Your Bankroll, so You Can Play Longer

It is very simple. Count up a bankroll that is capable of keeping you up for about three hours,  but make sure you don’t lose half of what you have in 20 minutes! And even if this does happen, lower your bets. Just try to stay up as long as you can! After all, if you play longer, you get a much longer gambling experience and the same thrill for the same amount of money!

Does playing longer increase your odds? No. The math is still the same. But maybe you would make some interesting observations about how your luck if any, works – over the span of 200-300 bets!

Do Realize that Higher Denomination Slots Have Higher Paybacks

Bigger bets imply higher risks, but also higher revenues. So study the payback percentages! The odds declared at higher denomination slots are about 10% higher, and with bigger bets available, you can reasonably hope for some nice wins! But this also means that you could lose much faster – just be aware of the difference, and make a smart decision about what kind of playing you would prefer.

Don’t Overvalue “Start Small to Win Big” and Other Betting Systems

Gambler in Lucky Shirt sits and play slots Some players somehow grew to believe that to increase their chances of winning, they needed to start with small bets, and then increase them when they thought the chances of winning were enough. This betting strategy is called, “Prime the Pump.”

This “strategy” might be based on an ancient pagan superstition whereby, in order to get something good people, ought to first somehow placate the spirits of luck, or whatever they called them. To grease the wheels of fortune, if you will! But even if the spirits of luck live in slots – the kind of spirits who might indeed be willing to accept these small initial losses as a tribute – they do not really appreciate this approach. In fact, statistically, this method works exactly the same way as any other possible betting system!

Even so: you could try it, of course! Or else come up with your own strategy. But no matter what happens, there is simply no betting system in existence clever enough to deceive and get one over on the laws of probability!

Don’t Hunt for the Slot Machine That Is Going to Yield Now

In land-based casinos, some players just wander around, trying to somehow locate that one machine that is going to get them their winnings right about now! And there are many stories about players who have been successful doing precisely that: monitoring the latest performances or just “feeling” what machine to play. But the payback percentage across the hall is still the same. The recent performance of a machine tells you nothing. Any guess about what machine is going to payback right now is a wild guess anyway!

Do Decide in Advance Which Games Suit You Most

Everything here depends on your personality and your individual goals in gambling. Are you a jackpot hunter? Then choose the game that offers such jackpots. Just remember that the games that lure you with an opportunity to win big, are the ones where you are likely to lose a lot of the time as well! Because after all, that is precisely how the jackpot game is meant to work: to accumulate enough funds for the big prize, it takes all the money from many frequent losers. So, is this for you? Are you “all duck or no dinner” type? Then go ahead!

But maybe you would prefer a long gaming experience with many nice bonuses to pick up and a whole array of small but frequent wins? Then choose the game suited to that purpose, but don’t expect to win it big on these slots!

Or again, you can even try both types of games, in order to make your gambling experience really diverse! But just don’t forget to study the games and the payouts offered before you started to play – this is just to make sure you’re going to play the kind of game you’re going to enjoy!

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