Free Play vs Real Money Casino Apps

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Gamblers Free Play vs Real Money Casino

Along with the ever-increasing flexibility of gambling entertainment, online casinos provide us all with the opportunity to try any game for free. Both newcomers and seasoned players sometimes need a free mode to explore the process, or even just to have some fun! Given the exponential rise in mobile gaming, we can say it’s crucial for platforms to create their own apps, in order to cater to the needs of customers who prefer to bet on the go. The number of mobile users is constantly growing, as well as the phenomenon of in-game purchases. Casino apps are in demand for both free and real money games, each one offering its own particular advantages.

Gambling Motivation

Psychology of gambling Guy playing casinoAmong the factors that bring people to gambling, we can certainly distinguish five major ones:

  • Amusement
  • Excitement
  • Socialization (this one is best satisfied in offline live table games)
  • Escapism
  • Getting some income

Most of these motivational factors can be satisfied by playing with virtual credits, but there is always a large proportion of gamblers whose goal is to finally get the adrenaline pumping and win some money. The promising reward system may push users to play for money, while the increase in the investments they put into the game may fuel their motivation even more.

Playing for Fun

New casino players can benefit the most from playing for free:

  • They can learn how to navigate online casinos, choose games and understand how the betting process works.
  • By trying out various games, they’ll get acquainted with their main features and some technical characteristics (this is especially reasonable when an innovative game is released).
  • They can apply different betting strategies and see how to manage them without risking any money.

In a free mode, players don’t focus on wins and losses; and so they enjoy the process more. They also are less likely to become victims of problem gambling. At the same time, they can notice some patterns that might help in their future sessions of real-money play. If you want to make sure that a free version is identical to a real-money one, check the certificates of fairness on the casino page. Mobile apps usually don’t feature a full range of games on the website, but this situation is constantly getting better. With the current high pace of development in mobile technology, casino games for portable devices are in no way inferior to desktop ones, in terms of their functionality and immersiveness!

Mobile Casino Apps for Real Money

Online gambling Casino online and chips on the tableBetting money takes players to a new level of excitement. Many risk-takers consider gambling as a way to experience the same feelings extreme activities may bring. Others prefer to focus on earning extra money from playing. Wagering with a casino app can satisfy the first of these two needs almost automatically; while luck, of course, can help with the second one! Gigantic jackpots, especially progressive ones (whose amount is collected from the entire range of wagers people have made for a particular game), add an atmosphere which is more than capable of attracting tons of customers, who all enjoy the thought of nabbing some substantial winnings!

Various deposit bonuses and loyalty schemes can help gamblers achieve their winning goals. Apps usually feature the same program of accumulating points; so you can get different kinds of rewards for betting activity. From the wide range of possible offers, there could be free spins for slot machines, free money, or tournament tickets. Bonuses might be tricky: to use them wisely, always read through the wagering requirements.

Mobile Gambling on the Rise

Casino apps are definitely gaining momentum. More brands are adapting to a mobile context by providing their own applications, which generally make it to the first ranks of all the gaming programs people use on the go. Casinos cater to the needs of iPhone and iPad users; as well as Blackberry, Windows, and Android devices. This is one of those industry trends that is probably going to be around for a long time. The range of offerings is getting wider: many games that until recently weren’t suitable for mobile devices (like blackjack or roulette with live dealers), are now available on the market. As the basis of such entertainments lies in taking financial risks, most apps offer free versions along with real-money ones. Betting real cash will make you more involved in the process of online gaming, while a free mode can help you explore the ins and outs of different products.

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