Free Play vs Real Money Casino Apps

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Gamblers Free Play vs Real Money Casino

As part of the ever more flexible range of gambling entertainment options available to us, the best online casinos provide us all with the opportunity to try any game for free. Sometimes, both newcomers and seasoned players need to try free mode, so they can explore the playing process in-depth; or even just to have some fun and bash away for a while! And given the exponential rise in mobile gaming, we can say it’s crucial for platforms to create their own apps, in order to cater to the needs of those customers who prefer to bet on the go. The number of mobile users is constantly growing, as well as the phenomenon of in-game purchases. Casino applications are in demand for both free and real money games, and each of these two kinds does offer its own particular advantages.

Gambling Motivation

Among the factors that bring people to gambling, we can certainly distinguish five major ones:

  • Amusement
  • Excitement
  • Socializing (this one is best satisfied in offline live table games)
  • Escapism
  • Getting some income

Most of these motivational factors can be satisfied by playing with virtual credits; but even so, there’s always a large proportion of gamblers whose goal is to finally get the adrenaline pumping and win some big money! The promising reward system may push users to play for money, while the increase in the investments they put into the game may help fuel their motivation even more.

Pros & Cons of Casino Apps

Psychology of gambling Guy playing casinoCasino applications have come a long way and have evolved so much that you won’t even notice the difference between using them and browsers! Of course, there are some differences between using a gambling app and a browser version of the casino; as applications don’t always offer as many games as the actual casino website does. However, applications aren’t exactly trailing behind, given how they generally boast dozens of alternative options for players.

Another difference is that some gamers prefer playing casino games on a desktop version, on screen that’s much bigger compared to the smaller screens mobiles use. However, this is where we come to understand that size doesn’t matter at all: because mobile casino apps provide flexibility for you to play and win, anywhere and anytime you’re up for it! Both free play and real money casino apps are straightforward to install; and once the download is completed, all the applications will allow you to experience your favorite gameplay to the fullest.

Playing for Fun

New casino players can benefit from playing for free:

  • They can learn how to navigate online casinos, choose games, and understand how the betting process works.
  • By trying out various games, they’ll get acquainted with their main features and some technical characteristics (this is an especially sensible thing to do whenever a more innovative game is released).
  • They can apply different betting strategies and see how to manage them, without ever running the risk of losing any of their money.

In a free mode, players don’t focus on wins and losses; and so they enjoy the process more! They also are less likely to become victims of problem gambling. At the same time, they can notice some patterns that might help in their future sessions of real-money play. If you want to make sure that a free version is identical to a real-money one, check the certificates of fairness on the casino page. Mobile applications usually don’t feature a full range of games on the website; but this situation is constantly getting better. With the current high pace of development in mobile technology, casino games for portable devices are in no way inferior to desktop ones, in terms of their functionality and immersiveness!

Playing for Real Money

Betting with money takes the players to a whole new level of excitement. Many risk-takers consider gambling as a way of experiencing the same feelings extreme activities may bring. Others prefer to focus on earning extra money from playing instead. Wagering with a casino app can satisfy the first of these two needs almost automatically; while luck, of course, can help with the second one! Gigantic jackpots, especially progressive ones (whose amount is collected from the entire range of wagers people have made for a particular game), create the kind of intriguing atmosphere which is more than capable of attracting tons of customers, who are all excited by the thought of nabbing some substantial winnings!

Various deposit bonuses and loyalty schemes can also help gamblers achieve their goals. Applications usually feature the same program of accumulating points; so you can get different kinds of rewards for the various betting activities you pursue. From the wide range of possible offers out there, you can find free spins for slot machines, free money, or tournament tickets. Bonuses might be tricky: if you want to use them wisely, always read through the wagering requirements.

Online Gamling on Slots

Real Money vs. Free Play

Whether you’re choosing between gambling applications for free or for real money, there are some benefits you can reap from either option. And while playing for fun is not going to bring you actual winnings, it’s a great way of starting your gaming journey and refining your gaming strategy. On the other hand, some popular real money games offer really good payouts! But here’s something even more important — real money apps provide you with a unique gaming experience. With optimized applications available specifically for the device you’re using; along with real money bets that are 100% safe, provided only you choose to download your apps from a store/website with an adequately high level of security.

Types of Gambling Apps

The best part of playing online is that the Internet opens the door to a whole bunch of casino sites where you can play many different casino games. When you’re first dipping your toes into the waters of casino applications, it can be tricky to navigate the set of options that are on offer. Well luckily for you, they all fall into some specific categories. Read on to find out more.

Free Casino Apps

The best part of using applications for free is that you can enjoy the whole gameplay without betting a single penny! And without the need to deposit a single penny of your own money, free casino applications boast a wide range of opportunities for you to learn the basics of the game and thus to strengthen your hands. Plus, many free gambling applications offer you the possibility of switching to a premium subscription, should you choose to do so. Yet with all that said: whenever you’re up to win a few bucks, you can simply upgrade your app and decide to play for real money instead! So, there are hundreds of gambling applications that offer you a fun mode to play with. So here are the most popular categories:

  • Free Slots
  • Free Roulette
  • Free Blackjack
  • Free Baccarat
  • Free Video Poker
  • Free Craps
  • Free Keno

Real Money Casino Apps

The biggest and indeed the most significant difference relating to real money casino apps is that you can use them to play for real money (obviously!) However, this doesn’t mean at all that you can’t have fun while playing them. After all, your gaming experience is sure to become even better when you’re playing slots, blackjack or making a bet; while at the same time, the thought of profiting by hitting the jackpot is simply too good to resist! So the main categories of real money gambling applications are:

  • Slot Apps — Today’s slots games lead the way among all online casinos, as the number on offer is truly outstanding. The slots are perfect for all mobile devices; as they are optimized for all smartphones to ensure a smooth game and an incredible number of ways to win with every spin!
  • Blackjack Apps — There’s absolutely no way we could imagine gambling applications without blackjack. So that’s why you’re sure to find a wide range of game variants; these even include live dealer games for real money!
  • Roulette Apps — This entertainment option has a unique veil of glamour compared to other gambling options, which with a little bit of casino software magic transfers it onto the small screen of your mobile device!

Where to Find Casino Apps

The good news for modern gamblers is that finding and downloading a mobile gambling app is pretty straightforward these days. Whether you want to play for fun or try winning real money, there are a few places where you can find casino applications:

  • The App Store — Apple created the world’s biggest source of applications, where players can choose amongst hundreds or even thousands of licensed and fully legal real money and free casino games.
  • Google Play Store — Android users can also be satisfied with an even greater range of gambling Android apps for any taste; which are equally capable of providing real money, as well as free applications.
  • Provider — If the app you’re searching for can’t be found on the App Store, or Google Store, check the online casino game from a particular provider on the website. Usually, they are downloadable directly from the casino site; search for a reputable website, as you might find another useful place to get the app you’re looking for.

Mobile Gambling on the Rise

Online gambling Casino online and chips on the tableCasino applications are definitely gaining momentum. More and more brands are adapting to a mobile context by providing their own free play and real money casino apps; and these generally do make them top-ranking applications among the huge range of gaming programs out there that people like to play on the go! These casinos cater to the needs of both iPhone and iPad users; as well as Blackberry, Windows, and Android devices. And it seems pretty clear to us that this is one of the gambling industry trends that is probably going to be around for a very long time.

Indeed, the range of offerings is getting even wider over time: many games that until recently weren’t suitable for mobile devices (like blackjack or roulette with live dealers), are now available on the market! And as the basis of such entertainment lies in taking financial risks, most applications offer free versions along with real-money ones. Betting real cash will make you more involved in the process of online gaming; while a free mode can help you explore the ins and outs of the various different products out there.

You May Find This Interesting…

  • Is mobile casino gaming safe?

The short answer would be yes! This is because as long as you’re playing at a regulated and legal casino, your gaming experience is always going to be safe and secure. Plus, downloading an app from the App Store or Google Play Store obliges all the gambling applications there to fulfil certain specific criteria; and of course, this ultimately means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re playing securely.

  • Do gambling apps use up a lot of data?

The exact amount of data needed for a casino app is still unknown. The approximate number is somewhere in between 40MB to 300MB per hour. It’s certainly preferable to gamble over Wi-Fi whenever possible; however, 3G/LTE will still work perfectly when you’re playing free or real money casino apps.

  • Are real money mobile apps just as good as the desktop version?

Yes, indeed they are! And sometimes they’re even better. Mobile apps have been created so that they can satisfy the needs of every player and fit any of your mobile devices. With all that said, the real money mobile games definitely won’t be worse than their desktop versions.

  • Are slots apps really random?

All the popular free play and real money slots apps use Random Number Generators (RNG), which ensures a fair outcome of every game you play. The results are truly random, as the process of randomization is completely separate from the gameplay itself. No casino is going to risk their customer base by cheating. With all that said, you don’t have to worry about such things while playing; all you have to do is to have fun!

  • Are there any bonuses & promotions at casino apps?

The fantastic thing about the rise of mobile gambling applications is that the players can now receive a plethora of bonuses to claim! Plus, all reputable casinos offer new players some exciting welcome bonuses, depending on the deposits they’ve made. Also, there are no deposit bonuses; which means you don’t even need to top up your account if you want to get some exciting perks.

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