Online Craps vs. Offline Craps. What’s the difference?

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Online Craps on tablet with dices

What is the difference between playing craps in a real casino and playing it online? Playing craps in a casino is a dream for many Las Vegas visitors. Live craps is an outstanding gambling experience that can make your heart beat and your emotions run wild. You can find the loudest casino crowds in the craps corner. This is a fast-paced casino game with a highly unpredictable outcome played by the most superstitious gamblers, ready to do whatever it takes to make Lady Luck smile upon them when they roll the dice.

Even though the real-life craps game offers so much fun and excitement, many players are fonder of the online version.

Here, we will compare playing craps in a casino with playing craps online, and give you our unbiased opinion.

The Gaming Experience

One of the most significant advantages that make craps so attractive to players, besides the low house edge, is the atmosphere around the craps table. You will always see a crowd of people surrounding the craps tables at the casinos. Some of them come to play the game, others come to bet, and others come just to watch the dice roll.

In addition to guaranteed excitement and a rush, many casinos also offer free snacks and drinks. Numerous casinos go one step further, providing their loyal customers, who leave soaring amounts of money at the craps tables, with secluded casino spots. There, they can roll the dice in peace, pampered by gifts and private shows.

To put it simply, playing in a casino, vs. playing online, has to take the gaming experience battle.

Playing With Others

You have to admit that the crowd standing around the craps table can motivate you to keep playing. Some players believe that if you have a cheering crowd on your side, your performance at the craps improves. There are a lot of superstitions and nonsense that players believe while they are shooting dice. For example, one famous belief is that you need a pretty blonde to blow on your dice for good luck.

On the other hand, some gamblers simply love the interaction with other shooters at the table – that adds up to the entire rush of playing craps.

Online Craps vs. Offline Craps. What’s the difference?

Benefits of Playing Craps Online

Contrary to these reasons that will surely make you head for the nearest casino, online craps offer some advantages that make the game more and more attractive every day. So, let’s see what the online version has that the real craps game lacks.

Generous Bonuses for Playing Craps Online

Just picture a situation where you walk into a casino, and the casino workers offer you $1000 cash to play dice. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? Well, this is a pretty common situation in an online casino. Online gambling sites will offer you generous bonuses to convince you that they are the perfect place for you to play. Usually, you will first have to place a deposit in order to claim these gambling bonuses…but still, this is a huge advantage of playing craps online.

You Can Practice the Game for Free

Online Craps vs. Offline Craps. What’s the difference?Another great thing that online gambling sites offer their players is a free play mode that they can use to practice and get familiar with the gameplay before they start betting with real money.

Craps gameplay may seem simple – you place your bet, choose a betting option, and let the dice roll – however, there is a lot more complexity when it comes to the number combinations, the odds, and payouts. So, definitely, use this free play to get familiar with all the aspects of craps before you spend real money.

Some People Enjoy the Silence

We opened this article with a description of the fantastic atmosphere surrounding casino craps tables. However, numerous gamblers like peace and quiet when gambling because they get easily distracted. That’s why they prefer playing craps online. When you play online, there is no noise and no cheering – nothing can distract you from the game.

Tie – Let’s Talk About Cheating

When you play in a physical casino, there isn’t much for anyone to do. You simply toss the dice and enjoy the game. When you play online, you click a button and a virtual dice rolls. In online craps, there are a lot of “hidden” systems that make sure everything works. The most important among them is the Random Number Generator (RNG).

The RNG guarantees the fairness of the outcome and the randomness of the numbers that the dice show. This feature is a mandatory part of every online casino game, and if it is reliable and certified, you can be sure that everything is legit and that no one is cheating.

However, in real life craps, there is no RNG; the shooter rolls the dice. And like everything in real life, this roll can be far from perfect and reliable. You can have the situation of “cocked” dice, when they don’t fall flat on the table. But the worst-case scenario is to play craps with “capped” dice, meaning the dice are crooked, which may lead to foul play.

Now, cheating isn’t something you are going to see a lot in either of the two scenarios. However, the flaw of physical casinos is that the players can always try to find ways to beat the game through technique. In fact, you can find various guides online on how you can throw the dice to increase your odds of landing certain numbers. And in the dynamic environment of the craps table, people might fail to notice a cheating player.

On the other hand, when you play online, it can be damn near impossible to cheat, especially if the casino at which you choose to play is reliable and offers all of the necessary hacking protection.

In the end, regarding cheating, we have to say that both online and offline craps pass with flying colors. However, it is up to you to find a reliable casino with all the safety features you want to see.

The Final Word

As you can see, there are both positive and negative aspects of playing craps online vs. playing at a casino. The bottom line is, try both and then decide which option works best for you.

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