Roulette Cheats That Have Actually Worked

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Roulette Cheats in Casino

Before you even consider cheating in a casino, read this article. You may also want to find out more about different roulette cheaters, what they did and the consequences of their cheating.

As famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli said, “…nothing happens by chance. Even the idea of the ball in a roulette game: it’s not chance it ends up in a certain place. It’s forces that are at play.” If we assume that “the forces” that really command roulette do exist, then theoretically there will be two options for you, as a player: to understand and use them to your advantage or to become “the force” yourself and try to influence the game. Well…may the force be with you!

The first option is far from being explored. There have not been any records of anybody able to figure out how the ball lands and to reliably predict the outcome of the next spin – at least, consistently enough. Nor have we heard anything about influencing the game in a way different from cheating. And some cheats have been successful. Let us group them by the techniques and means used.


Sleight of hand, lesser-known as prestidigitation, is based on fine hand motoric skills and masterful misdirection of casino staff’s attention. It requires years of practice. One kind of this cheating method is known as “late betting” or “past posting.”

You may be surprised to learn that some cheats are able to place bets after the ball lands in the slot! In fact, this kind of cheating was so widespread that casinos had to formally address the issue. Nowadays, the roulette dealer puts a piece of fiberglass (they call it “Dolly”) on the straight number bets – just to prevent this late betting trick. However, such “past posting” attempts still persist on the outside bets.

Late betting tricks got more sophisticated over time as the tricksters learned to team up. Of course, an attractive woman is involved! Her role is known as “the claimer.” While her line of business is mainly to keep the eyes fixed on her, it isn’t her only task.

Holding 5 black $100 chips, she sits at the table in front of the dealer. Then she exchanges one $100 chip for one hundred $1 brown chips (minimum value) and gets her 5 stacks x20 chips each. Then she makes up a formation of 4 stacks to prevent the dealer from seeing the 5th stack, which is behind. It is needed to form a “mix-up stack” from the fifth one – inserting high-value, $100 black chips in it, in-between the brown $1 chips – unbeknownst to the dealer, of course!

Then, the nice-looking “claimer” starts betting using her brown $1 chips, not exposing her mix-up stack. At this point, the second member of the team, called “the mechanic,” begins to act. The claimer bets some stacks of brown chips, and the “mechanic”, who also has some black chips, quickly mixes them with the chips the claimer puts on the layout and scoops some of her brown chips. At the end, the mechanic has a mixed-up stack in his hand – the stack identical to the mixed-up stack of the claimer, which she still hides behind her stacks of brown chips.  Casino Sleight of Hand of Croupier

With the win of a certain number on which the claimer has bet 5 x $1, the dealer puts “the Dolly” on and takes his eyes off the layout only for a fraction of an instant. Here, the help of two more actors are needed. They are called “chip bettors.” They place their bets exactly the way to distract the attention of the dealer for a fraction of a second. It is more than enough for a well-trained “mechanic” – he quickly lifts the Dolly and replaces the 5 x $1 stack with the mixed-up stack he has kept. This mixed-up stack containing 3 x $5 chips and 2 x $100 chips is worth $203, which means a big win of $7000 x 35 straight bet size!

But there is a need to add the element of a show – to distract attention and to make the story more convincing. The claimer would pretend she had lost her two $100 chips, frantically searching for her handbag and getting on all her fours under the table… But before performing this put-on, she would reposition her mixed-up stack so it was now clearly visible to the dealer. And then she would scream in joy, something like “I bet them! Oh, my gosh! I bet my two black chips, and they won!” etc., dancing around the table, accepting congratulations from the other players, happily smiling and seemingly ready to kiss everyone there.

Her mixed-up stack matches with the winning stack and corroborates that it was purely chance that she had bet these two black chips sandwiched between three $1 brown chips. And as she had been sitting far away from the layout, there is no suspicion of post-betting!

Another sleight of hands option involves getting in cahoots with the dealer who, instead of giving you $5 chips, would give you $100 ones. A small plastic prop (they call it a “chip cup”) is used for this purpose.

Some nimble-fingered tricksters could also steal chips from the stacks of other players or even from the dealer. Although there is ongoing surveillance in the casinos, and the house staff is alert and wary, you should also be aware of this threat and watch out for your own chips. The swindlers are well-trained, prepared and know perfectly well how to distract attention.

Roulette Computers

The idea of using a computer to predict the outcome of the next spin is perhaps as old as computers themselves. However, it is still not clear whether a computer can give reliable advice. The game of roulette is a game of chance – the casinos have invested a lot of money and effort to make sure that the spin results are fully random, which means that technically there must be no way to reliably predict where the ball lands on any given spin. In a way, the roulette wheel is an analog device generating fully random numbers!

The wheels are well maintained; their mechanics tested regularly. And yes, the casinos use computers to safeguard the randomness of the roulette game! The ‘big data’ on the spin results are tracked, recorded and stored – for a long time. Special algorithms are used to analyze it. If the analysis shows that the randomness of the result distribution is even slightly skewed, then the wheel is repaired or replaced. This is probably the only way to use a computer in roulette.

But the idea of using a computer to beat the house seems to be long lived. Indeed, if computers are used to track the randomness of the ball landing results, then it might make sense to give it a try. Just track the results and use different algorithms to find out whether this particular wheel is not random, reveal the trends and get an idea about the winning bet for the next spin!

Technically, you would need a tracking device to record a long sequence of results – either with manual input or through scanning. In most casinos, such devices are illegal, and the player who dares to attempt using such devices will be immediately ejected. In the worst case scenario, he is going to be beaten by security and end up in jail. However, some casinos do not track the trackers – perhaps because they believe that using such devices gives the cheats no advantage at all.

Another thing you would need is the program to process the data and to compute the most probable winning bet according to special algorithms. This software can be used on a smartphone. And last-but-not-least is the output device, such as an earpiece, to transmit the respective audio signal straight to the cheater’s ear. It goes without saying that the casino security staff can spot this kind of device, too – especially if you have not been hidden it scrupulously enough or if a wire is sticking out of your pocket or elsewhere. These, of course, are clear signs.

Online Computer Roulette Played

Where does one get all this stuff? Of course, it is not openly advertised across the web, but if you were able to find a supplier, you would definitely get what you are looking for. Another big question is whether those who supply these kinds of devices and the software are scum or not. There have been many cases when cheaters were trying to sell this type of equipment – and programs – to the wannabe-cheaters. However, there have also been some examples of the successful use of such techniques. But you should always remember that, mathematically, the winning numbers that roulette generates are random, which means that a reliable algorithm to predict the ball landing is a big question mark.

Just think of the computers and the software the casinos are using to track their wheels and to constantly check the randomness, analyzing the big data stored for many months. Do you seriously believe that with a smartphone hidden in the breast pocket of your tuxedo or elsewhere, you would succeed in this – after, say, just thirty minutes of the operation of your artisanal hard- and software (provided you are not spotted)?

In a way, your chances of finding and/or buying such an algorithm are much lower than your chances of becoming a millionaire just playing roulette. Because if there is someone who claims he can sell you the equipment and the programs to beat the casino – why doesn’t he use this technology himself?

On top of that, you should always keep in mind the high risks of being spotted by security and the numerous technical difficulties of having your devices work the right way in the casino environment.

Biased Wheels

This is another big story going around. It is mainly based on some facts of the past when biased wheels were found in different venues. The reasons were many – both the houses and the players were cheating, trying to get the edge. Besides, the wheel manufacturers were technically unable to provide the perfection of the spin.

But even now, when casino equipment suppliers have reached a very high level of manufacturing and service, and the computers constantly monitor the performance of the wheels, there is still a chance that you could find a biased roulette. The reason is wearing or friction or whatever else that might make that the wheel rotation imperfect. Such wheels may favor certain sectors and disfavor some other. There are players hunting for such wheels to exploit these imperfections. Some people were able to do so as late as the 1990s.

Special Magnets, Rigged Wheels and Balls

To undertake anything like this, you need cooperation, or more to the point, a criminal deal with the casino staff. Placing a small invisible magnet to control the ball movement remotely is just a great idea. The same relates to the idea of rigging the wheel to make the ball land on certain numbers more often. But you need access to the premises when there is nobody around to detect you.

In 1973, the casino world was struck by the story of Monique Laurent who had rigged the ball with a radio receiver. The signal was transmitted from a miniature radio hidden in a cigarette pack. Monique’s brother, who was the dealer in the casino, was involved. The duo won about $1 million when the crime was ultimately detected.

When you read about the people who have tried to cheat at the game of roulette, it always gets to the point at which the swindler has been caught. In fact, this is how we learn about this or that kind of cheating. If there is a good workable scheme in use out there, it is still a big secret…

You May Also Ask:

  • Is roulette all luck?

The outcome of a roulette game is totally unpredictable. You can experience streaks of both good and bad luck, and you cannot be sure that you will get a positive result at the end of the game. Each time the croupier throws the ball, it can land on any roulette number, so all you should do is just learn some useful betting strategies and enjoy the game.

  • What is the best way to win money in roulette?

The best option while playing roulette is to stick to the same strategy. There are two most popular and useful ones – the Martingale Strategy and the Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy. The former is about doubling the bet after each loss until you win to get your money back, and the latter strategy is the opposite – the player raises the bet after each win.

  • What is the longest roulette streak?

There is a popular expression that the dice have no memory, but this case proved it wrong. The longest roulette streak took place at Monte Carlo Casino in 1943, when the ball landed on red 32 times in a row. Everyone placed bets on black, but each time the ball touched the roulette wheel, the players were surprised and at the same time disappointed, as they expected that this very time the Lady Luck would be on their side.

  • Can a roulette dealer control a ball?

According to the laws of physics, neither the casino nor the dealer can predict the outcome of the game. Moreover, they must adhere to the rules of fair play, as rogue casinos with rigged roulette wheels can lose their operating license once and for all.

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