Casino Workers: the Gambling Industry’s Secrets Revealed

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Casino Workers

We can only imagine what casino employees have to put up with all the time. What they see and hear every day is sometimes beyond imagination: drunken fights, hookups in the corner, weddings, split-ups – all this can just be way too exhausting for an ordinary person. And on top of all this, they have to be vigilant at all times, no matter what. Their job is to provide everyone with some security; and to keep an eye on sneaky players, who are trying to find a way to deceive the dealer or to cheat during the game.

Doesn’t sound really great, does it? Because after all, casino employees have a really strict set of rules they have to follow to avoid getting into trouble. And the fraudulent stunts some gamblers have pulled have resulted in enormous losses for casinos. And when that happens, it’s always the casino employees who end up getting the blame.

A lot of them get fired as the aftermath of a big mess, and certain employees prefer not to keep the casino’s secrets anymore; instead, they decide to spill the beans to journalists!

So let’s find out what casino workers have to say about the information they have to keep private while they’re working there.

The Casino Aims at Making You Forget the Outside World

It’s no secret that land-based casinos are designed to manipulate people and make them lose the sense of time (because there are no clocks to remind you of how many hours you’ve already spent there). After that, you can even start questioning whether the outside world ever really existed at all.

The casino itself provides you with what your heart could desire: unlimited food, drinks, and entertainment. They do this so you won’t feel trapped or imprisoned in the casino; instead, all you’re going to feel is the exhilaration and excitement of trying to hit the jackpot!

Nothing Is Random Here

Random DicesYou might not have known this, but casino designers and constructors have already thought everything out concept-wise. They analyze every spot in the building to perfectly match the aim of every casino – making sure people quickly find what they’re looking for, and spend as much money as possible playing the game of their choice. And there’s certainly nothing random about the placement of casino slot machines or poker tables. For instance, the highest yield gaming machines are placed in the most attractive casino spots, which is the first place where people look when they enter the establishment.

The decor and vivid elements attract people’s attention as well! This helps to lure people to the right places, so the casinos can succeed in making maximum profits.

Not All Slots Are Created Equal

Casino Slots inside BuildingCasinos will always make you believe there’s no difference between the various kinds of slot machines. But in reality, it’s not quite true. Video slots can be much less profitable, because they pay out less than most classic reel slots. But let’s take the matter of visual appeal: video slots are much more attractive to an ordinary and inexperienced player than the usual reel slots that don’t display any unusual theme or scenario.

Thus, video slots are sure to mesmerize you with their flashing lights and allure; even though, as a result of this, you might end up spending more money than you earn. That’s how the casinos manage to double their profits and decrease the amount of payouts.

We Can Keep It Undercover

You may not even notice their presence, but undercover cops are always around; lurking in the shadows, in disguise. Federal agents are there to keep an eye on the situation; this is because big cities with casino resorts, such as Las Vegas, attract a whole lot of crime bosses who are all there to make the most of their lavish lifestyles. Anywhere you go, there’s a big chance for you to run into an undercover cop or a federal agent. So if you’re going to visit a casino resort, or even Sin City itself, be careful about that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” mindset!

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

All Vegas casino workers are unanimous in one thing: they all have seen people engaging in sexual relations. Players and city visitors seem to have an urge to imitate sexual intercourse right in front of other people without giving it a lot of consideration. They also do drugs wherever they see an even surface; and of course, they really do drink a lot of alcohol (and unsurprisingly, there’s plenty of throwing up as well!) Sin City got this name for a reason…

Also, some workers have witnessed things that are a lot worse even than this. In the middle of the very heated game, some people seem to get in a situation when too much is at risk for them even to proceed with natural human needs. They use adult diapers sometimes, or simply “gave it a go,” in the most “natural sense” of the phrase; just in the middle of a casino floor, as they’re just too afraid to leave the slot machine without their much-awaited jackpot. Well, is there anything you could feel guilty about, when you’re so close to making your victorious exit?

To Tip or Not to Tip, That Is the Question

Well, the answer is pretty simple. At a land-based casino, you always have to tip the dealer! Former dealers revealed that they make around 80% of their salary from tips.

As a rule, it’s very important for the game in general, and your possible win in particular, to create a situation where the dealer is rooting for you and encouraging your success. Because if this doesn’t happen, then no matter your skill level, there’s a pretty big chance you’re going to lose more than you win!

This rule also works for servers and waitresses. The beverages are usually free for people playing at most casinos, but the money for those drinks doesn’t appear from nowhere.  These beverages are paid for by those players who tend to lose more money than they make at casinos. So if you’re a freeloader and all you want to do is have a good time over there while drinking tons of free drinks and betting a couple of cents every time you play, then the servers will most likely avoid you. Plus, they don’t spend a lot of time on floors where people don’t tend to tip them, because their total salary depends a great deal on the amount they make in tips!

Reward System Is Tricky

Even though you might get all excited when you find out what the casino offers to its VIP players, the reward system is still very tricky. The more money you spend, the better the casino comps you get. If you manage to climb to the highest rank, the casino will offer you some pretty neat perks like dinners at top restaurants for you and your family, a free transfer to another facility across the country just to make you feel like a boss, etc. These perks are accessible for top players once a year; but first, you will have to spend a LOT of money playing at their establishment.

Casino Table with Cash on it

Also, don’t forget that everything has a price. So even though you may think the free drinks are there for your benefit, the opposite is very often the case! So if casino manages to get you drunk enough, you will be less attentive and careful in placing your bets. This ultimately means more money for the casino.

Big Brother Is Always Watching You

One casino worker has revealed that even though most casinos take security issues very seriously, they would rather buy another video poker machine and earn more money from the player, than spend another dollar on the security surveillance system. Pretty much any casino out there is able to make enough money to bear a few losses from opportunistic cheaters;  however, if you’re planning to cheat big time, the casino management are probably going to do all they can to keep you away!

At pretty much any of these huge Las Vegas casinos, there are more than 2,000 cameras installed at every corner, along with about 50 monitors help track the players. However, there are only a few people watching them, and most of the time surveillance cameras are simply to retrospectively investigate past events, else or to closely monitor players who just seem way too successful. For instance, whenever the table loses a whole lot of money, they can re-watch the tape and take a better look at what happened.

That said, it’s pretty interesting how not all cheaters are necessarily going to get kicked out of the facility. For example, if someone attempts to do some card counting, but they’re not very good at it, then they’re hardly like to win that much money, are they? So in such a case, the casino administration will probably just allow them to stay and to continue playing, without making a big fuss about it.


The usual rule is simply this: the house always wins! Here, we’re not just talking about the odds of winning when you play a wide range of different casino games; we’re also referring to how the casino administration always make sure that the casino earns many times more money than all the players win in total.

And it’s precisely for this reason that it’s always a good idea to consider playing at an online casino, where such obstacles as surveillance cameras and sneaky dealers simply don’t exist. At home, you have a choice whether you want to get drunk or to stay sober, and most importantly of all – you don’t have to deal with people! So this is a perfect match for introverts and those who prefer to keep their wins to themselves.


  • Do casinos keep track of your winnings?

Most casinos don’t keep track of the player’s activity. Although, if you are a high-rank player and a regular visitor, the casino will most probably report your activity for its own purposes as well as for your convenience.

  • Can Caesars employees gamble?

Casino employees are usually not allowed to gamble within their departments. Caesars workers are allowed to gamble in other Caesars chain facilities. Nevertheless, winning at progressive jackpots is prohibited for casino employees.

  • What is a casino shill?

A shill is a person who gives credibility to an organization or to a person. The trick is that they don’t disclose information about their relationships and do this privately. Shills are usually employed for marketing purposes.

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