Playing Keno Online and Offline

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Gambling Online and Offline Keno

Keno is a form of a lottery-like game, which is completely based on luck. And no matter what form of gambling you prefer, both land-based and online gambling venues offer it to their customers.

Keno is a simple game. The rules are easily comprehensible, and once you have gone through them, there is not much more thinking to do. You will definitely enjoy this entertaining game, because it comprises elements of several table games, like bingo.

The Course of the Game

Before we compare online and offline Keno forms, we will briefly review the basics. A Keno card contains 80 numbers, all of which match the numbers on the balls that are to be drafted. Once you have obtained your card, you need to choose the numbers you hope will show. According to the most common rules, Keno players mark up to 10 numbers; however, the maximum amount of numbers to choose is 20. Upon selecting the numbers and deciding on the size of your wager, you give your ticket to a Keno runner who takes it to the Keno booth. You will be given a copy of your ticket so that you are able to keep track of the results. And once the game is over, you will have enough time to have your card verified before the following game commences.

Gambling Venues

Playing Keno Online and OfflineAlthough traditional gambling has its charm, it is far more difficult to plan in comparison to its online form. A trip to one of the Las Vegas casinos is a dream come true for many gambling enthusiasts. Nothing compares to a visit to the gambling capital of the world. However, the majority of gamblers in the United States can only afford such a trip once in a while. Also, land-based gambling venues are scarce compared to online casinos. Additionally, the latter lets players enjoy their favorite game from the comfort of their home.

Due to the expansion of the Internet, all casino games are much more accessible. On top of that, many gambling websites offer this game of chance. But you need to be cautious and pay close attention when choosing a virtual gambling platform, as not all can be trusted. Online gambling for real money is something you ought to be doing exclusively on reputable websites. Fortunately, there is a vast number of such websites, which give you the opportunity to simply switch from one to the next when you find it profitable.

Ultimately, online gambling brings a casino to your home, whereas the traditional form requires you to leave the comfort of your home in order to engage in land-based gambling activities.

Payout Rates

Brick-and-mortar casinos always have a higher house edge than their online counterparts. They are not that common on the market, which is why they get to dictate the terms. You either conform to their conditions or find yourself in a situation where you’re searching for another gambling venue. Refer to the statement from the previous section – they are scarce. Traditional casino operators are perfectly aware of that fact, which is why they are in a position to offer lower payout rates.

Virtual gambling venues, on the other hand, are a branch of the industry that has been constantly growing. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that their house edge is significantly lower than that of traditional casinos. They have to compete for clients, and the lower the house advantage, the more appealing the website. It is of high importance to keep this in mind, as playing at a casino with a low house edge notably enhances your chances of winning.

Test a Game

As opposed to gambling at the land-based casino, where you must wager in order to participate, you can play free Keno games online. That way, you can see how this game works before you risk your money. Additionally, testing a game for free removes the pressure that betting real money creates. You simply have fun while waiting for the outcome.


Game of Keno is an entertaining game on its own. You can chat with friends and have a drink while you play. And, in our opinion, it is even more entertaining, as well as lucrative, to engage in this game virtually. In addition to higher payout rates and the possibility of playing for free, you can find some rather imaginatively themed Keno games online.

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