The Blackjack Hall of Fame

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The Blackjack Hall of Fame

It’s been over a decade that the world’s best blackjack players started their sacred club of distinction, The Blackjack Hall of Fame. This institution gathers the top professionals from all over the world who play twenty-one, also known as blackjack. These players of distinction are added to its list of honor. The Blackjack Hall of Fame is principally a unique organization that seeks to inspire blackjack gamblers as well as great thinkers who develop killer ideas and concepts for the game of twenty-one.

Founded in 2002 and housed in San Diego, The Blackjack Hall of Fame has since been actively inducting prominent and gambling-shrewd people who made a significant contribution toward the game of twenty-one thereby enhancing the scope of both theoretical and practical aspects of this game. It’s no wonder that this prestigious club is longed for so intensely by avid gamblers who are crazy about blackjack to the extent of placing it nearly at the top of their agenda, alongside their critical routine errands.

Tracing Back the History of the Blackjack Hall of Fame

The idea of creating a club of the brightest blackjack-related individuals can be traced directly to a few professional twenty-one players (to everyone’s pity, their names remain unknown). They decided to select the 21 most exceptional people who had ever added up to the remarkable prominence of this insanely popular game. Then the group narrowed the list of 21 down to seven judiciously selected individuals. These are the personalities who ended up on the ultimate list establishing the newly born élite of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

The Fantastic Seven

Here is a list of those seven lucky blackjack players: Edward O. Thorp, AI Francesco, Ken Uston, Edward O. Thorp, Stanford Wong, Peter Griffin, Tommy Hyland, and Arnold Snyder.

1. Edward O. Thorp

This talented and extraordinary mathematics professor was the famous founder of the blackjack card counting technique. His revolutionary book “Beat the Dealer” introduced twenty-one players to the boundary-breaking and super-winner-friendly scheme allowing gamblers to figure out the probable outcome of the game by counting the cards that were dealt before. Thorp’s brilliant theoretical contribution to the game of blackjack glorified him and put the professor on the ultimate list of the lucky seven.

2. AI Francesco

Francesco happened to be the one who refined Thorp’s strategy. The professor’s breakthrough was unsuccessful after casinos got rid of card counting, AI suggested another more evasive skill. This clever skill showed card counters how to conceal their counting, so they didn’t appear as such to the security.

3. Ken Uston

Originally a member of Francesco’s team, Uston branched out into creating some special teams. Not only is Uston a great gambler, but also a proficient theorist who wrote a series of books covering the paramount aspects of blackjack strategy. Uston’s turning-point role in the history of twenty-one was performed at the New Jersey Supreme Court hearing where he managed to talk the court authorities into lifting the ban on card counters at casinos.

4. Stanford Wong

Savvy and vigilant Wong who tended to think somewhat out of the box elaborated on the strategy of winning a 4-deck blackjack card game in his book “Professional Blackjack.” The book features the table-hopping style, implemented by Wong himself, known as “wongoing.”

5. Peter Griffin

Griffin supplemented Thorp’s theoretical creation by publishing “The Theory of Blackjack” that provided the complete strategy of the game of twenty-one. The book sheds some light on the mathematics underlying the blackjack strategy as well as including the set of methods used to compare the card-counting systems of twenty-one.

6. Tommy Hyland

Hyland’s rare analytical and strategic skills have kept him in charge of one of the twenty-one teams for over four decades. His professional patronage has since enabled the team to maintain an image of the most successful team in blackjack history bringing its member’s dozens of million-dollar wins so far.

7. Arnold Snyder

The history of blackjack recognizes Snyder as both a prominent writer and a keen player, although his writing contribution is deemed to be far more valuable. His theoretical heritage includes “The Blackjack Formula,” “Blackbelt in Blackjack,” “The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook,” and “The Big Book of Blackjack.”

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