Hacking Online Casinos: What Is It All About?

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Gambling All About Hacking Casinos

As online casinos handle a lot of money, casino operators do need to focus on security. Hacking techniques are improving all the time, keeping up-to-date with the latest cyber-security developments, and showing a capacity to penetrate even well-protected systems. However, hacking an online casino which is known for being a reputable and licensed venue is quite improbable. So, what are the most awful security challenges in gambling? And has anyone really succeeded in hacking a casino then, after all?

Is It Possible to Hack an Online Casino?

Well, this is more of a job for professional hackers; no matter how much regular players want to get rich fast, it’s impossible for them to compromise the security of a casino that has been built up by an experienced team. Funnily enough, you can find some tools for this on the Internet, although the majority of them are somewhat questionable; and even package solutions from seasoned developers, which are actually far too expensive to make it worthwhile to begin with!

Why Hacking a Casino?

Gambling Laws Crime Zero and onesBefore thinking about whether it’s possible, you might want to consider what the point would be of even hacking a casino; because even when skilled hackers do get access to some casino’s software and database, there isn’t a lot they can do with such information anyway. Some of the stories out there (like the one about an IT expert stealing chips worth £7.5 million and selling them only for £50,000) show that the possible negative consequences (including going to jail) vastly outweigh the fleeting joy of some easy money. In most cases, using stolen personal information actually doesn’t make any sense at all.

Were There Any Successful Hacks?

There are some security threats for online casinos out there, especially with more and more devices being connected to the Internet these days. Anything can come in handy for hackers: there was even an incident of people stealing data from a casino by using the sensors in a fish tank! To get access to casino servers, fraudsters sometimes use phishing schemes, DDoS attacks (malicious software which brings the site offline), and SQL injections (inserting commands into login forms). In 2015, a group called Fin5 stole 150,000 credit cards from a casino, and until now, this has remained an unexposed crime. In 2016, a new type of affiliate fraud compromised 2,500 online betting sites. A North Korean group known as Lazarus attacked an online casino, along with some other targets.

However, such fraudulent intents are rarely successful as all reputable casinos use all possible means to become as secure as possible.

How Can Casinos Enhance Their Security?

In order to remain reliable, gambling platforms insist on launching whole new departments that are aimed at solving cyber-security issues. They are constantly striving to enhance their encryption software; while constantly using SSL, which is a protocol that protects data by way of cryptographic primitives.

Are Blockchain-Based Casinos Safer?

It’s generally believed that blockchain technology can solve many security-related issues, as it represents a decentralized approach, with no central server to be hacked. Blockchain-powered casinos are indeed a recent industry trend; but unfortunately, they also have some vulnerabilities. For instance, in 2018, hackers got into the EOS betting app and stole coins worth $200,000. This suggests that the good old payment methods are not that bad and obviously have the right to exist.

What Should You Do if Your Casino Account Gets Hacked?

Online casino Cyber LockAnyway, if you can’t log in to your account or your balance has changed, and you suspect that it has been hacked, then, first of all, you should contact customer support. Ask the casino to freeze your account and investigate the hack. If a casino refuses to cooperate or simply ignores you, you can submit a complaint to the relevant regulatory commissions. To prevent any unauthorized access to your account, stick to tried and tested platforms, and make sure you choose the most reliable payment methods.

To Summarize

As we can see, there are several cyber-security dangers both for casino operators and customers. However, if anyone starts thinking about hacking a gambling website, they should realize that it’s way too complicated, and probably not even worth it at all. So what they can do instead is to use one or other generous online casinos promotion, learn some decent strategies and apply them to the games they’re playing, so that they can get higher wins than ever before. Finally, choosing a reputable casino website is the first step to feel secure and enjoy the gambling experience to the fullest!

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