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The Guinness Book of World Records is considered to be the best-selling copyrighted book of all time. There are thousands of different records, and of course, some of them do relate to gambling. Do you know about the largest black table that ever existed? How old is the oldest croupier? Read on to find out!

The largest jackpot in online slots history — €18,915,872.81

Mega Moolah JackPot Win

In 2018, a new world’s biggest slots jackpot record was set with a life-changing sum of €18,915,872.81. The winner broke the 2015 record of €17,879,645.12, proudly earning first place in our hit parade.

slot-tournamentsThe largest slot tournaments — 3,173 participants

In 2016, Muckleshoot Casino, with support from Everi Games Inc., threw the biggest party in the world —  a slot tournament — with 3,173 players. The event that took place in Auburn, Washington, USA, was absolutely free for guests of 21 years old and older; and it awarded more than $100,000 in cash!

The biggest slot machine win — $39,713,982

In 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer won the largest slot jackpot, then went on to become a world record holder. Playing a $100 on a Megabucks at Excalibur Hotel-Casino in Vegas, this player won over $39.7 million!

Most slots running the same game — 1,610

The Mohegan Sun Casino and Bally Technologies during the Slot Machine Tournament set the record for most slot machines running the same game in 2013. A queue was formed at 6 am to register for the contest, with 1,610 slots running the very same game: Hot Shot!

bally_hotshot Slots

The oldest croupier

Joanna Dodd must really love being a croupier at Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is officially the oldest dealer, and was born on January 15, 1936.

venetian-macaoThe largest casino — Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao, a casino-hotel resort in China, is not only considered one of the best gambling venues to play, but also the largest casino in the world, at 57,000 sqm! With over 6,500 slots and gaming tables, this place is the ultimate heaven for gamblers.

Casino crawl in 24 hours — 74

In 2017, Gary Meyer and Kimo Ah achieved the record of the most casinos visited, by visiting 74 casinos in 24 hours in Las Vegas. They broke their previous record of 69 casinos in 2015.

The highest number of players in an online poker room — 307,016

In 2009, an Internet poker room gathered 307,016 gamblers together, who played on a total of 42,814 tables.

The largest prize for a baccarat tournament — $12,890,500

In 2015, Lin Hasain went home with an incredible award of HKD100 million (which is $12,890,500) after participating in the World Series Baccarat Championship at Sansa Cotai Central Sheraton Ballroom in Macao.

The largest blackjack table — 206,85 sqm

Biggest BlackJack Table in THE WORLD

The Viejas Casino in Alpine, California, entered the Guinness World Records with the largest currently functioning blackjack table. Created in 2013, the table measures 206,85 sqm in surface area. At the celebration of the Viejas Casino’s 21st anniversary, six guests played blackjack using oversized chips and cards, all matched to scale with the table, which required the dealer to stand on it.

The largest roulette wheel — 8.75 sqm

Biggest Roulette Wheel in Guines Book

The Casino of Lebanon made it to the record book with the biggest roulette wheel ever seen. It was designed on an aluminum structure with a diameter of 8.75 meters and installed in the main lobby, for a whole 18 hours of continuous work. The roulette then was lifted and hung on the ceiling, where people could play it wirelessly.

The biggest gambling city — Macau

Since Macau first opened its doors to Las Vegas operators, its annual revenue has increased nearly tenfold; in fact, almost to $33 billion, making it the gambling capital of the world, the Monte Carlo of the East, and the biggest gambling city in the world.

Stephen De RaffaeleThe longest dealer’s shift — 51 hours and 35 mins

If you think your 9 to 5 working shift is long, then you haven’t heard about this guy! Stephen De Raffaele spent more than 2 days, exactly 51 hours and 33 minutes, dealing blackjack in 2001 at the Oracle Casino in Malta. He only stopped every 8 hours for a 15 minutes break. Now that’s the spirit!

You’d Also Like to Know:

  • Do you get paid for breaking a world record?

There’s actually no monetary prize for breaking a Guinness World Record; however, the record holder does get famous and then has the chance to get sponsored to organize events, to finally earn real money.

  • Who created Guinness Records?

The idea of the book belongs to Sir Hugh Beaver, the manager of Guinness Brewery. When he attended a shooting party, he and his friends had an argument about the fastest game bird in Europe. They couldn’t find an answer in any of the existing books, so that’s when he decided to create one.

  • What is the strangest world record?

In 2010, an architect, Bryan Berg, built the largest house of cards ever. It was constructed as a replica of the Venetian Macao; and it took the artist 44 days to make it, using no glue, tape, or other materials.

  • What’s the most valuable casino chip?

The most valuable chip was designed by Gerald N. Lewy, a Canadian stone settler, and was valued at Canadian $450,000.

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