Difference Between Female and Male Gamblers

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Men and women will always have their differences, and all these differences have a significant impact on our lives; and the gambling sphere is no exception. Traditionally, playing casino games was an exclusive male player entertainment. And not even because women were excluded, but they simply weren’t as keen on gambling as men.

Nowadays, things have changed drastically, as more and more women have started to show an interest in gambling activities. Still, this doesn’t prove that women and men have the same gambling habits and preferences; in fact, far from it! So, let’s check out the differences between the style of playing of the two opposite sexes.

Gaming Preferences and Habits

Global statistics suggest that the adult gambling community consists of 57% male and 43% female players. Studies have revealed that the preferences and playing habits differ between the sexes.

Men typically love risk playing, all because of the excitement that comes with the possibility of a high payoff. This includes blackjack, poker games, and sports betting.

By contrast, women tend to prefer relaxing game experiences. Most of them would rather play less competitive games, which are more about pleasure than about outdoing your opponents; such as online slot machines, bingo, or keno.


Evidence also shows that women dedicate more time to each gaming session than men. That means that by playing for lower stakes, they can maximize the length of each game by putting less on each spin, hand, or turn. At the same time, male gamblers place more on the line, thereby shortening their gaming sessions.

Man Playing in casino

It follows from this that men are involved in more gaming sessions per year than their opposite sex. Among regular players, males spend an average of 115 days per year on online gambling, which is more than females, who spend 71 days on average.


In fact, both men and women play in casinos in order to make money. However, there are other reasons why gambling is such a popular form of entertainment. And that’s nothing else but fun and the lure of winning! And so with this in mind, we can say that 51% of women and 55% of men were playing games to win, while 22% of female and 19% of male players gambled because they were bored.

Woman Playing in casino


There also exists a difference between men and women with regard to gambling problems. That said, men tend to be more impulsive gamblers, and therefore, they have more gambling addiction problems than women do. They tend to place riskier bets and end up getting in trouble. Women are actually more conservative, so maybe fewer of them are involved in toxic gameplay.

Reaction on Losses

Man-and-Woman playing Torgather cards

Different surveys prove that men are more likely to report frustration or even anger when they lose. Women, on the other hand, show signs of distress or sadness when losing money. So while women are playing slots, possibly crying or with a sad expression, men may well be hitting the machines with all their might!

Additional Differences

Apart from playing different types of games, there are some other significant distinctions. Thus, male players lose on average approximately $4,500 per year or roughly $12 per day. As for females, the sums in question were a bit lower with $3,200 per year, or $9 per day!

Although women tend to spend less money on the line, they spread their investments further, enjoying their game. Men can place bigger deposits, but they also have a tendency to lose all at once.

The average age for male players is around 20; however, the average age for female players is 34! This is pretty surprising; but then again, but women start gambling much later in life than men do.


So, we can definitely say that the era of exclusively male gambling is over. Now, women are involved more and more in online and land-based casinos. However, no one can argue with the fact that women and men differ in terms of gambling preferences, as well as other gambling choices.

Man-and-Woman playing Torgather in the casino

We cannot say which gender holds sway over the gambling world; as it’s all about nurture, not nature! So when it comes to gambling, both sexes have equal basic capabilities.

One we know for sure, that casinos don’t discriminate players on the basis of gender, so everyone is welcome to register and have fun!

You May Wonder…

  • What are the most unusual places players ever gambled?

Most men and women gamble in front of the TV; however, the most unusual place remains the bathroom, where approximately 23% of females and 27% of males have found themselves involved in the game. Roughly 10% gamble in the hospital, but the most surprising place was… on the road! Almost 8% of all gamblers (both men and women) choose to risk their lives to play while they’re driving.

  • Are there any advantages of playing blackjack if you’re a woman?

You see, being a woman can help you in many life situations, and a blackjack game is one of them. Because even though card counting isn’t considered as fraud, land-based casinos don’t really like those tricks and always tend to find out about them before they hit the jackpot. The thing is that gambling venues always focus on men while trying to find out a card counter; so being a woman is a plus here!

  • Does sexism in the gambling industry still exist?

We live in the 21st century, so people more and more tend to be correct and careful about this topic. Today land-based and online gambling venues don’t discriminate, nor do they distinguish players based on their sex. Every player is valuable, and everyone is treated like a special guest!

  • Do men get paid more than women in the gambling industry?

Although our society tries to move out of entrenched stereotypes, there’s still a slight bit of sexism remaining in land-based casinos. Statistically, there are some casinos that provide a higher salary for male workers. However, this tendency is fading away, step by step, thanks to globalization in the 21st century.

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