Reverse Martingale Progression Guide

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Roulette Reverse Martingale Progression Guide

Have you ever wondered how to win at roulette? Of course you have! Everybody feels more confident when they have the right betting system to help them triumph. So many gamblers have embarked on a never-ending quest for the winning roulette strategy; and often enough, this has led them straight down the rabbit-hole of exotic mathematical formulas and unique logical concepts.

For a long time, the Martingale Roulette System was peerless among all other strategies, as it urged the players to double their bets after each loss. This is the most respected method among experienced players, and it’s pretty effective for those who know which progression to use.

However, merely deciding to make a double bet all the time can’t guarantee you huge profits, nor can it ensure your bankroll is going to last for very long. The Reverse Martingale betting system, also known as Paroli, is the opposite strategy, where the players double their bets after each win. Some claim it became popular in Italy in the 16th century, when it was first applied in a game called Basset, which was one of the earliest variations of the game of roulette. Currently, Paroli is used in various types of casino classic games, like baccarat and so many other well loved classics!

Reverse Martingale Explained

First and foremost, define your bankroll and the target amount of money you are prepared to lose. This type of strategy calls for a significant bankroll, at least if you hope to stay in the game for long. In the beginning, you should wager the smallest part of the bankroll after each roulette wheel spin. This will serve you as your original bet. After each win, you should multiply the bet by the amount you have just won. If you lose, you can just go back to placing the original bet all over again. Your game can go on until the whole bankroll is exhausted or the target amount is reached.

The probability of the Paroli Betting Strategy can be presented in the following way:

There are two possible outcomes of the Reverse Martingale roulette strategy. Either you drain all your bankroll, or you come out with a huge win! This aspect may remind you of the All-in strategy. So you just need to make a decision about how much you can afford to lose in one single session at the roulette table. When you set this basic bet, then you can proceed with different kinds of further bets.

Some players may be critical of the idea of wagering all your winnings after the successful spin. However, increasing the bet in such a way generally proves to be a pretty effective move, albeit a risky one. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of wagering only part of your win. This will lower your expected profit, but it will help you last longer in your game. This type of behavior is described in the separate theory, which is called the Progressive Bet strategy.

For those players who want to stick to a safe, steady pace through the game, there is the option of following the 3-step Reverse Martingale. The aim of the method is to narrow the progression to 3 games in a row. This strategy looks as follows:

Be aware that this tactic works in cases when you have 3 wins in a row. Otherwise, don’t try to stick to this progression any longer than you need to.


The Paroli strategy is very easy to understand. If you want to play roulette and you’re searching for help, this is the very thing you need! Unlike the Martingale System, this strategy helps you minimize the risk of losing huge amounts of money. The expected return for the player is much higher, as you are not forced to raise the stakes frequently, and you are also free to wager small amounts throughout the game.

Your odds of winning big are actually pretty high! Once you set the target amount high, the chances of losing become slimmer. The expected play time can be easily predicted, as it’s connected to the size of the bet and the number of spins. For instance, you have a fixed original bet of $1, and your bankroll is $100. The overall amount of spins to play will be 100. As the wins come your way and you raise the bet after them, the number of spins will depend on the type of the bet you place.

Let’s have a look at the betting on Color. You may see that placing the initial bet of $1 is 100%. Then the probability for the $2 bet shrinks to 48.65%. And if by any chance, you win the second spin, the probability for a $4 stake is near 23.67%. The probability will decrease as you go on, and your chances of winning can be seen in the following list, which is structured according to the bet types:

Game simulations prove the expected number of spins for each type of bet. Also, another issue you have to deal with is the relationship between the desired win and the average cost. For example, Straight Up bet usually has the highest win rate and the lowest cost. However, this only works on condition you keep playing it for a long time without switching to another type.


One of the main problems with Paroli is that one lost bet is sure to cost you all your previous ones. This means it’s going to wipe out everything you have won, which ultimately means ending this epic winning streak you’ve been working so hard on! So if you ever decide to play European roulette, the Reverse Martingale strategy is going to reduce the 2.6% house edge. So whenever you hit a losing streak, you’re going for a gradual set of wins, which is pretty hard to achieve.

There might be a problem with betting limits in land-based or online casinos. The rapidly growing size of the wager when you’re winning may become an issue for the casino. So you do need to check the provisions of the website or of the gambling venue, prior to placing your first bet. Sometimes your bets can’t go over $500 on Straight Up in some online casinos, so you will have to struggle to increase the wager.

Despite the fact that the Reverse Martingale does accumulate some small losses, your chances of crushing the roulette table and cashing out big are slim; because the indispensable house edge will not let you do it. So for those who want to play roulette for real money using this system, there are plenty of opportunities online. Start playing European or American roulette online and finally start building your skills to become a real pro! Mastering Paroli might help you become a really confident player, crushing the casinos from Las Vegas to Macau!

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