How To Pick The Best Slot

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Slots The Best Slot you can pick

If we were asked to come up with a word that could accurately describe the contemporary world of online slots, we would go for chaos. Chaos is actually reigning in the industry, and software providers are only adding fuel to the fire by releasing more online one-armed bandit games yearly.

Chaos begets even more chaos. A mere look at the diversity of online slots is sweat-worthy; and if you dare to select a game to play, your nerve cells might well end up sending a stream of chaotically impulses, as if they were begging you to make your choices; like, right now! Fortunately, we’re here to help!

So Many People, So Many Tastes: Discover What You Need

Nowadays, the online gambling industry counts thousands of slot machines that pamper players with a wide selection of games. And with this abundance of slots, it is, of course, essential to find the kind of games that are most suitable for you. So, let’s take a look at the gambling industry and decide what to play online!

Software Provider

If we want to answer the question “How to pick the best slot?”, the first thing to be considered is the software developers. The world of online gambling is full of software providers, but only a few of them have established themselves as worthy suppliers of games. Make sure you play slots powered by top-notch developers like Real Time Gaming (RTG), Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Jackpot Slots or Non-Jackpot Slots?

Realtime Gaming Three rails with Jackpot on itWhen it comes to choosing between non-jackpot and jackpot slots, we can bet that the overwhelming majority of novices and even some experienced slot players would prefer the latter. Indeed, jackpot slots boast immense popularity among casino games players, which is mainly due to a chance of winning big. But is this choice justified? It’s for you to decide.

Most of the jackpots slots have pretty low RTP (Return to Player), which means that your chances of winning the base game are very low; whereas hitting the jackpot requires luck, lots of luck! So, make up your mind: either you’re ready to sacrifice some winnings in a hunt for a jackpot or play non-jackpot slots.

Rare Big Winnings vs Frequent Small Winnings

Given a huge choice of online one-armed bandits, software developers had to come up with some features that would distinguish slots from one another. And they did. One of the implementation which seriously influences one’s gambling experience is Variance. Variance (aka Volatility) determines the frequency and amount of the payouts a slot gives.

  • Slots with High Volatility provide you with mainly big but infrequent wins. Small wins do also occur, but their frequency is significantly lower compared to slots with Medium and Lower Volatility.
  • Slots with Low Volatility reward you with decent — but not big — wins that happen pretty often.
  • Slots with Medium Volatility provide you with average wins that require an average amount of time to be hit.

Knowing the volatility of the slot you intend to play is vital, as it helps you manage your bankroll wisely as well as prevent possible disappointments.


Technologies perform magic nowadays, puzzling numerous veterans of gambling as well as impressing newbies. The online gambling niche is mainly represented by video slots featuring cutting-edge graphics and flashy bonus rounds, leaving the lovers of old time slots practically out of choice. For example, RealTime gaming slots feature both modern and old-school design.

Bonus Rounds & Features

Gamblers Two slots with different futuresOne of the main reasons people play slots is excitement. They are looking for the excitement of the result of a turnover, the excitement of a possible win, and the excitement of the game with their favorite features or bonus rounds. As for the latter, most punters have developed a predilection for a certain bonus, which makes their gameplay constantly fascinating.

Bonus rounds and features exist in many forms, but you’ll certainly find the one that suits you most! Take a look at the most prominent ideas software developers have so far come up with:

  • Avalanche Feature (aka Cascading Reels). If you hit a winning combination in a slot with an Avalanche feature, the symbols that were part of the win disappear, and the new ones land on the grid; this gives you a chance to get another win without placing a bet.
  • Expanding Wild Feature. Every Wild symbol that appears on the grid expands, covering the entire reel. The Expanding Wild feature increases your chances of hitting a winning combination.
  • Multipliers. Multipliers increase your winnings by a certain number of times; this is predetermined by the game itself.
  • Free Spins. Once you get a certain number of scatters (three are usually required), the Free Spins bonus will be activated, granting you a certain number of bet-free games. In order to make the bonus more fascinating, software providers usually include other game modifiers like multipliers or wild features.
  • Arcade Game Feature. Some slots offer small arcade games as bonuses or game modifiers. You’ll find yourself filling a bar with a substance that will eventually reward you with additional wilds or bet multipliers; spinning a wheel with bonuses scattered over it; playing a board game; and many others.

Sometimes You Simply Have No Choice

Online casinos tend to offer bonuses (welcome bonuses, non-deposit bonuses, daily bonuses, and others) on slots with low and medium volatility, dodging big wins that are likely to occur in slots with high volatility. Therefore, the selection of games while playing with bonuses is frequently scarce, and gamblers are for the most part left with a dozen slots to play. This must be one of the reasons that lead the players to bonus hunting; i.e., a constant jumping from one casino to another and claiming bonuses.

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