Best Money Management Tips & Advice for Online Blackjack

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Online BlackJack

If you want to learn how to become a better player in blackjack and you’ve just started searching the web, you may be surprised to see that there are tons of learning materials and resources out there – perhaps many more than you first expected. But the sheer multitude of sources of all kinds out there can be, quite misleading, in a way. So whether you’ve already started playing blackjack online for real money, or still just weighing your options, you may only need a couple of good tips and advice to keep in mind. Just some tips, and not a hundred! And that’s why we’ve decided to make life easier for you, and to summarize some points that we think are more important than the others.

1. Your Money Management Is a Top Skill

Many people make the mistake of learning how to play real online blackjack for money without having first how to manage their money in the first place! And however impolite it might seem, at this point we do need quote the old saying: a fool and his money are soon parted!

That is why money management is a key skill and should be treated as a skill inseparable from all the other things you need to learn in order to have more success playing real money blackjack online. Understanding the strategies, knowing the odds and making the best decisions about every particular hand – all this is simply pointless, in the end, if you don’t manage your bankroll properly!

Your bankroll management strategy is the kind of skill that should always come first, and it is also the very first one you need to develop. And that’s why we believe that this is tip #1 you need to always keep in mind!

2. Set Your Money Limits


Well, this is a story that has been told and retold time and time again on every corner of the web; wherever people are talking about gambling in general and real money online blackjack in particular, there are more than enough reminders to be found online! Oh, and by the way: do you know the actual reason why the phrase “set your limits” in blackjack context can be found hundreds of thousands of times? Well yes, exactly! Purely because of the sad, sad truth that people often do go on to ignore this important advice.

Now I’m sure we can all agree that this game is a pretty absorbing one, and pretty demanding to boot; so there is a real risk the players will indeed end up getting carried away. And yes, that includes even very good players too! So if you don’t set your money limit, then losing your grip is a real threat to your savings! Then in a flash, you’ll discover to your horror that you’ve ended up gambling away rather too much of your hard-earned money. To avoid this risk, you need to understand how much money you can afford to lose. Then set your limit accordingly before you log in to play blackjack online for real money. Because quite frankly, it’s a little late to be setting your limit after you log in!

It’s always wise to set your limit not only “for tonight,” but also for a week or a month. This has a lot to do with proper planning – so if your weekly or monthly limit is exhausted, then don’t play. Just wait.

These weekly and monthly limits are very helpful to help curb the risk of compulsive gambling. Investigations conducted on the topic of compulsive gambling have found that in general, people who have this problem never thought they would end up getting sucked in like this! Other findings from the research include something very interesting: people who fall into compulsive gambling are normally the ones who have largely ignored the necessity to set weekly and monthly limits for gambling – even if they still had some “tonight” limits in place.

3. Check the Clock

checking the clock at casino

“Now what on earth could checking the clock possibly have to do with money management,” you might wonder. The answer is simply this: everything. After all, perhaps you already know that not many casino premises have clocks or windows. Indeed, they say that thinking about what time it is now risks distracting the players and hindering them from concentrating on the game. In fact, it can indeed! However, being unaware of time is something works in the casino’s favor, not yours… Still, if you play online blackjack for real money from your computer at home and your playing sessions seem to be getting too long – then you can’t possibly blame the casino for not placing a clock on the wall!

You should pay attention to how long your playing sessions are. There is no recommended duration for every player. But just bear in mind that time is working against you – you get tired and absorbed, and you may possibly get carried away and be at a higher risk of gambling away too much of your money. So simply set a time limit, just as you’ve set a money limit, and then make sure you stick to it!

But another convenient feature of online blackjack, of course, is that you can play it anytime; for example, at home! And here we are then: a pretty obvious risk. Don’t spend too much time playing these games! Many online players spend long, sleepless nights in front of their screens, or even get used to sleeping at random hours – but this is no good, either. Remember that your body has its own circadian biorhythms, and if you force it to stay up and play at night – then yes, it will obey, albeit reluctantly; with many negative side effects and unhealthy coping mechanisms arising from the poor decision you’ve just made.

You can even get fatter if your online gambling sessions last too long at evening or at night – sitting up late in front of the screen with some unhealthy snacks, junk food, and sweetened drinks is no good for your waist, not to mention the multiple health risks generally associated with this particular kind of pastime!

4. Stay Clear

casino strategiesSome land-based casinos offer alcohol to their customers, because they figured out a long time ago that the more people drink, the more they lose. As simple as that! So when you decide to play real money online blackjack, don’t drink alcohol.

Strangely enough, everybody knows that alcohol dulls your senses, slows your mind and distorts your perception; but even so, some people still like sitting down to play blackjack online with a couple of beers. And of course, it might seem OK to them; but actually it’s not! And this is not only because of the pack of chips or popcorn that usually comes along – which is not really good at night, as we mentioned above – but also because beer is still an alcoholic drink; and anyway, this alcohol would end up working against you. Playing blackjack online for real money is a serious business and must be treated accordingly – even though it is fun, and you may well love the game every bit as much as so many, many millions of people do already.

5. Deposit and Bet Wisely, and Follow the Strategy

You may want to alter your bet size to maximize the positive outcome of your winning streaks, as well as to minimize the losses on the losing ones. But never deposit or bet money you cannot afford to lose. Making your deposit for playing online blackjack for real money, making sure to find the right balance for your bankroll limits and the various bonuses offered to you. And do make sure the banking option playroom offer is suitable for you too!

Now as you probably know, blackjack is not an intuitive game. Rather, it’s a game for people who know the strategy and then make sure they actually go on to use it when they play! So if you’re more of an intuitive player, think twice before you decide to dedicate your time to the task of playing blackjack online for real money. Because this really is a game that depends on making the right betting decisions; so if your intuitive decisions tend to go against the strategies that are recommended for every type of hand being played, then you’re most certainly not going to be satisfied with the result at the end of play. So just study the strategies and the logic behind them, go on and practice a lot, and you’ll be sure to finally see it for yourself!

People Also Ask:

  • How do you win in blackjack?

There are about 4 times more pages containing the question “how do you win in blackjack?” than pages with the same question about chess. Of course, this doesn’t mean there are 4 times more blackjack players than chess players. It simply means that this question is a really hot topic, and it probably has no simple answer. Just start with learning the game, the rules and the strategies, then practice for free before you make your first deposit to play online blackjack for real money.

  • Should I take even money in blackjack?

Even money is a special bet offered to you on your blackjack when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. And the only reason the casino offers it is that if you agree it lowers your edge. That is why you should never take it. The chance that you have a push with the dealer, in this case, is 30.74%; while the chance that you get your 3 to 2 payout is 69.26%. Don’t give this advantage of yours away!

  • Can online blackjack game be rigged?

This is the fear many beginners share – that online casinos are able to rig the game, to stop them winning! After all, you’re playing from your computer, and there’s no way you can possibly prevent the virtual dealer is cheating or not. But you are playing against a machine, which is programmed to be 100% random. Of course, technically, everything that has been programmed, is possible to re-program. But in practice, online casinos use certified and protected programming software. If you choose to play blackjack online for real money at a well-reputed and established casino, which is subject to monitoring and regular checks, you can rest assured that your game is not rigged at all.

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