Benefits of Dogecoin Online Gambling

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Benefits of Dogecoin Online Gambling

To the Moon and Back: Dogecoin Benefits in Online Gambling

The age of financial technologies development sends a clear signal to us all: we need no longer print dead presidents and national heroes on our money. In fact, a cute and amusing dog is enough to create a full-fledged, recognizable electronic currency. This is precisely what happened when an already popular doge meme became the ‘face’ or ‘mascot’ of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin brought the meme’s popularity to a new level. Thanks to the story of how Dogecoin users supported the Jamaican bobsled team, the dog’s fame went beyond the Internet. And there’s more! Pretty soon, the coin that features a cute Shiba Inu will go into space. In 2019, it will fly to the moon with the Astrobotic team as part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

It’s true that Dogecoin usage leaves much to be desired when compared with Bitcoin. However, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency has a rather devoted and cohesive community. What’s more, many establishments are going to accept Dogecoin as a payment method over time. It will make all payments easy, including buying food, drinks, and clothes, paying rent, and more. For example, the online store GamerzHeat will welcome Dogecoin users who buy expensive video cards not for mining but to play The Witcher 3. This website offers digital game copies in exchange for Dogecoins.

The gambling industry is also in the loop. It’s no wonder, as Dogecoin is accepted by a long list of online casino sites.

The portals offer players different conditions for playing. In some, you can spend and earn Dogecoins in all casino games. In others, Dogecoin can only be used to play slot machines. Some portals are prepared to offer a 100% deposit bonus in this cryptocurrency. Dogecoin poker, Dogecoin blackjack, Dogecoin roulette, or Dogecoin dice games – many entertainments are available on the listed online gambling sites.

Among other gambling entertainment, one may find:

  • Lotteries
  • Hi-Lo
  • Ponzi games

Sports betting fans can place bets using Dogecoin on betting portals. Explore, compare, and find the best options. We will gladly help you with this by supplying you with fresh information about cryptocurrency gambling.

How Dogecoin Appeared

At first, the world encountered Bitcoin. Many people loved the idea so much that a group created an alternative cryptocurrency: Litecoin. After a while, Luckycoin appeared, which was based on Litecoin. Eventually, in December 2013, Dogecoin — the cutest coin — was launched.

The Dogecoin creators, Portland programmer Billy Markus and Adobe Systems member Jackson Palmer, had a good sense of humor. According to their idea, the new cryptocurrency was supposed to be a great joke for the whole community. And they could hardly imagine that a month after the launch, the market capitalization of their offspring would reach $60 million.

What led to the growing popularity and market cap of Dogecoin? Charity fundraising played an important role. In the winter of 2014, a group of people announced the goal of raising fifty thousand dollars for the Jamaican team’s trip to the Olympic Games in Sochi. The trend caught on. By the next day, Dogecoin’s rate to Bitcoin doubled. Jamaican bobsledders, by the way, did the same at that Olympiad.

Dogecoin inspired the start of money collection to construct a potable water source in Kenya. The campaign was named “Doge4Water” and collected more than thirty thousand dollars.

In the spring of 2014, the community collected $55,000 in Dogecoins for NASCAR rider Josh Wise. It is noteworthy that Wise was driving a car with a huge ‘Dogecoin’ inscription and several images of the famous Shiba Inu on the hood.

In what may constitute the most incredible crowdfunding project, the community raised money for Dogecoin’s journey to the Moon. The flight will take place in 2019.

Until then, you can play for Dogecoins in a casino!

Benefits of Dogecoin Gambling

Like most cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin provides you with a whole list of advantages of online gambling:

  • Anonymity. The system does not need your personal information. Nobody will know which Dogecoin online casinos you visit and how much money you bet – including the sites themselves.
  • Savings. It is much cheaper to deposit and withdraw funds via Dogecoin. In addition, cryptocurrency casinos usually set aside a higher percentage of payments for the player who plays for the cryptocurrency.
  • Speed. The transfer of funds in Dogecoins will take less time than in fiat money.
  • Honesty. By playing in provably fair casinos, you will ensure that you are not deceived.

Some casino fans believe that playing for Dogecoins is more profitable even than online gambling for Bitcoin. The main reasons are higher speeds and lower transaction costs.
And it’s the cutest coin you could ever imagine. Much wow.

More Dogecoin Crypto Games

The Internet offers a truckload of Dogecoin entertainment that has nothing to do with bets. Let’s start with the most popular – Dogecoin faucets, which will help you to earn a few coins. Here are some of them:

  • Moon Dogecoin
  • Free Doge
  • Doge Snails Racing
  • Doge Cryptodrops
  • Doge Atom

Dogecoin fans will love Doge 2048, the ‘improved’ version of the hot game. You won’t win any money, but pleasure is guaranteed.

Moreover, have you heard about the mining simulators? If not, then it’s time to play Dogeminer. Dogeminer is a fun time killer in which you have to collect enough coins for a trip to the Moon.

Finally, here’s some advice. Do not forget to take pictures of your dogs, cats, spiders, turtles, or birds. Who knows? Maybe your favorite pet will become a symbol of a future digital currency, and its photo will visit the Moon.

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