Incredible Gambling Health Benefits

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Incredible Gambling Health Benefits

Imagine you’re being interviewed by a reporter in the street and are asked: “What are the health benefits of gambling?” Tricky question, huh? What would you say? This question would definitely raise an eyebrow or two. If you’re thinking that you would say gambling holds no health benefits at all, then prepare to be astonished and amazed because this would be the wrong answer, my friend. Despite all of the obvious positive aspects that casinos provide to the economy, it’s still often regarded as an activity which has a somewhat negative effect on the individual. However, doctors say otherwise!

Gambling Health Benefits

We can’t claim that all doctors believe this. They don’t say that you must play casino games in order to stay healthy and that advantages of online gambling are crucial, but we are sure you get the gist. Obviously, we can’t deny a certain harmful impact but we`re going to present you with scientific evidence that shows gambling is a devil that isn’t as black as it’s painted. Actually, it has some angelic wings if you look closely enough.

Skydiving? Oh, You Don’t Really Have to!

Gambling provides you with a great adrenaline rush. You feel a thrill, a bit of tension and excitement. For instance, imagine a bookmaker’s Tour de France experience which can be associated with anything but calmness. So, are these good feelings? Isn’t it bad for your health to get nervous? No, not really! This is because there are different types of stress.  It can be negative (who would ever doubt that?) or positive (surprise, surprise!). A permanent state of stress that consumes you and puts you in a bubble full of sad thoughts, bad sleep, and chronic fatigue may lead to all kinds of health problems. However, when it’s a one-time adrenaline wave like a parachuting experience, rafting, a poker game or a slots round, then it’s a completely different story. Our calm and comfortable lives aren’t meant to be a healthy option. Seriously, think about it. Our ancestors used to run away from enemies, hunted down food and had to be alert all the time. That’s what we have adrenaline for and its regular release is absolutely crucial for our mind and body. Nowadays, we (thankfully) don’t have those sorts of terrible sources of danger that can pose a threat to our lives; but a hormonal balance requires an adrenaline boost and gambling is one of the safest ways to get that vital substance rushing through our veins.

Adrenaline has many more advantages that you can imagine. Usually, in movies, a person that is buzzed up with this stress hormone can turn over cars or jump over 7 feet fences. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way in real life. You may not acquire this kind of superpower but at least you’ll get a boost to your immune system, a better sleep and will even be released from pain because what adrenaline does to your body is really cool. In addition, get ready to be amazed because it even slows down aging! How about that? It’s all thanks to antioxidants which become rather active when your body is on the edge. Also, adrenaline release leads to a happiness hormones spurt.

Gambling has impressive health benefits

Despite all these great perks, it’s our duty to warn you that an epinephrine (just a fancy scientific name for a stress hormone) can be addictive. Have you heard of ‘adrenaline junkies’? Yep, this chemical substance that you get high on can make you jump off bridges with a rope or get stuck on an online casino platform for quite some time so beware!

A Path to Becoming a Brainiac

When any game includes strategy, well-thought-out tactics, psychological tricks and mathematical calculations, it automatically becomes intellectually challenging. We’re not talking about each and every game but poker, for example, is a great activity for boosting your intelligence and even your cognitive functioning. Your brain is always on the edge and is in a tense condition when you’re trying to predict the outcome of a game or develop your strategy in order to win. Tell us this doesn’t require some serious thinking!

We hope there is no need to explain why intellectual development is great for your health. At least you’ll be smart enough to avoid various life-threatening situations. In the long run, regular intellectual challenges in various forms help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other horrifying illnesses. We’re not saying that playing poker or any other similar games will be a guarantee that you will avoid brain diseases, but it can certainly raise your chances.

They Say Introversion Builds Up with Age

Look around! What do you see? Or who do you see? We are surrounded by people for a significant amount of time on a daily basis. Sometimes, we may not fancy that and get really annoyed but we still can’t live apart from society. This form of organization was once an evolutionary advantage and staying in groups helped our ancestors survive. Modern scientific studies report that adults these days don’t have a strong urge to be socially active because we can easily survive without other people. However, it’s incredibly difficult from a psychological point of view.

People crave the company of other human beings because all kinds of interactions make them happier. When we are in a group of friends, our bodies release oxytocin which is also known as a social hormone and it’s one of the ‘happy hormones’. When you’re playing table games whether at a casino or elsewhere, you feel a connection to the people who are with you in this game. When you’re young it may seem like a minor advantage.

Now let’s think about the elderly. According to a social survey, more than one-third of older people feel lonely and poker (along with other group games) has become a great source of enjoyment for serious citizens. While socializing, they feel better, become healthier and are generally happier. So now we challenge you to try and prove that benefits of online gambling, as well as the positive impact of gambling on society, do not exist.

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