A Bookmaker`s Guide to Tour de France

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A Bookmaker`s Guide to Tour de France

Tour de France: a Bookmaker`s Guide You`ve Been Looking For

Ooh, Le Tour de France. There is something about this name that makes you want to pronounce it with a fake French accent. Let`s admit that all French words sound charming except for such linguistic creations as épanouissement or feuilleté. Don`t bother trying to deal with these tongue-twisters, let`s get to the actual topic of the article before we dive too deep into this whole Oh là là mood.

Le Tour de France is one of the most popular gambling events of l’Hexagone. Yep, for half of the population, it`s a gambling opportunity, and the other half sees it as an epic sports celebration. How much time can you ride a bike without stopping? An hour? Two? Three? Okay, let`s say you`re fit, you`re a superstar of a local gym, and you can nail that whole-day-distance. However, how about riding a bike for 23 days straight? It`s not like you can`t sleep or eat, of course!

Le Tour de France is a real challenge for both your physical and mental health. Moreover, finding the right betting strategy is no less of a problem. At first, we need to figure out how this whole system works. Let`s start with Le Tour de France as an adrenaline-filled sporting event.

A Little Tour to Tour de France

Le Tour de France is a tremendously epic event filled with joy, adrenaline, physical strength, endurance, cheerful screams of fans, and money, of course. What did you expect? Every sports competition has a financial factor in its core. Even the most grandiose of them all, the Olympic Games. Especially the Olympic Games! Why do you think golf became an official Olympic sport? Golf and the Olympic games is a whole other story though, and if you let us fixate on it, we won`t get any closer to all that information about betting and winning.

So le Tour de France was born thanks to a rivalry between two major French sports newspapers – `Le Vélo` (which means `The Bike`) and `L’Auto` (which we won`t even translate because shame on you if you don`t know this word). `L`Auto` started losing an audience and editors decided to attract the attention of readers with a new competition. The French didn`t dig it, and the first tour turned out to be a failure. The next year, the editors increased an amount of prize money, made a route shorter (it was almost 40 days in the beginning), and allowed cyclists to go on with competition only in daylight to eliminate all cheating cases. It worked! The sportsmen got their fame, the editors got their sold out copies of ` L’Auto,` and everybody was happy. In case you want to be happy about the popularity of Le Tour de France yourself, let`s take a look at your most promising betting options.

Why Is Tour de France a Great Gambling Opportunity?

It`s popular, it`s highly anticipated, it`s profitable, and it gives you tons of betting options that can be compared with those which the largest casinos in the world offer. Tour de France betting might be even better than the Olympics one, concerning the sums you can earn. In comparison to the usual forms of gambling, sports betting always seems like a more attractive alternative. Mainly because you have more source data, you can conduct in-depth research, analyze the odds. You simply have more control. While in the traditional gambling, the most crucial factor of a positive outcome is good luck, in sports betting, it`s a combination of dozens of factors that about which we`re going to tell you.

A Bookmaker`s Guide to Tour de France

Each year, there are around 200 participants and millions of bettors. You don`t have to be a mathematician to figure out what are the odds. You can bet on teams, individual cyclists, on the whole length of a route or on stages (there are 21 of them). There are three parts of the tour that you can also place money on: flat, hills, and mountains. If you predict a winner of the whole race, it will be hard to wrap your head around an idea how much money you`re going to get.

Make Some Notes, There Are Many Factors to Consider

Are all cyclists who participate in Tour de France professionals? Yes! Moreover, for you, it creates two obstacles. Firstly, if you, as an amateur, have been dreaming of taking part in this competition, then your chances are close to an absolute zero. Secondly, this fact makes it harder for you to choose an athlete to bet on because all of them are so incredibly awesome. Annually, 20-22 teams from all over the world compete against each other, and a process of selection is beyond demanding. So how do you find the best cyclist in a group of great cyclists?

Reputation and Professionalism

When it comes to sports betting, you need to conduct thorough research and ditch patriotic endeavors. Of course, you want your national team to win and dealing with their failure can be a tough moment. However, the process of coping with pockets full of money becomes significantly simpler, doesn`t it? You need to look up biographies of athletes, find out about their professional success, learn about their weak points and strengths. Some cyclists are unbeatable at speed racing but are bad at sports competitions which require enduring performance and stamina. So do your homework before betting.

Physical Health

An athlete can be a super pro who was practically born with his legs attached to a bicycle (`his` is not sexist, it`s just that women aren`t allowed to participate) but a couple of months prior to the competition, he could have gotten an injury or undergone a surgery that may not even be related to sports. Physical (and mental) health factors can influence an athlete`s performance greatly. Look up the latest news about a certain sportsman. Of course, his name may not appear on the media even though he is a great pro. However, you can find a lot of inside information and rumors on cycling websites and blogs.


How do you even imagine the impressive process of going through all the challenges of Tour de France? It lasts for 23 days and consists of 21 stages. Athletes are on the road all day long except for when they can have a rest and recover on the 9th and 15th day of a race. Where do they get their food and water (have you ever tried cycling without water?), where do they sleep? How do they wash their clothes? It`s three weeks about which we`re talking! They can`t carry all this stuff in backpacks! That`s why every participant has a team of helpers which accompanies him along the way. Moreover, a level of professionalism of this team, its experience, and an overall time of cooperation with a sportsman are highly essential factors that you need to take into consideration while looking through betting options.

There are various reputable bookmakers` Tour de France-related websites which will help you place a bet and will even provide you with a comprehensive consultation. What is more, such sites have a percentage of an implied probability right on a display so you can see and analyze the whole picture and avoid throwing money down the drain.

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