Crypto Games Conferences 2019

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Conference og Crypto Gaming

Those who enjoy gambling online and use cryptocurrencies should visit some of the major events of 2019 that are dedicated to crypto games. There’s nothing better than some great discussions with the leading specialists of the crypto gaming industry about current and future trends. Cresting the wave in the deep sea of crypto gaming is very important nowadays. This fast-growing sphere may well bring millions of dollars in profits, and you can get more information about it by visiting events dedicated to it. Here are some of the industry’s most promising events for 2019.

Crypto Gaming Innovation Show

This event will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine. The city of contrasts will welcome anyone who wants to visit the CGI Show on October 10-11, 2019. The event is ready to accept 1500 attendees, 500 companies, and 100 speakers from more than 50 countries. Last time the conference was visited by Masaru Ohnogi, Malcolm CasSelle, Benny Giang, and many others.

Crypto Games Conferences 2019

The main aim of the conference is to gather businessmen dealing with cutting-edge technologies in gaming and promote the mass adoption of blockchain. This is one of the biggest B2B events, which may broaden your network and introduce you to new opportunities. The cheapest ticket for the event costs $19, which can give you access to the Expo Zone, CGC Showcase Zone, and Visitor Badge. The most expensive ticket costs $149, which is a Premium Pass for those who want to have access to all expo zones, meeting rooms, and business lunches. Hurry up and buy the tickets now, as anyone who’s not an early bird will have to pay a significantly higher price!

Blockchain Gamer Connects

July is a perfect time for visiting Hong Kong! Gaming professionals will be totally satisfied with this conference, which is dedicated both to cryptocurrencies and poker games. The blockchain gaming event is aimed to popularize blockchain technology among regular and crypto gaming companies. The conference topics will include discussions regarding the creation of the new kind of decentralized applications and enabling the secondary markets for the use of digital currencies. What is more, the event is going to introduce the participants to the creation of the models, designed to reward players.

Crypto Games Conferences 2019

The event is going to be huge! There are 40 countries participating in it with 7 tracks to cover everything from the blockchain basics to the game maker session. The event is ready to accept 500 attendees and more than 50 speakers. Blockchain Gamer Connects represents a sterling opportunity for broadening your network both during the official and unofficial part of the conference. The most alluring thing about this business event is the separate space for potential investors in promising start-ups and projects. Who knows, maybe it will be your chance to get additional funding for your business! Those who want to pitch their ideas for potential investors have to submit their applications before July 9, 2019.

Together with Blockchain Gamer Connects, the Poker Gamer Connects conference will be held at the new location of Cyberport. This will be the part of the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum under the cooperation with Animoca Brands. The event itself is a B2B conference for the gambling industry business. Special attention will be paid to the mobile application games. With its 4000 meetings per show, 50% of C-level executives, and more than 50 countries representatives, this event has a lot to show.

Both of the events share the same dates, and it’s July 17-18, 2019. Spend two magic days learning more about blockchain, crypto gaming, and spectacular Hong Kong!

Blockchain Conference Moscow

The bright northern capital of Russia will be holding one of the biggest conferences in the cryptocurrency sphere for the 5th time already. The first one took place in 2014 and has been popular among digital currency enthusiasts ever since. It serves as a gathering for developers, entrepreneurs, investors, financial experts, startups, and marketing specialists. Usually, the conference touches upon the issues like legal framework of cryptocurrencies; integration of blockchain technologies in various spheres; IEO and its various features.

Blockchain Conference Moscow

More than 500 speakers are expected to appear with more than 500 companies presented. The exposure of the event is being handled by more than 1000 media partners. This B2B conference will open its doors on October 2, 2019. Although this event may seem a little bit distant from the gambling industry, this is a good opportunity to understand blockchain technology deeper.

So as you can see, the number of crypto gaming conferences is quite limited this year. Hurry up and buy your lucky ticket to Kyiv, Hong Kong, or Moscow to learn more about the newest trends in the industry!

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