American Sports Betting Conference. It’s Going to Be Epic!

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New York Sports Betting Conference

Are you done packing? We know it may be a bit soon, but we’re just too excited about this event, and it’s tough to wait. So we don’t know about you, but we’ve got our pass, tickets, swimsuits… wait a minute, it’s in New York, and it’s on November 27th-28th, so apparently, we’ll have to take out those swimsuits and pack a couple of sweaters. However, the atmosphere at the conference must be intense. There is so much exciting stuff that has to be discussed! Let’s dive right in.

We Have to Make It Legal

ICE has established its right to hold a global, influential Sports Betting Conference and is inviting everyone to join. Well, not like everyone-everyone. Of course, professionals in the industry were the first ones to get special invitations.

However, if you’re just a sports betting enthusiastic amateur, you still can get to the event of your dreams. Nonetheless, the next year though. Yep, all tickets are already sold out. Let’s see whether this conference is worth all the fuss around it.

Over 400 professionals of the American sports betting sphere are going to come together to discuss the latest updates, new approaches, and opportunities. Moreover, most importantly, a governmental regulation will be addressed to present the authorities with a practical roadmap that will allow sports betting in the USA to become a legal, safe, and transparent business with lots of benefits for the American Tax Service. Such measures will help to control illegal betting markets, detect and even avoid frauds. The conference may be mainly aimed at the professionals of the sphere like regulators, suppliers or operators. However, newbies who’re thinking of starting a sports betting business are welcomed as well.

Principal Speakers That You Have to Listen To

Theodore B. Olson. He’s a great pro in the legal issues of American Sports Betting. This man’s opinion is super crucial and influential because Mr. Olson has a rich experience in politics and law. Being a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States, Mr. Theodore is ready to show his support towards full legalization of sports gambling in the USA.

Jim Murren. We could call him a king of the entertainment world. His primary interest is gambling and casinos. However, he’s also a rather passionate defender of sports betting, and he’s got many arguments to support his opinion from the point of view of a businessman. Mr. Murren leads one of the most popular and profitable casino resorts in the world which is MGM Resorts. Under his able leadership, the resorts have gone through significant positive changes, so Mr. Jim knows for sure how valuable such spheres as gambling and sports betting are and he’s willing to demonstrate the evidence.

There are more than 80 other incredibly exciting and entertaining speakers from all possible fields including crypto sports betting. The level of organization is close to a TedTalk conference, and we all know how crazy those guys are about every single detail. Don’t get us wrong, crazy in a good way, of course! Making friends in a sports betting industry would never hurt, right? Besides, what if you find your best friend here and you’ll be receiving all super exclusive inside information? Let’s not omit such a possibility and hope for the best.

Speaking of possibilities, if you didn’t get a chance to become one of 400 lucky attendees, you could still find out a lot of fascinating and useful information. There are various webinars and podcasts which cover relevant topics like ‘First Sports Betting Launches Outside Nevada’ or ‘US Sports Betting & Wire Act.’

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