Sportsbook Management Academy Event in New York

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Sportsbook Management Academy Event in New York

With the lift of the betting ban that took place in the spring of 2018, the prospects of future benefits jumped before the eyes of casino owners across the US. The decision that the Supreme Court made will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, at the very least. It means that there will be a lot more bookies, especially since the 2028 Olympics will be hosted in LA. The renowned gambling industry training service, Totally Gambling Academy, launched their new Sportsbook Management Academy course. In November 2018, it took place in New York, and the following two industry events will be held in London and Amsterdam.

The course was headed by Lee Richardson, CEO and founder of Gaming Economics, whose vast experience in the gambling industry is worth sharing. As for his participation in Sportsbook Management Academy, he explained that there is a lot to know about betting in general, as well as about legislation and licensing, and it’s better to learn it before you run your betting venue. There are “the key do’s and don’ts” of creating a growing and profitable sportsbook enterprise, and Lee Richardson knows them all.

This event has laid the foundation for the new gathering for sports betting and interactive gaming in the US. ICE North America is now preparing a series of masterclasses and exhibitions to happen in 2019, setting standards for the region and establishing partnerships with international organizations. The sportsbook management event enabled American initiatives to group together and enhance their business practices in iGaming, eSports, and affiliate marketing.

Why Is It Important?

The US is now among the countries that have legalized betting, and there’s a healthy sports betting environment to create. Since sportsbooks were banned for more than a decade, and there were no professionals with relevant experience, TGA offered a great opportunity to teach a new generation of sportsbook operators. Owing to the course, they’ve learned:

  • How to lower the risks and save money and efforts by understanding which software, platforms, and business models you should use to create a sportsbook
  • Which marketing strategies are the most suitable for acquiring the interested audience
  • How to make the odds you offer even more tempting without endangering your margin
  • In what ways to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and predict future trends to adjust your strategy and protect your revenue

It’s a pressing issue, since the big sports events are coming, and there will be tremendous excitement around them. Imagine how many bets are made during the Olympics or the Soccer World Cup in the host country? In the US, where sports events are trendy, it’s even more important. By contrast to most countries, where there is one national sport, in the US you have Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and NASCAR. It opens incredible opportunities for those who can establish a competitive sports book and offer attractive odds and promotions. State laws still have to be changed in many states, but as federal law doesn’t regulate sports betting, it looks like state authorities will handle things on that end.

Worldwide Bookies Against American Fresh Blood

What might be concerning for wannabe bookies is that international betting giants are moving into the USA. William Hill is the first of them. With more than 80 years of experience, this leading race and sports book gives young betting venues a piece of healthy competition. William Hill now accepts wagers in numerous locations in 4 states (Nevada, Iowa, New Jersey, West Virginia) and also at the Bahamas.

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