2020: a New Era for the Online Gambling Industry

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There’s no doubt that the year 2020 has been a genuine challenge for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the creation of some new rules which we’re all obligated to follow, in order to stay healthy, as well as to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Industries all around the world have seen some drastic changes; and they’re continuing to go through some pretty rough times, as they try and adapt to the new pace of life they’re now experiencing, on account of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Some companies have had to significantly reduce their activities or shut down for good, and others have had to channel their resources in an entirely new direction. But some industries have found themselves flourishing during this pandemic, and the online casino industry is one example of this!

And while land-based casinos around the world have had to temporarily close their doors to players and tourists, online gambling has actually seen a substantial surge in the number of players!

In countries where gambling activity is legal, such as the United States for instance, the annual casino tax revenue is an important source of income for the state budget. And now that the on-land industry is experiencing colossal losses, industry trade groups are pushing the authorities to allow online casinos to make up for all the tax money lost from the rigid restrictions that have been imposed on land-based casinos. And while this might not be the desired panacea for this challenging situation, it does at least have the potential to boost the currently low levels of money in the state budgets.

Land-Based Casinos as We Know Them

Meanwhile, such casino giants as Las Vegas and Atlantic City are certain to suffer a great deal from the coronavirus pandemic, due to the fact that their budget incomes have always been dependent on the gambling industry and tourism; so the future prospects for large gambling cities remain pretty pessimistic. Even with the easing of quarantine measures and with some venues, restaurants and shops being reopened, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as other popular casino destinations, are never going to look the same again; at least not as we remember them!

Land-based casinos have always been home to large-scale events, with hundreds of people flocking there in search of bread and circuses. Before the pandemic, the halls of popular casino venues were packed with people shouting and drinking and dancing in close proximity to each other – something that now seems quite dangerous, even absurd!


Covid-19 has taken quite a toll on people’s lives and taught us some valuable lessons, which we always need to remember, in order to try and stay healthy and protect those around us. That’s why looking into the future of land-based casinos this year as well as in the upcoming year doesn’t bring us much hope.

While the casinos will surely going to reopen their doors to tourists and gamblers, some restrictions will be imposed, such as reducing the maximum quantity of people per square foot, or wearing masks and gloves, and let’s face it: these restrictions are going to take away all the fun and thrills of live gambling, and ultimately kill the usually cheerful atmosphere inside these casino venues!

Another problem, of course, is traveling. Because as it seems pretty clear that air travel isn’t going to look the same for quite a while, given all the restrictions and travel bans, tourists are going to feel reluctant about traveling abroad, especially if we’re talking about Macau in China and casino venues in the States (where the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths is one of the highest in the world). The stakes are too high here, as some scientists highly anticipate the second wave of the spread of the disease in the future. For as long as there is no vaccine and no proper treatment, people are probably going to try to steer clear from traveling to distant countries, even if their reward is playing at their favorite casino.

In a nutshell, if we look at all the factors combined, the picture looks pretty pessimistic for the rest of the year for sure. But one thing is clear: there’s always a silver lining!

The Era of Online Casinos

Nowadays, there are only six states that have officially legalized online gambling. Ironically, Nevada is not one of them; as poker is the only casino game that is officially allowed to be played online.


A lot of influential businessmen in the casino world reject online casinos, viewing them as potential rivals in this competitive market. However, some operators have managed to combine these two industries, and are now encouraging their players to use their online services. This strategy seems to work pretty well in a world where people feel “robbed” of their usual sources of entertainment: social gatherings, concerts, sports events, and even the Olympic Games!

While some players have always been keen on gambling, there are a lot of new people who have decided to join online casinos, purely because they were too bored sitting at home and being deprived of their usual routine activities.

Lots of online casinos have seen a considerable increase in players over the course of the past couple of months, and this phenomenon has led them to make some pretty significant changes to their marketing strategy. Now, more than ever before, they’re trying to encourage players to choose their venue, rather than one belonging to a competitor, and so they’re constantly trying to come up with better deals and offers for new clients.

This whole new strategy has raised some concerns about problematic players who are at risk of addiction. That’s why social organizations around the various counties are urging the casino owners to come up with new ways of protecting who are most at risk.

Time for a Change

The year 2020 has become a veritable turning point in our lives and has given us a powerful burst of adrenaline. It has shown us how fragile the system we are living in actually is, and how easily everything can be disrupted by a worldwide disaster. Some have almost lost hope, while others are coming out of this stronger than ever. So right now, we all know how important it is to stay flexible, and not to give in to the harsh reality of it all!

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