Romanosky Roulette System

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The Queen of table games, roulette, has always been driven by sheer luck! However, they say the chance of winning is higher when you make use of an appropriate wagering system. And among the dozens of methods described in the literature and on the Internet, there really is one that can help you to successfully lower the house edge; and ultimately, to increase your winnings!

Known as the Romanosky or Romanowski system, this system has become popular among experienced gamblers and laymen alike. It actually offers you a staggering 86,5% possibility of winning! So this is one of the main reasons to try it next time you’re at the roulette table.


There are several versions of the Romanosky strategy that you can apply. Choose any one of them and make your roulette bet! Remember that the minimum amount of chips you need to use in this method is 8. Usually, 3 chips are placed on the dozen bet and the other two on the various corners of the table.

Method #1

Place 3 roulette chips on 2nd and 3rd twelves accordingly. One unit should go for the corner 2-6 and another one for the corner 7-11. The losing numbers will be 0, 1, 4, 9, 12. The profit will consist of 1 chip. The winning possibility is 86,5%.

Winning chance with Romanosky Roulette System

Method #2

You should place 3 chips on dozens 2 and 3 accordingly. And put the stake on corners 1-5 and 8-12. The uncovered numbers will be 0, 3, 6, 7, 10. The profit and the possibility of winning are the same as in the first betting method.

Method #3

Put 3 units on the 1st twelve and other 3 on the 3rd twelve. Another one put on the corner 14-18 and one more on the corner of 19-23. The losing numbers are 0, 13, 16, 21, 24. You can win only one unit under the 86,5% winning possibility.

Method #4

Put 3 chips on dozens 1 and 3. Then one chip on the corner 13-17 and one more on the corner 20-24. The losing numbers will be represented by 0, 15, 18, 19, 22. The winning possibility is standard 86,5%, and the expected profit is 1 chip.

Method #5

Place one unit on the corner 26-30 and another one on 31-35. Then put 3 chips on dozens 1 and 2. Uncovered numbers are 0, 25, 28, 33, 36. The profit and winning possibility are standard.

Method #6

Put 3 units on the 1st twelve and the 2nd twelve. Then place 1 chip on the corner 25-29 and the other one on the corner 32-36. You will lose with the numbers 0, 27, 30, 31, 34. The winning chance is 86%, so you can win with just one bet.

Method #7

Another version of Method #6 that you can use without covering 0, 27, 30, 33, 36 and placing units on the corners 25-29 and 31-35. The odds remain the same.

Method #8

Split the bets between 1st and 2nd dozens, placing 3 units on each one of them. Put the units on the corners 26-30 and 32-36. The uncovered numbers will be 0, 25, 28, 31, 34. And, as always the odds remain stable.

Explanation of the Theory

Basically, the overall strategy depends on covering all 32 numbers with 8 units in hand. There will always be 5 losing numbers, with 0 in each of the combinations. The odds are stable: 32 to 37, which leaves you with a 13,5% possibility of losing. A pretty attractive strategy to follow!

Gambling Theory of Romanosky Roulette System

The Romanosky Roulette Strategy is designed for newbies who like to play at low stakes. This does help make for stability.

The odds can be increased by changing the position of the bets each time you lose. For example, if Betting Method #1 didn’t work, go for the one that won between 5 and 10 spins.  Because of the 5 to 10 numbers repeat, you can change your losing bets into winning ones.

However, never forget about the bankroll, you might end up exhausting it very quickly after a few bets.

For experienced roulette players, the betting system is quite similar to the Martingale, where after you win one bet, you should follow by making the same bet.

When you lose the bet, just double it the next time. By doing this, you can reclaim all the losses you’ve made, and also last longer in the game than the other players. Suppose you are betting 2 cents and win. The next bet is 2 cents again, but this time you lose the spin. You double down and the next bet is 4 cents. This one is won and you reclaim your original bet of 2 cents. The drawback of this system is that you may exceed your limits for raising bets when you have several losses in a row.

Also, many people who enjoy casino games know that sometimes you need to define your stop loss. Unfortunately, there is no universal one for the Romanovsky roulette strategy. Everything is determined by the player’s bankroll. Yet another reason for rookies to be cautious!

Always try to add your winnings to the bankroll, and never think about taking them out. You can increase your winnings by progressing your bets. Usually, the minimum bankroll is 100 units, as this helps the game last longer. Nevertheless, there are some skeptics who dispute the effectiveness of progressive wagering. According to them, there is no chance your ultimate losses will be covered by your winnings in the end. But despite all the pros and cons, the Romanosky method seems to be the most reliable method of all, when it comes to making your first steps into the world of American roulette!

Is It Worth Following?

The game of roulette is based on randomness. Even though the odds of the Romanosky strategy may be very lucrative for novice gamblers, the possibility of winning one chip while losing other 7 is just not big enough to justify using it. Everyone who plays roulette is trying to find the Holy Grail System of betting, where they can trick any land-based or online casino. Of course, the winning double bet covers a significant part of the losses; but if you are a rookie, it’s better to watch after your bankroll, and to avoid relying on this strategy for too long.

Never go along with the view that any kind of betting system is able to significantly improve your game. You need to recognize the fact that a roulette wheel is not something you can affect or predict its outcome. Of course, you can use some of the hints from existing betting strategies, but the chances of having constant winnings are pretty slim. Many beginners chase after losing bets, blinded by the myth that the system is somehow going to work out in the end. So if you notice that something is not working out, quit raising the bets and then change the way you play!

Online casinos give you a lavish opportunity to see how roulette betting works. In some of them, you can wager virtual currency to train yourself a little, train before finally taking the plunge and playing roulette for real money: somewhere on the Internet or in one of the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas. And there really is no difference between real life and virtual gambling in this regard. The thrilling feeling you’re going to get will be equal to the one high rollers have at the most exquisite venues of Sin City or Macau. So just go online and see if the Romanosky system pays off for you!

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