Online Poker VS Offline Poker

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Online Poker VS Offline Poker

Offline poker has long held sway over the hearts of gamblers; it is one of the most popular card games in our world today, and many players rack their brains trying to understand how to become poker pro. An abundance of online poker rooms serve as ample evidence that online poker has finally found its niche, and this casino game has finally won its place at the table. So, what kind of poker is better and more profitable and how to win at poker every time? For many people, the answer is obvious; on the other hand, there are still many debates about this on web forums.

An Epic Battle of Online and Offline Poker

Some players claim that it is much easier to put up with a 10-hour offline poker session than the online equivalent, as the latter option is utterly exhausting. In addition, when you play at a real casino, you are still able to watch TV and speak with others. Sometimes it is preferable to win $500 in a 10-hour live session than to get the same amount after performing for 5 hours on 20 tables online. In real life you do not go into autopilot; so over time, you have more of a chance to improve your poker strategy and your ability to read opponents, by analyzing their body language.

One study says that within one year, only 12 players of average limits ($200 – $600) earned more than $100,000 playing online. Such a mathematical analysis confirms that if they want to achieve meaningful results, the best players are forced to rely on rakeback. $100,000 for 10 months at a limit of $ 2/5 NL in a live play is equal to 200 buy-ins; that is, 1 buy-in every 1.3 days. Obviously, the number of players able to achieve such a result is much higher than 12.

Given the fact that NL400 online play is much more complicated than the NL2k in a live poker game, such a comparison is hardly appropriate; as playing live poker can bring you much bigger winnings. However, you have to accept the fact that dealers do beg for tips, and your opponents may also turn out to be unpleasant people. It may be boring to restrict yourself to one table; and you also have to spend real money, in order to get to an actual bricks-and-mortar location. And don’t forget about security; hundreds of eyes are watching you exit the casino with huge winnings in your pocket.

Online Poker Fans Thoughts

There are not so many heads-up mid-limit regulars choosing to play on one online poker site only; actually, most 6-max grinders also play at different rooms and casinos. Because of this, the existing PTR information on individual nicknames cannot fully reflect the reality. Moreover, most players mix limits. So, even if they did not win $100,000 on a mid-limit, their total results with NL400, NL600, etc. will still exceed $100,000. What’s more, PTR usually does not take into account many European sites; this is why it is difficult to judge online poker from this point of view alone.

Finally, NL200-600 grinders (especially those who play multiple tables) receive a significant profit from rakeback and bonuses. Many regulars of average limits (especially on European sites with advantageous offers) make up to $10,000 per month only from bonuses. All in all, it’s extremely irrational to say that only 12 mid-limit players earned more than $100,000 (without bonuses) based on PTR data.

When speaking about online poker and its benefits, it is necessary to mention the following observations from players:

  • The average number of online hands per hour is close to twenty.
  • Everyone who claims that anyone can win about $50 per hour playing offline poker is absolutely wrong. Everything depends on the game. Offline opponents are all very different from each other, as tables can easily be “sweet,” but they can just as easily be quite the opposite! It’s not online poker, but rather offline poker, which boasts an average 70% rate of regulars at the poker table.
  • It’s doubtful that all online poker regulars will be able to easily move into a live game. If you disagree, you’re greatly overestimating the number of games in Las Vegas, for example! For instance, tonight there are only 10 places… maybe 13. Add a few regulars from an online context and things are sure to deteriorate; because the choices available online are a billion times greater.
  • Many players underestimate the cost of food, transportation, and other issues associated with permanent live casino sessions.

Nevertheless, there are also punters who are looking for casino games to play offline. Many players dream to become a pro, for example, like Martin Kabrhel poker star who is associated with today’s gambling. It’s all about the social aspect, which means that you can meet many interesting people at the real poker table. A teacher can sit on the right while a drug dealer can be to the left, and a financial analyst will check-raise against a drug addict. It’s pretty hard to find such a mish-mash anywhere else!

Playing poker online is like taking the subway. It’s fast and convenient and you always know where you’ll get to, how quickly, and at what price.

An offline poker game is like a fancy Mercedes road trip; you can go quickly and take the high ground. However, you may end up in a traffic jam, and nobody knows how quickly you will reach your destination, or even whether you will reach it at all! Also, do not forget about accidents and other force majeure. Nevertheless, it is much more pleasant to be in the Mercedes than in the underground! One man’s meat is another man’s poison; so make your choice and enjoy your poker; just try and ignore any distorted views you hear about online and offline variations.

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