Martin Kabrhel Wins WSOP Circuit Opening Event 2018

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Martin Kabrhel Wins WSOP Circuit Opening Event 2018

Traditionally, the WSOP Circuit is conducted in the Czech Republic at the Royal Casino in Rozvadov. The WSOP-C events always attract a large number of participants ready to show off their poker skills, and the series in Rozvadov was no exception. The first Opening Event is part of the World Series of Poker. It brought together a large number of poker players who set a good start for the poker festival. The event quickly collected 346 entries, and the players began an intense struggle for first place.

Within the first four days, 846 entries and 270 re-entries for €299 were made. However, even this number of players still could not hit the guarantee of €300,000 prize pool.

Let us recall that, within the series, which will last until October 8, fourteen championship rings will be won and a dozen side-events will be held. The first trophy has already gone to its owner. The well-known and titled Czech Martin Kabrhel proved to be the best in the Opening Event of the WSOP Circuit 2018, with a buy-in of €300, which collected 1,116 entries.

Interestingly, before the trip to Rozvadov, Martin played a couple of poker tournaments in the Ukrainian-Czech series called Poker Federations Cup, which is held in Prague. There, the poker pro did not reap the rewards but seemed to be practicing well.

For the victory in the Opening Event, Martin received almost €54,000, and his overall winnings in live tournaments now total about €4,000,000. According to this figure, Kabrhel is second in the list of the most successful players in the Czech Republic, coming in right behind Martin Staszko. Kabrhel’s opponents often complain about his behavior; however, it does no harm to his successful performances.This time in the heads-up, Martin defeated an experienced poker player, Josef Gulas, who had to be satisfied with €32,805. As you see, the latest poker news is rather inspiring.

The Final Table Results (WSOP-C Opening Event):

  • Martin Kabrhel (the Czech Republic) – €53,938;
  • Josef Gulas ( the Czech Republic) – €32,805;
  • Andreas Loesche (Germany) – €23,187;
  • Sergey Savchuk (Belarus) – €17,461;
  • Eusebiu Jalba (Romania) – €13,769;
  • Anatoliy Zyrin (Russia) – €10,334;
  • Serhii Ustymenko (Ukraine) – €7,357;
  • Viktor Gan (Germany) – €5,095;
  • Petr Liesner (the Czech Republic) – €4,030.

The WSOP-C in Rozvadov promises to make its participants happy with many different tournaments in 2018. Flexible buy-ins allow poker players from many countries to join the poker festival in the Czech countryside. For instance, Martin Kabrhel poker pro won the first gold ring. There are 13 rings left, so you still have a chance to get the remaining ones.

WSOP Circuit Events History

If you haven’t ever heard about these tournaments, we will tell you what’s what. WSOP Circuit events is a special series of field tournaments organized by Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. This company bought out all the rights to own the WSOP in 2004, and since then, they have arranged everything that concerns this series. All these tournaments are dedicated to one kind of poker game only: no-limit Texas Hold’em. The winners are not awarded with the traditional gold WSOP bracelets here. They receive the rings that have already become a very prestigious award in the poker world. This is a fairly prestigious series of tournaments, where stars and true poker professionals compete. Some of the prize positions in these tournaments can provide winners with an opportunity to participate in major events. Even the main event of the WSOP parent series can be achieved. It takes place every year in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. ESPN, which is a media partner of the WSOP, broadcasts all the tournaments.

This additional series of tournaments dates back to 2005, when Harrah’s announced plans to host all the events of the main series of WSOP in various casinos. However, over time this intention has changed, and the traditional series has settled in a new home – Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. Instead, this new series of WSOP Circuit tournaments was created. It is a sub-brand of an already established series started in order to raise the Harrah’s popularity and prestige.

WSOP Circuit Reward

Initially, the plan was to reward the champions of this series with a traditional award – a gold bracelet. This decision, however, was soon changed. The champions of this series began to receive the WSOP Circuit gold rings. It became very prestigious among those who prefer to play poker at a professional level.

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