Casino Beacons – Technologies That Changed the Game

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Casino system of beacons

The original purpose of beacons was to warn about enemy invasion using light signals, which could be seen for many miles; or to warn approaching ships that land was near. In modern times, the word “beacon” has acquired a slightly different meaning because it is now primarily associated with digital technologies. Innovations are changing the marketing world at a rate of knots! With the aid of beacons, the mobile marketing concept could come to life. Moreover, beacons have become a game changer in the individual marketing approach to customers.


The iBeacon was designed and presented by Apple Inc. in 2013. Its main task was to help retailers streamline payments and local deals. In December 2013, iBeacons were powered up in 254 US retail stores.

In 2015, Google also entered the picture and pioneered the use of its own type of beacon. Google Eddystone also uses the concept of beacons in Google Maps.

Principle of Operation

Beacons are a category of Bluetooth, low energy devices that broadcast their signal to portable electronic devices in the area. The technology forces smartphones, tablets, and other devices to carry out actions when they are in close range of an iBeacon.

Indoor iBeacon technology allows users to complement traditional location services (GPS, cellular tower, etc.). The beauty of this technology is that it can (with the permission of the client) provide additional location-dependent information and advertising packets to visitors of restaurants, theaters, or casinos. Separate small, battery-powered devices can be used as beacons, as can devices powered by USB or iOS-devices with the appropriate application installed.
The key distinction between the iBeacon and other location-based technologies is that, in order to interact with beacons, users need to install a specific application on their phone. The other distinction is the need for only a one-way transmitter on the receiving smartphone or device.

Innovations of Bluetooth system

Proximity Marketing in Action

The concept of proximity marketing has also appeared because of beacons. Proximity marketing is direct communication with the customer at the right time and in the right place. It works as follows: gamblers pay a visit to the casino and go to a slot machine with Bluetooth sensors installed on the front. This triggers check-in messages on social media, and push notifications –  the person immediately receives a notification with special offers, rewards, and promotions for a favorite game right on their smartphone. Beacons are more effective in enclosed spaces than GPS, which makes them a perfect marketing tool for casinos. Moreover, VIP players may get even warmer welcomes, since they can be greeted by name and offered their favorite drink. Beacons provide information on the amount of time players spend at each game and even available seats at each table. These messages motivate them to join the game. The technology can also track customers based on their playing habits using their previous player behavior. This system is so thought out that it can even show customers a route to the game that might interest them, or to specific gaming rooms, smoking areas, and restaurants.

The Future of the Beacons

The prospect of using beacons in marketing continues to open up new frontiers for businesses. The technology itself has lots of applications and potential, and brand new features become available as it develops. The logistics and transportation industries are among the most interested in developing and improving location-based technologies. However, Bluetooth, low-energy beacons can be used for more accurate asset tracking in almost any industry, particularly indoors.

During emergencies, beacons can serve very useful roles, as they can be used to track patients or doctors in hospitals. With the ability to track all Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth beacons in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission can collect information pass it on to emergency services. In this way, thanks to beacons, thousands of lives can be saved; heart attack victims or survivors in a burning building can be found and saved at the right time.

To be sure, beacon technology will continue to fulfill its promises and contribute to the marketing landscape as far ahead as anyone can see. Ultimately, they will help the owners of casinos, bars, or restaurants to better understand the preferences and needs of their customers to build an individual approach to each client. The development of this field of mobile marketing will make shopping experiences truly personalized, and will make customers feel like a unique client and a welcome guest, whose every whim is known and considered in advance!

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