Best Gambling Experts to Follow

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While playing table games in the casino, you might have seen some weird people circling around and sharing their tips and opinions on what you should have or shouldn’t have done. It seems like they know better when to raise the blind or fold and on what color to bet. From blackjack to craps – these “railbirds” float around the hall trying to make an impression of being real experts. When in doubt, never listen to the advice of these crooks! The majority of them are failed gamblers and cardsharps, who lost it all because of poor strategies and a lack of experience.

The theories of Railbirds are never backed up by any facts; nor even more importantly, by practice! There is but a slim chance of scooping a decent sum of money if such a swindler whispers their nonsense into your ear!

That said, it is important to follow recognized and well-known professionals, whose suggestions are really useful and who have stood the test of time. These legendary players have participated in almost all the famous tournaments, going on to experience stunning wins and swooping losses alike! Because of inner reflection on their experience, they have created guides and books, which may give you a clue of how the game works, and of what strategies are effective under certain circumstances. Below you can find the list of outstanding personalities, who may well become your mentors in the world of gambling!

Michael Shackleford

Professional Gambler Michael ShacklefordWho has never heard of Wizard of Odds? Everyone knows it, and its traffic is just staggering. Run by a professional mathematician, this resource combines knowledge from the world of science and casino games.

The author covers a big variety of some old casino classics and brand-new games, breaking down each of them to their nuts and bolts. He uses statistical data and technical descriptions of the game, while also peppering his discussions with simple jargon and slang.

His hobby of studying casino games was first sparked in 1995; and since then, he has been consulting major gambling providers on various different matters. Michael has also been participating in the development of popular slot machines and has been pursuing the career of an Adjunct Professor of Casino Math at the University of Nevada. Once he even tried to design his own version of blackjack called “Ties Win Blackjack,” but this was consigned to oblivion.

Sooner or later, Wizard of Odds will become one of your favorites among all the other gambling websites you enjoy! The printed version of it was created in 2005 called “Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games.” This 176-page blueprint contains distilled information about the gambling industry and the author’s experience in it. Almost every game entry is described in the book, as well as on the website. It means you will know how wagers on the board work, as well as everything about house edge and return rates of such wagers.

Whenever you want to understand complicated gambling strategies visit Wizard of Odds, and see what its experts have prepared for you!

Stanford Wong

Professional Gambler Stanford WongThe era of the Internet has skipped some of the brightest personalities of the previous age. John Ferguson, known as “Stanford Wong” used to be a finance professor, who tried to apply Edward O. Thorp’s mathematical structure for card counting. He skipped his lectures at Stanford in favor of Las Vegas trips. The beat the dealer the theory assumed that the one should stand on soft 17s; however, the Nevada option obliged dealers to hit on soft 17s, so he applied this on his regional level.

Ferguson’s “Professional Blackjack” was a breakthrough in the gambling industry. Every layman could easily tackle blackjack rules with its help. One of the most effective techniques promoted by the author was “back-counting.” The method simply required standing away from the table and developing counting before jumping into the game. Choosing a preferable deck of cards and deciding on the perfect conditions for sliding into the player’s seat will significantly increase your chances of winning!

Some of you will smirk when hearing about “back-counting;” because it is impossible to do this today, as nobody is allowed to hit the table until the current shoe is exhausted. But this process, which is called “Wonging,” was forbidden by casino operators after it managed to spread all over the country. All in all: if you ever decide to play blackjack seriously, Professional Blackjack should be the first book on your list!

Doyle Brunson

Professional Gambler Doyle BrunsonOne of the legendary Road gamblers, whose hands made poker history in Texas, became famous under the nickname of “Texas Dolly.” Together with Amarillo Slim, Sailor and Chip, he ruled the underground world of poker back in the 60s. “The Founding Father” of Texas Hold’em won one of the first WSOP series in 1976 and 1977, thereby proving his status as a veritable poker game giant!

In 1978 his priceless experience was embodied in “Super/System: How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker,” which became a bestseller among high rollers of the United States. The book is tailored both to experienced cardsharps and to rookies who want to have a casual conversation with the playing icon. Separate chapters were edited by Mike Caro, Bobby Baldwin, and Reese, in order to fill in the gaps in Brunson’s knowledge. This is one of the best guides to follow if you’re pursuing the path of the high roller!

Bob Dancer

Professional Gambler Bob DancerThis man is a self-made guru of the video poker world. Together with his wife Shirley, he turned a $6,000 bet into a win of more than $1 million! This dancer couple were bold enough to bet $100 per hand back in the 2000s; and ended up experiencing the win of a lifetime, when Shirley got the legendary Royal Flush with an Ace of Hearts on top! Their payout of $400,000 then helped them launch their careers as professional game players.

Soon enough, they published a “Million Dollar Video Poker” book, sharing their experience with any laymen eager to become pros. Even though the couple did manage to withstand the pressure of the game, they did end up splitting up afterwards. Nowadays, Bob Dancer is a recognized expert on video poker, whose lectures are held at South Point Casino in Vegas.

Fedor Holz

Professional Gambler Fedor HolzHow to become a young millionaire with the help of online poker? This a great question to ask Fedor Holz – a young talent from Germany, who won the 2014 WCOP tournament, snagging $1.3 million at the tender age of 20. Since then, he has been constantly crushing the major poker venues all over the world, showing his best to all the world!

Everything you need to know about playing online poker for real money and successful strategies design can be found on his website, where he shares his opinions on different styles and game perceptions. This young star also focuses on punters and their inner perception of the world. He even has a special app called Primed Mind he has developed for them to help them improve their skills, and to liberate their mind from common stereotypes or social restrictions.

Jean Scott

Professional Gambler Jean ScottPlaying real money casino is not just about spending – it may result in getting some earnings too!  The “Queen of Comps” as they call her – has developed a unique guide for those players who enjoy spending time in land-based casinos across the country. Being an experienced video poker player, she figured it all out, and now she knows how to substitute the expenses by exploiting the existing system. She has been skillfully using two sides of the coin, where casino perks and comps are lavished both on the novices and the regulars!

Although Jean’s masterpiece The Frugal Gambler was published in 1998, it is still a useful cheat card for those who want to enjoy free slots, complimentary meals or even cash bonuses. Some of the methods are rough enough to make your search for the coupons in the trashcans, which might be definitely not your style. Despite all of that, the volume of 240 pages will most definitely succeed in holding your attention, and remind you to think of the gaps to use the next time you enter the casino.

John Grochowski

Gambler John GrochowskiAt the very dawn of print media, John Grochowski was the major gambling columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times. His articles brought up a whole generation of young punters, providing vivid discussions of the game strategies and mainstream topics in the casino world. Grochowski’s texts had a massive effect on its audience, and help to popularize gambling all around the country.

The world saw his first book arrive in 1996, which was entitled Gaming: Cruising the Casino with a Syndicated Gambling Columnist. The book saw some enduring success for several years, and resulted in further “answer” books called The Casino Answer Book, The Slot Machine Answer Book, The Craps Answer Book.

John is constantly trying to transcend the gap between real-life experience and the things that novice gamblers are expecting to experience. His highly informative style and light writing style give his huge audience of recreations gamblers a clear picture of how to play smart, and pretty much anything else they need to know about gambling!

John Grochowski is a frequent guest blogger on major internet casino websites; and in addition to that, he is a respected host of several radio shows that are linked to gambling.

There are many masters of the game who are ready to share their knowledge with you. Many major poker players have published guides revealing the secrets of their success. The same is true of certain other personalities, whose experiences have gained a lot of publicity through books and websites. But before placing your trust in any of these gambling gurus, you need to make sure this person is an expert in the field, with an established winning record; because practice matters!

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