Drinking While Gambling: Best Games to Choose

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Gorgeous Woman rink in Casino

When you visit Las Vegas for the first time (after the age of twenty-one), the discovery of free drinks at casinos may turn your world upside down. Beer, cocktails or whatever your soul may wish will start flowing as soon as you start playing. Plus, you don’t need to be a high roller to get a free drink. Casinos will supply you with a cocktail even for a penny slot (although don’t forget to tip the bartender!).

Some consider alcohol to be a large part of the best way to socialize. However, you should understand that complimentary drinks are made for you to stay at casinos longer and gamble more money.

But who can refuse a free glass of wine or beer while playing one’s favorite game? This is why we have gathered the safest games to play while drinking at casinos.

Slot Machines or Video Poker

Slot Machines and Video Poker are on top of ‘drunk gambling’ games’ list, because they are the simplest — you spin the reel and hope for luck. The main advantage of slots is privacy.

When you are playing any table game — blackjack, baccarat, poker or roulette — like it or not, you will interact with the crowd. You can only imagine the reputation you will gain if your drunken shenanigans negatively impact the game. Plus, to continue the game, you are required to keep placing wagers. Thus, once a hand is finished, you have seconds to think and place a bet, or the dealer will single you out.

Slots and video poker, however, don’t involve dealers, which is why you can take a breather before any spin and drink as much alcohol as you like.


Drink In Casino You may say that bingo is rubbish and only your grandma plays. But hear us out – you definitely shouldn’t underestimate this old-school casino game.

Today’s most popular casinos have bingo halls attached to the main space. However, they’re not the halls you might imagine. These expansive rooms, with bright lights and loud music, resemble more of a nightclub than a casino. So, if the casino boasts a place resembling your favorite night spot, why not relax and enjoy free beverages while playing bingo?

The game itself is a surprisingly entertaining way of passing the time. The bingo cards cost a couple of bucks, and you can get more than one at a time to increase your odds of winning. Usually, the round lasts about 20 minutes, and meantime, you can have a shot or chat with your friends…or both!

The game is an ideal choice if you’re feeling tipsy but still up for a game. Pay attention to the caller declaring the numbers, begin filling your card(s) and may luck be with you!

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a casino classic and fun game with the most straightforward rules. The aim of the game is to create two poker hands — a two-card hand and a five-card hand. If one of your hands wins and the other loses, it’s a push; if both of your hands lose, you lose.

If we translate this information into numbers, you have a 30 percent chance of winning and a 30 percent chance of losing  — no matter what. As for the other 40 percent, it is a push situation. So as you can see, the game is all about pushes!

Since the game consists of pushes bets, you don’t lose a fortune all at once. Thus, Pai Gow poker may be considered a splendid game for drinking while playing. You can spend hours drinking beer at a table, and your bankroll may still be untouched!

Another reason why you should pay attention to Pai Gow poker is the low house edge. Using optimal strategies, the house edge will be merely 2.7%. On top of that, if you forgot the strategies (or simply stuck with your hands), you can show the cards to the dealer, and he/she will help you to set the cards as how the house would do it!

Friendly Reminder

Playing casino games while drinking has become somewhat of a tradition. Like James Bond and the Big Lebowski, players want to feel the energy of a casino party (although always remember why the free drinks policy exists — to make you gamble more).

However, we have a slight hint for you. If you are on your way to a club, make a pit stop at a casino, spin the reel for a quarter and get a free drink! Plus, you can ask for a to-go cup if you haven’t finished your beverage. An easy-breezy lemon squeezy free drink!

Of course, we are not encouraging you to drive or play casino games while wasted. Just remember to drink and gamble responsibly!


  • Are drinks free in casinos?

Yes, most casinos have a free drinks policy. Once you’ve started playing, you will be offered a free drink straight away. And, you don’t have to be a high roller to get one, beverages are provided even for a penny bet!

  • What drinks can you order in a casino?

The advantage of playing at land-based casinos is that you get free beverages as soon as you start playing. What’s more exciting — is that you can order ANY drink you want, and the bartender will gladly do it for you.

  • Can you walk around Las Vegas with alcohol?

Public drinking is officially allowed in Las Vegas. So as soon as you are done hitting at blackjack, or spinning the reel, you can order a beverage to-go at a casino and enjoy the continuation!

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