How To Play Blackjack Online

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Before we talk about how to play blackjack online, let’s find out first whether or not this is a really hot topic on the internet. Well, the exact phrase search “how to play blackjack online” produces over 1 million search results! The word “online,” in turn, narrows this search down to about 0.7 million; but the numbers are still very impressive, and quite comparable to what similar searches about playing roulette and slots produce!

But this is actually much more than just a sign or an indication of how popular the game is. After all: people do play blackjack for real money, which means there is a huge flow of cash behind these search feed numbers! So while there is a similar number of search results for “how to play chess,” there certainly is much less money involved for that one!

By looking at how often the phrase “how to play blackjack” is found on the web, you can see that this game is a powerful cash-flow generator for the gambling industry, just like slot games and roulette. And this also means that if you learn how to play blackjack online for real money you will certainly get your chance to win – because the money and the odds are there!

What to Start With

The rules of blackjack are not complicated. The basic strategy is relatively easy to learn. But if you are new to it, we recommend you start with online learning blackjack resources, and then practice it in your free time, without actually wagering any real money. Fortunately, there are many sites where you can play any free blackjack game you’re interested in, then learn how to beat the dealer and win, without putting your bankroll at risk!

This step is really necessary, despite the relative simplicity of this game. Of course, you still need to learn some blackjack strategies: how to make the right decisions that actually improve your chances of winning. And this does take more than just learning the rules and the gameplay. Because you really need to see how your decisions actually work – either in your favor, or not!  Ultimately, this can only ever come with practice at online or offline blackjack tables. And free online blackjack games offer you exactly what you need to begin your gambling endeavor with: the possibility of playing any time that suits you, whether from your smartphone, your notebook or your home computer. And, last but not least: you can play for free, instead of risking your money when you’re not ready yet!

How to Learn the Game

Blackjack Online table guide

There is lots of information online about card games, especially about blackjack. There are short articles explaining the rules and the game mechanics, along with longer analysis of the odds and the bets, tutorial videos, and even comprehensive books and e-books. It can take months and even years to go through all this stuff. And this abundance is a kind of a trap for a beginner: unable to find their bearings and to sort it all out, some people are likely to abandon the very idea of playing blackjack!

The only advice we can give you here is to avoid diving straight into the ocean of information out there; i.e., don’t try to somehow, get to grips with everything at once. Start with the rules and try and understand the gameplay mechanics, then learn the strategies and see how they work as you play blackjack online for free. This way, you are going to develop a skill to handle every hand you are dealt. And only then you can start playing blackjack online for real money – provided you know how to manage your bankroll.

Blackjack Money Management: Important Tips

As with every cash game, money management is essential in blackjack. In fact, it is the most important part of the game! So, your decisions about whether you should hit, stand, double down on your bet or split are closely related to how much money you can risk, and how you should manage your bankroll. Money management strategies and blackjack game strategies should not be separated from each other, as they are closely interrelated. Because after all: knowing the theory and the odds is not much help if you can’t manage your money properly! As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

Set Your Limit

Now, here is a mistake many gamblers make – even the more experienced ones! They come to a land-based casino or log in to an online casino room without thinking carefully about how much money they can actually afford to risk tonight. So maybe they’re thinking that when the right moment to stop comes along, they will be able to quit easily, purely on the grounds of intuition. However, it seldom works this way!

Risk-taking is an adventure that carries people away; and once you enter a losing streak, you never know when it’s going to end! But the limit you set knows, and it’s this limit that tells you when to stop. Studies have shown that gamblers who fail to set rational limits tend to become compulsive gamblers. Which is quite natural: as if the limit is not set in advance, how to know when enough is enough?

But another, lesser-known, aspect of setting your limit is a win limit. The reason for the limit to lose is obvious; but why should I establish a limit to win, you might ask? The answer relates closely to this whole idea of a winning streak. Just like a losing streak, you never know when a winning streak is going to end, either! But as they do not last forever, you’d better stop once you have reached a certain win limit. However, it’s not easy to stop playing when you’re winning, especially when there are some people around you who are encouraging you to play on. But the whole thing about setting a limit is that you do need to obey these limits!Money managing one dollar Bill

Never Borrow Money for Gambling

This advice needs no further explanation. There are just too many negative examples of this, and the risk of getting into trouble really is far too high. And by the way: never lend money to someone who is going to gamble! If this person wants to borrow it for gambling, it means that he or she is very likely to lose. The very fact that this person cannot manage their bankroll properly means he or she is not a good gambler. It is a safe bet they are not proficient enough to justify you lending them the money!

Manage Your Bets

Betting all at once is no good. Too much stress, too high risk – even though some gamblers like this kind of thrill-seeking, risky behavior, they are hardly ever successful. And another problem here is the time you actually spend playing! You need to be playing the game long enough to actually enjoy it, and losing everything at the drop of a hat is just not entertaining at all! That is why it’s a good idea to divide your bankroll and to have separate amounts you can set for every hand you play. At least then you will know in advance how many hands you’re going to play, and how long it might take.

Put Aside Your Wins

Gambling card of king on the deck in the hand

Many gamblers risk ending up playing with what they had at the beginning plus everything they managed to win in the course of the game, and then end up losing everything – both their initial bankroll and everything they won! And this is clearly not the right way to handle your wins. So the best advice is to set your wins aside and not to gamble them off! Play with your bankroll only. Try to avoid betting the money you have won.

Stay Clean and Sober

As blackjack is a game of decision, you should always be sure to make your decisions with a clear head. Remember that even a small amount of alcohol or anything else like that influences your central nervous system; and your decisions, as a result, may not be optimal. And of course, poor judgment seriously lowers your chances of winning. Lowering your chances of winning while playing an actual game of chance really doesn’t seem so smart now, does it?

Can You Play Blackjack for Real Money?

Of course, you can! And don’t get frustrated if you see that you are not a fast learner. People are different, and everyone has their own aptitudes, advantages, and limitations. Someone seems to learn fast, while others tend to spend more time trying to master the game, even such a (seemingly) simple one as blackjack! Of course, it might take longer than you expect. But, in the end, everybody who is interested in the game, studies it and practices it, has the chance to be successful, and to win.

Just don’t forget to manage your money properly!

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