Artificial Intelligence in Modern Online Casinos

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Gambling in Casino with Artificial Intelligence

We live in a world where everything is more or less connected to Artificial Intelligence products. From Siri helping you in your everyday tasks and Tesla autopilot cars to facial recognition of your friends on photos — AI has entered every sphere of our lives.

And of course, the gaming industry is not an exception; many land-based and online gambling venues use Artificial Intelligence to improve both gaming experience and customer service.

Many say the future is AI, but how could it affect the gambling industry in general? Can it be as dangerous as in the movies and create problems for the online casino world? Let’s find out.

What Is AI?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the stimulation of human intelligence by machines, mostly computer systems. The most recent examples of AI features are voice and face recognition. People are always predicting that in the near future AI systems will be able to mimic human cognitive functions, such as problem-solving and learning.

This poses the main question — what is the influence of Artificial Intelligence on online casinos?

Artificial Intelligence

Liberatus: the Best Poker Player

In 1997, the world was stunned when an IBM Deep Blue computer beat chess master Garry Kasparov. Twenty years later: a new breakthrough, when an AI robot, Liberatus, won $1.5 million hands over four top-rated poker players.

But Liberatus wasn’t the only machine that influenced the gambling world. There are dozens of theories on how AI is going to transform gambling in the future.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction represents a great risk to the reputation of any casino. Casinos are aware of it, and they tend to cope with it in different ways, such as banning addicts for life.

Online gambling is more difficult to monitor; therefore, it is harder to detect and prevent gambling addiction. However, with the development of AI, things went better — now it is possible to spot a suspicious player and notify the operators. BetBuddy is an example of such technology, which prevents negative consequences before the problem becomes too severe; by means of neural networks and forest algorithms.

Data Collection

Every marketer tends to collect some information about the sites we visit, posts we like, purchases we make, photos we click on, to make it possible to understand the consumer potential of each individual.

The same thing is true of the casino industry — the venues invest money to collect data to offer personalized gaming experience, bonuses, and ads. Since the human brain cannot beat a computer, that is where AI comes in handy! Artificial intelligence analyzes the personal player’s information and gives casino operators a head start.

Artificial Intelligence Robot

AI Bots for Better Customer Service

Whenever you need some customer service help in the chatbox, you usually get a reply from a chatbot. Obviously, this is not a person; so that you won’t get a personalized answer from it, nor indeed much help of any kind. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence can indeed fix this! AI service agents will be able to give you logical and helpful answers, as they’re going to have full access to your data.

According to Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services, Oracle, 78% of different brands have implemented or will implement Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality by 2020, in order to ensure better customer service.

Involving Youth In

Currently, people participating in gambling activities are between 35-65 years old. With the use of AI-driven VR, it will be possible to engage a younger generation in the field. Millennials prefer playing online gambling games on their mobile, rather than with a desktop computer, or going to a brick-and-mortar venue. That’s why, thanks to VR implementation, the casino industry is going to expand by attracting more and more young casino players.

Cheating Prevention

AI is a very advanced calculating machine, so teaching Artificial Intelligence the rules and the basics of the game is going to create a player that will never get tired and whose one goal is to win.

Online venues are usually more vulnerable than their land-based brothers when it comes to the question of security. As there are no cameras or security staff to watch after cheating players, online casinos cannot be aware of such situations when they happen. Luckily, most casinos use the same kind of AI technology trick. They can identify and stop the cheating scheme before it is committed.

Fraud Detection

Fraudulent credit cards and bank accounts are an extreme problem for any online casino. AI systems can compare the behavioral patterns each time a player logs into the account, in order to detect if someone else ever uses the account.

For example, if you are playing only small-dollar slots all the time, and suddenly you start betting hundreds on high-stake games, the AI will be able to alert you if it believes a fraudster is using your account.

The Future

Even though AI is currently in its infancy, there’s no doubt that AI has a significant impact on all our lives. With its help, online gambling can finally become personalized, reduce safety threats, and help addicts. AI might still look like something invisible to the naked eye, but there is still evidence that smart machines are everywhere, even in such an old activity as online gambling.

Artificial Intelligence Casino

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Can AI affect online slot outcomes?

Every slot machine has an RTP (Return to Play). For instance, if the RTP is 95%, for every $100, the casino will take $5. Currently, it is impossible for AI to affect the RTP, as slots have robust security measures that make it unlikely to cause any harm.

Where else is AI used?

Currently, AI is used in most sectors: such as finance, banking, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, etc. It can be used in many industries using various forms.

Why is AI needed?

AI makes it possible for machines to learn all aspects of human experience, and adjust it to new inputs. Moreover, it is able to perform human tasks, learn languages, and of course, play casino games!

Why should you study AI?

Studying AI opens a whole world of opportunities for you. It can not only prepare you for the job of a Software Engineer, but you’ll be able to understand the basic systems and tools. The possibilities in Artificial Intelligence offered by genuinely endless!

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